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Mar 24, 2022, 7:24:09 PMMar 24

.Gerry's Worst Nightmare

Mar 25, 2022, 3:19:18 PMMar 25
It's 6 AM… the crisp morning fog is coming out of the Blue Mountains
near where Lyin' Gerry the Super Troll lives with his geriatric dog and
a wife who hasn't touched him in years.

As Lyin' Gerry the Super Troll sips his coffee & takes his morning meds
(all 23 of them), he fervently searches the Internet for the *perfect*
anti-American, anti-capitalism, pro-socialist article to share. He
scrolls past men in gold lame thongs and Freddie Mercury-like mustaches.
He skips over two women holding hands, and even one woman wearing a
"pussy" hat who appears to be screaming. (Probably about her uterus, gross!)

AHA! He gasps as he holds the crotch of his LL Bean Khakis in sheer
excitement, as he stumbles upon an article where someone badmouths
America. "I've struck gold!", he thinks to himself.

Squirming with anticipation, his coffee cup begins to tremble as he
clicks the mouse repeatedly, trying to save the article URL… but a
familiar blue box pops up on the screen, "Your device needs the latest
security updates".

Lyin' Gerry the Super Troll, stuck in a position of losing the BEST
ARTICLE EVER, frantically gets out his Jitterbug phone trying to use the
same search query he used on his computer. His spindly, bony fingers
struggle to type it, but he eventually manages to get it done.

Satisfied, he stares at the article, launches his newsreader, and begins
to type… "My dearest AGMFS, it has been three hours since my last
anti-American post. I am hopeful that this tribute finds you well, and
elevates my status as a commie Super Troll."









| |
Gerry Lies
\ (• •) /
\ /
| |

| |
Projection, Thy Name Is Gerry!
\ (• •) /
\ /
| |

Socialism has been murdering millions upon millions for decades in evil
wars designed to prop up the wealthy elite. It's NOT new that socialism
is willing to kill millions of his own people as their economy tanks
{Venezuela} so the wealthy can maintain power and get richer off the
backs of the oppressed people. Are we starting to see what's wrong with
the World's evil brand of socialism yet, boys and girls?

Lying Gerry's Motto: Lie, Deny and Counter-accuse:
Tell a lie Often and Loud enough and MAYBE someone will believe it:

Got any flight sim talk to contribute here today Walnut?

Let the good times roll...

Hero's war cry: "Keep on hosing the Freedom
Fighters and wasting away the teenagers, so
we can brag about it to the gilded youths.
Let the good times roll!!!

Offense is always free in usenet

Those Offended by my Sigs are generally only self-professed war heroes,
PX warriors, newsgroup destroyers, lying blowhards, Trolls, bigots,
Pathetic Pious Pricks, POSER's, anti-American's, terrorist sympathizers,
anal retentive limpdicks, f*ckwits, lying toxic mega trolls,
race-baiters, Bacon Boys, paranoid schizophrenics and village idiots.
It is delivered only in the form of harmless, tiny little electronic
characters appearing on their monitors, tablets or cell phones.


POSER - Exaggerator

Exaggerators actually served, but inflate or in some cases just
make up important details. These are the kinds of people who,
for example, might have been a cook but want everyone to think
that he was some kind of elite ninja SpecOps killer.
They generally have enough knowledge about the military to fake
it with their civilian friends, but usually get outed quickly enough
when in the company of other veterans, especially those with the
kind of experience that the poser is claiming to have.


There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING preventing people posting
flightsim and/or aviation related material here except
Lying Gerry and the NoT's intolerance of the rights
of others and their psychological inability to stop
posting confrontational, hypocritical, broken logic,
totally unrelated to simming.

Therefore, please do not complain about any lack of
flightsim and/or aviation related material here if _you_
have not complained directly to Lying Gerry and/or to the NoT.
In the meantime, please enjoy the thought provoking
"off-topic" discussions brought to you by the destroyers
of AGMFS, Lying Gerry and the NoT.
Who knows, they may even fry your mind.

The facts speak for themselves:

Fact [1]: Two control freaks (Lying Gerry and his flying monkey
Cyril), who thought they owned this newsgroup, attacked the rest
of the group and tried to ostracized them because they
occasionally voiced OT Posts.

Fact [2]: Lying Gerry "trolled" insanely for years.
Lying Gerry then blamed everyone else for the destruction
of the newsgroup by claiming he was the victim.

*False Victimization Syndrome*
The cyberstalker will claim that the victim is
harassing him/her. Bocij writes that this phenomenon has been noted in a
number of well-known cases. – And yet ANOTHER hallmark of your average



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