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Sep 3, 2021, 7:56:36 PM9/3/21

.Gerry's Worst Nightmare

Sep 4, 2021, 12:10:04 PM9/4/21
On 9/3/2021 6:56 PM, Sygmund_F aka Gerry Binder, aka Nurse Ratched, aka
Sigmund Froyd, aka Sygmund_F, aka Walt_M, aka waltmitty, aka N=N+1, aka
Jew Hating Nazi, aka GOD, aka TheWiz, aka Commie Faggot, aka ObyOne
Texanfuckah, aka F4Phantom, aka Darren Thorneton

Fat and Bald is no way to go through life fuckwit...

Fat Ass & Bald Gerry in his natural state:

Little Dictator Gerry

>>> FUCKTARD, lying blowhard troll, welfare fraudster fucknut,
>>> terrorist sympathizing, dole-bludging, anal retentive limpdick,
>>> race-baiting, Net Cop Spider, Wanker Spider, Humourless Git Spider,
>>> Control Freak Spider, racist anarchist, cry-bully, village idiot,
>>> ass-licking, sperm guzzling, cock snogging, scrotum sucking, bum
>>> banging, pig fucking, Fritz admiring, animal fondling, wank cloth,
>>> spunk trumpet, thunder cunt, waste-of-rations, spunk bubble
>>> horrenda-cunt, terrorist-supporting, fucknugget.. etc., etc.

> https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2021/09/the-q-shaman-just-pleaded-guilty/?
> ======================
> Sygmund Froyd


Dole bludger Gerry walks into the local welfare office, marches straight
up to the counter and says, "Hi...You know, I just HATE drawing welfare.
I'd really rather have a job".

The social worker behind the counter says, "Your timing is excellent. We
just got a job opening from a very wealthy old man who wants a chauffeur
and bodyguard for his nymphomaniac daughter. You'll have to drive
around... in his Mercedes, but he'll supply all of your clothes.

Because of the long hours, meals will be provided. You'll be expected to
escort her on her overseas holiday trips. You will have to satisfy her
sexual urges.

You'll have a two-bedroom apartment above the garage. The starting
salary is $200,000 a year". The guy says,

"You're bullshittin' me," Gerry says!

The social worker says, "Yeah, well... you started it".


Dole bludger Gerry walks into a bar with a mangy, infected parrot on his

The bartender says, “You shouldn’t be that close to something so
disgusting, such a low-life animal".

Bludger Gerry says, “don't worry mate, it’s ok, the parrots had his shots”.

Then the bartender says, “I was talking to the parrot”!


Dole bludger Gerry was walking down the street when a prostitute asks
him "do you want a blow job"? to which Gerry responds "I don't want a
fucking job"


Did you hear that the Post Office has had to recall their latest stamps?
They had pictures of Dole Bludger Gerry on them. People couldn't figure
out which side to spit on.


Dole Bludger Gerry was down on his luck (as usual) and decided to make a
few extra bucks by working the corner (as usual). After the first day,
Gerry's wife picks him up and asks "how did you do"?

He says, "I did pretty well, I made $200.50".

She asks, "What asshole gave you 50 cents"? and Gerry replies "all of them".



| |
Gerry Lies
\ (• •) /
\ /
| |

| |
Projection, Thy Name Is Gerry!
\ (• •) /
\ /
| |

Socialism has been murdering millions upon millions for decades in evil
wars designed to prop up the wealthy elite. It's NOT new that socialism
is willing to kill millions of his own people as their economy tanks
{Venezuela} so the wealthy can maintain power and get richer off the
backs of the oppressed people. Are we starting to see what's wrong with
the World's evil brand of socialism yet, boys and girls?

Lying Gerry's Motto: Lie, Deny and Counter-accuse:
Tell a lie Often and Loud enough and MAYBE someone will believe it:

Got any flight sim talk to contribute here today Walnut?

Let the good times roll...

Hero's war cry: "Keep on hosing the Freedom
Fighters and wasting away the teenagers, so
we can brag about it to the gilded youths.
Let the good times roll!!!

Offense is always free in usenet

Those Offended by my Sigs are generally only self-professed war heroes,
PX warriors, newsgroup destroyers, lying blowhards, Trolls, bigots,
Pathetic Pious Pricks, POSER's, anti-American's, terrorist sympathizers,
anal retentive limpdicks, f*ckwits, lying toxic mega trolls,
race-baiters, Bacon Boys, paranoid schizophrenics and village idiots.
It is delivered only in the form of harmless, tiny little electronic
characters appearing on their monitors, tablets or cell phones.


POSER - Exaggerator

Exaggerators actually served, but inflate or in some cases just
make up important details. These are the kinds of people who,
for example, might have been a cook but want everyone to think
that he was some kind of elite ninja SpecOps killer.
They generally have enough knowledge about the military to fake
it with their civilian friends, but usually get outed quickly enough
when in the company of other veterans, especially those with the
kind of experience that the poser is claiming to have.


There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING preventing people posting
flightsim and/or aviation related material here except
Lying Gerry and the NoT's intolerance of the rights
of others and their psychological inability to stop
posting confrontational, hypocritical, broken logic,
totally unrelated to simming.

Therefore, please do not complain about any lack of
flightsim and/or aviation related material here if _you_
have not complained directly to Lying Gerry and/or to the NoT.
In the meantime, please enjoy the thought provoking
"off-topic" discussions brought to you by the destroyers
of AGMFS, Lying Gerry and the NoT.
Who knows, they may even fry your mind.

The facts speak for themselves:

Fact [1]: Two control freaks (Lying Gerry and his flying monkey
Cyril), who thought they owned this newsgroup, attacked the rest
of the group and tried to ostracized them because they
occasionally voiced OT Posts.

Fact [2]: Lying Gerry "trolled" insanely for years.
Lying Gerry then blamed everyone else for the destruction
of the newsgroup by claiming he was the victim.

*False Victimization Syndrome*
The cyberstalker will claim that the victim is
harassing him/her. Bocij writes that this phenomenon has been noted in a
number of well-known cases. – And yet ANOTHER hallmark of your average



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.Gerry's Worst Nightmare

Sep 4, 2021, 12:11:59 PM9/4/21

No wonder the commies love Australia....

What a Nanny State...


The Australian government has begun testing a new stay at home
quarantine app that uses facial recognition and geolocation to make sure
citizens are staying home in accordance with South Australia’s COVID-19
quarantine orders.

In late August, a group of South Australians were ordered to download to
their phone an app titled Home Quarantine SA, available in app stores.
The trial group were people returning from New South Wales and Victoria,
with plans in place to extend the trial to international travellers in
the coming weeks.

The app, developed by GenVis, monitors whether citizens comply with stay
at home quarantine orders by contacting them at complete random, and
asking them to provide their proof of location within just 15 minutes of
being notified.

As users download the app, they are asked to input an image of their
face, their home address, and have location services turned on so the
check ins can perform properly.

Now imagine this, your phone goes off, it’s a notification from the
government via the app: “prove you are at home.” You then have 15
minutes to let your camera recognize your face while you are in your
home (tracked via location services) or else the local police will be
called for manual check in. People breaking quarantine rules can face a
fine of up to $1,000.

The Australian government is using this technology, in their words, as a
means to reduce costs associated with travel quarantine policies and
quarantine hotels.

One statement gaining attention with regards to this story comes from
Australian Premier Steven Marshall had this to say about the pilot of
this project,

“I think every South Australian should feel pretty proud that we are the
national pilot for the home-based quarantine app.”

The reason this statement is gaining attention is obviously due to its
draconian nature and that we’re seeing yet another politician calling
for people to simply embrace it as opposed to question it. Politicians
have been telling people how they should feel during COVID, instead of
asking them how they feel and responding accordingly.

How to deal with COVID as a society generally breaks down into two
approaches, one put forth in the John Snow Memorandum and the other in
the Great Barrington Declaration. The John Snow Memorandum supports
strict measures to limit human contacts and movements, resulting in mask
mandates, lockdowns and putting millions of people out of work. The
Great Barrington Declaration on the other hand advocates for what’s
called “focused protection,” urging younger and healthier individuals to
continue life as is, while suggesting protective measures to those most
vulnerable to the virus – the elderly, immunocompromised and so forth.

So far, it’s really only Sweden who have embraced this approach, and
with great success. Governments, media, and Big Tech have colluded to
cast doubt on the Great Barrington approach. They have gone so far as to
censor many doctors and scientists who align with the approach.

For now, the app is voluntary except for those traveling from certain
“high risk jurisdictions.” However, statewide implementation might be
coming according to Steven Marshall.

“I’m pretty sure the technology that we have developed within the South
Australia Government will become the national standard and will be
rolled out across the country,”

Steven Marshall


Sep 5, 2021, 10:29:40 PM9/5/21
".Gerry's Worst Nightmare" <nigh...@4gerry.com> wrote in message
That's one state government and they are right-wing liberals. Get it right
Bobby boi.

.Gerry's Worst Nightmare

Sep 6, 2021, 2:27:46 PM9/6/21
On 9/5/2021 9:29 PM, TheWiz Niche O'Stinking Twats aka Cyril Mellor, the
Porky Pig, Golliwog, Pommy, flying monkey, Tea-wop, Fog Horn,
Crumpet-Stuffer, wanker Aussie immigrant from the UK whined:

> No wonder the commies love Australia....
> What a Nanny State...

> That's one state government and they are
> right-wing liberals. Get it right Bobby boi.

Oh My! the Glory Hole Cruisin' pervert crawled out from under his rock.
What WILL I do???

Nanny State is Nanny State fuckwit. Get it? Good

Girly Man Alert!!

Again this "man"(?) is whining like a little girl, wuss, wimp, loser,
punk, bitch, feminine loser, sissy, jerk-off, drama queen, pansy,
crybaby, heshe and a princess.

He is weak, pathetic, soft and prissy and engorged with estrogen.

He continuously whines and bitches about shit that doesn't concern him
and throws temper tantrums like a 5 year old girl.


Offense is always free in usenet
*Psychopath: A Journey Through the Madness*

Cyril Mellor complained that his privacy was invaded but he has no
problem invading other people privacy. Years ago he wrote this:

Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2014 10:44:58 +0800
From: Nick O'Tyme <nick....@hotmail.com>

I have contacted his ISP (4 times) but they have taken no action. I'm
not sure
there is anything else I can do other than to contact you.

I do not like having to do this but I do not wish the problem to escalate


Cyril Mellor
27/158 Bibra Drive
Bibra Lake
Western Australia 6163






| |
Cyril - Nazi Sympathizer
\ (• •) /
\ /
| |


Sep 14, 2021, 1:42:36 AM9/14/21

Dear reader, are you wondering WTF is going on here?

Simple. This is the smouldering ruin of what was once a fine
_international_ flight simmers newsgroup.

These days it mostly has only two people posting here. The
newsgroup has devolved into a protracted verbal back-alley brawl
between an abusive, lying, defamatory cyber-bully and his karmic
nemesis. If anyone else comes here and also challenges (calls-
out) the cyber-bully, predictably, he spits his lies and abuse at
them as well.

This abusive, lying, defamatory cyber-bully is Bob Smith, a bitter
and twisted Texan veteran of America's war against the hapless
people of Iraq (Operation Desert Storm) who clearly suffers from
a severe case of untreated PTSD and terminal brainwashing.
Bob's aliases include Bob_Copter_Six, Gerrys Worst Nightmare, Truth

Bob is a white supremacist, war justifying, war glorifying,
capitalism-loving, Trump-voting, fake news regurgitating, Storm
Front, Breitbart, Infowars and Daily Stormer reading "patriot" who
may even be a member of white nationalist terror groups such as
"Atomwaffen" and "The Base" and who abuses and cyber-bullies
people who say things he doesn't agree with - especially if they
cast aspersions on AmeriKKKa's self-serving, mass murdering
foreign policy, past or present.

If Bob disagrees with you he won't enter into any rational debate
with you, he'll just abuse and vilify you for daring to voice an
opinion his brainwashed mind has a problem with. Apparently he
hasn't yet heard of the First Amendment to America's constitution.

Bob's karmic nemisis is Gerry Binder, a bitter and twisted
Australian veteran of America's war against the hapless people of
Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, who also suffers from PTSD and
although he has received treatment for this, the success of that
treatment has been questioned by some. His aliases include
Walt_M, Sygmund_F, Nurse Ratched, N=N+1, and GOD.

Gerry is an anti-war activist, politically left-leaning, and believes
that AmeriKKKa's form of buccaneer capitalism is a toxic Big
Business scam that enriches few whilst exploiting the fuck out of
everyone else - both home and abroad. Furthermore, he believes
that AmeriKKKa's military-industrial complex, as forewarned by
President Eisenhower,
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y06NSBBRtY has so totally
ensnared the AmeriKKKan economy and its people that AmeriKKKa can
actually no longer afford to let peace break out on the planet because
that would not only crash the American economy, but also break the
military- industrial complex's usurped grip on power. Hence America's
economy is dependent on conflict, war (US-sanctioned mass murder),
arms sales, and global dominance.

Way back in 1934 another notable and highly decorated American
General saw this whole mess coming. US Marine Corps Major
General Smedley Butler wrote the booklet War Is A Racket - you
can download a free PDF copy here:

It's no surprise then that Gerry, who, as a young man, naively
believed the government propaganda that claimed he was fighting for
freedom and democracy in Vietnam, subsequently became disgusted with
what has happened to the America-dominated "West".

So, even in here in AGMSFS, history was always going to happen, as it
does everywhere and everywhen, and to fully understand that history we
need to scan a long way back through the archives. Significantly,
June 2001 is a good start point.

Back then AGMFS was a friendly _international_ flight simulation
discussion group comprising a mixture of members hailing from all over
the world with a variety of skills and interests to bring to the
table. At that point in time, 99% of the posts here were "on-topic".

And then, on September 11, 2001, shit happened. A group of
mostly Saudi mujahideen, who were affiliated with a group of people
who once upon a time were Reagan's CIA-trained, CIA-armed, and
Saudi-funded Wahabist fundamentalist Islamist "freedom fighters", a
group that was instrumental in running the Russian army out of
Afghanistan, a group that was, by then, also seriously disgusted by
America's war mongering, self-serving and domineering foreign policy
in the Middle East, said "ENOUGH !!!" (in Arabic of course) - and
they flew planes into strategic targets in the US in order to, in
_their_ view, "give the Americans a taste of their own medicine."
And thus did America's decades-long, toxic and self- serving Middle
Eastern foreign policy pigeons come home to roost - big time. Pigeon
shit was all over the place!

Chalmers Johnson wrote an excellent trilogy of well researched
books on the subject of American foreign policy "blowback" if you
want to know a bit more about this topic:

And once you've got your brain around Chalmers Johnson's mind opening
elucidations, you might like to further your education about
belligerent, arrogant, self-serving, mass murderous AmeriKKKan foreign
policy by working your way through the following reading list:

The Normalization of War - by Andrew J. Bacevich
Dreaming War - by Gore Vidal
A Pretext for War - by James Bamford
Perpetual War [...] - by Gore Vidal
Secrets - by Daniel Ellsberg
A Bright Shining Lie - by Neil Sheehan
Body Of Secrets - by James Bamford
Rogue State - by William Blum
Rogue States - by Noam Chomsky
Rogue Nation - by Clyde Prestowitz
The Last Empire - by Gore Vidal
A People's History of The U.S. - by Howard Zinn
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy - by Greg Palast
Hegemony or Survival - by Noam Chomsky
After The Empire by Emmanuel Todd
Tell Me No Lies - by John Pilger

...but the best book by far, IMHO, is Killing Hope: U.S. Military and
C.I.A. Interventions since World War II - by William Blum. This book
is a history of covert CIA operations and United States military
interventions during the second half of the 20th century. It covers
various US foreign policy adventures from just after World War II
onward. Its basic premise is that the American Cold War activities
abroad were done with imperialist motives. The CIA thinks so highly of
this book that they even let you download a free, unredacted PDF copy

Happy reading, boys and girls...

Now, back to the topic du jour:

In the emotion-charged months after 9/11, and through to 2004,
here in AGMSFS there followed _many_ OFF TOPIC and
acrimonious POLITICAL arguments. It soon became obvious that
Osama bin Laden and his merry band of "Reagan's Freedom
Fighters" had driven the AmeriKKKan "patriot" flight simmers (not to
mention "patriotic" AmeriKKKa as a whole) absolutely and certifiably

It seems "patriotic" AmeriKKKans are fine with having sent their
"finest" to kill _millions_ in wars of aggression their country has,
self-servingly, orchestrated and engineered over the decades, and yet
they go completely nuts when some people who are traumatised out of
their PTSD-warped skulls, lose the plot completely and go kill a few
thousand Americans on American home soil - by way of a gesture of
protest and pay-back. (Call it AmeriKKKa's Karma)

Strange, that... it's almost like AmeriKKKan "patriots" have no
capacity at all for empathy - i.e. they have no idea how people in
other countries feel when _their_ city is bombed to the shithouse,
when _their_ infrastructure completely destroyed, when _their_
house blown to smithereens, when _their_ mother, father, sister,
brother is killed or horribly and permanently maimed - all because
AmeriKKKa has decided their country needs a bit of "assistance"
whilst it steals their oil or whatever else America was after at the
time. Strange, that... It's almost like AmeriKKKan blood is
precious and everyone else's blood is "collateral damage".
It seems, also, that "patriotic" Americans think there won't be any
consequences (blowback) deriving from their country's arrogant
and mass murderous actions abroad - all of it justified by a pack of
lies - propaganda and lies.

Anyway, back here in AGMSFS, by the end of 2004 many of the
non-AmeriKKKan posters as well as many moderate American flight
simmers had disappeared - having chosen to exit the toxic
atmosphere created by these "patriots" - an atmosphere in which
AmeriKKKa's ham-fisted response to the events of 9/11 was
"defended" by these "patriots" by launching vicious personal attacks
against anyone who dared to question or critique said ham-fisted
response. The message was clear: Question or criticise AmeriKKKa,
and you will be attacked, abused, and vilified.

Thus did a hard core of a half dozen or so American "patriot"
cyber-bullies establish their grip on what was once a fine
INTERNATIONAL flight simmers newsgroup. George W Bush's "War On
Terror" had invaded AGMSFS. These were the "patriot" cyber-thugs whom
"Dallas" (Norman Edwin Burton), a Texan rabble-rouser, would later
proudly refer to as this newsgroup's "immune system". And they would
pile on with personal abuse and vilification upon anyone who
"misbehaved". According to _their_ warped perception, all was still
well in what _they_ now thought of as _their_ newsgroup.

The stage was set for 2009.

Gerry arrived here in early 2009. For the first six months or so he
was "well behaved", but by late 2009 he was getting heartily sick of
regularly seeing OFF TOPIC, American "patriotic" war crap
interspersed with OFF TOPIC misogynistic crap and OFF TOPIC
racist crap, and so he began to challenge some of that stuff,
particularly the OFF TOPIC war-glorifying and OFF TOPIC war-
justifying type of crap, and, you guessed it - all hell broke loose!

It quickly became obvious that calling out OFF TOPIC racism, OFF TOPIC
misogyny, OFF TOPIC war glorification and OFF TOPIC war propaganda -
and being critical of AmeriKKKan foreign policy, past or present - was
a "crime" warranting nothing less than the vilification and
ostracisation of such an "offender" by Dallas's "immune system".
Dallas's posse of "patriot" cyber bullies had launched their "War On

And it was not to long before 50% of all the traffic here was made
up of very long threads characterised by personal abuse levelled
against Gerry - with Gerry predictably availing himself of his
inalienable right to self defence against said personal attacks.

And thus A FIVE YEAR LONG WAR of cyber-bullying was waged
against Gerry in their ill-conceived attempt to drive him out. And
the more they abused him, the more resolved he became to prevail
against their bullying. Their disingenuous (and vilificatious)
catchcry was "Gerry is a troll".

In their "patriotic" hubris and delusion they imagined that Gerry
would quickly wilt in the face of their vilificatious and defamatory
lies and abuse. The fatal flaw in their "reasoning" was that they
failed to understand that Gerry, an Australian veteran of AmeriKKKa's
war against the people of Vietnam. Laos and Cambodia, who was, these
days, severely pissed off at having been lied to about the need to
invade Vietnam and AmeriKKKa's entire Cold War Scam, was made of much,
much sterner stuff.

Not only did these "patriot" ABUSE TROLLS lose this war of their
own making, but their war destroyed this newsgroup. And, being the
liars they were, they blamed it all on Gerry. "Gerry destroyed this
newsgroup" was now their new catchcry.

If only, much earlier on, they had been civil in how they dealt with
those who had expressed doubts about the US response to 9/11,
and later, (since they labelled Gerry a "troll") if only they had
heeded the well-understood wisdom of "not feeding the troll", this
newsgroup could arguably have remained very viable indeed. Sadly, in
true AmeriKKKan "patriot" style, they still blame everyone except
themselves for the destruction they have caused.

Sadly too, it's the only way in which they can justify their
investment in the deluded, megalomanic idea that AmeriKKKa is the
rightful, ordained-by-God, master and ruler of the "free" world - "and
that includes flightsim newsgroups too, goddammit!!! Hooah!!!"

In here it doesn't really matter that much. All they destroyed was a
Usenet newsgroup that was probably already doomed by
technological "progress", but out there, in the real world, where
those very same "patriotic" attitudes still shape AmeriKKKa's foreign
(global !!!) policy, if I were you, dear reader, I'd be afraid. VERY

"Dallas's Cowboys do AGMSFS":


UPDATE: From 2015 onwards, upon the destruction of this
newsgroup, and to ensure that it remained a smouldering ruin with
no hope of recovery, Bob Smith kept posting personal attacks
against Gerry in the form of vilificatious and defamtory lies and
abuse. He is still doing so to this day. And so, history keeps right
on happening...

=== It's time to guzzle another Copter_Six_Pack ===

Bob Smith, a.k.a. Bob_Copter_Six, a.k.a. Truth Sayer, a.k.a.
GerrysWorst Nightmare hates Gerry Binder's "offensive" sigs.
Classicexamples of which are as follows:

> Offence freely given to those who wish to take it.


> =====================================
> US war cry: "Keep on killin' 'em till
> they submit to our superior culture!
> Hooah!!!"
> =====================================

Here he is, playing dress-ups:

Interestingly, Bob is offended by stuff Gerry has uttered, but, for
some weird unfathomable reason (maybe it's a "patriot" thang), he
isNOT offended when his own country, America, does the following:

[1] Instigating and waging state-sanctioned mass murder all over
this planet to further its own corrupt empire and calling that
"fighting for freedom and democracy".

[2] Conducting, aiding and abetting assassination plots in other
countries because their leaders are not "US-friendly".***

[3] Training and funding people to overthow regimes which are _not_

[4] Actively supporting and arming non-democratic, mass murderous
regimes which _are_ "US-friendly".***

*** "US-friendly" is code for "letting American corporations vacuum
huge profits out of their countries whilst paying local employees
peanuts and avoiding local taxes."

The only people Gerry (happily) offends are nutjobs who, like himself,
were once suckered into that mass-murderous shit-storm which is US
foreign policy, but who, _unlike_ himself, refuse to acknowledge the
evils inherent in [1], [2], [3] and [4] above.

These days Gerry's "offensiveness" is NOT accomplished by
participating in or condoning America's mass murder of millions in
order to "liberate" them so as to expose their countries to economic
rape and pillage by corporations whose major shareholders
"accidentally" happen to be mega-rich American citizens.

Nor by offensively strewing millions of cluster bomblets all over
their countryside which will continue to kill and maim innocent
civilians for decades to come.

Nor by offensively polluting their landscape with "agent orange" or
depleted uranium, thereby making millions of innocent civilians sick
and causing millions of birth defects for decades to come.

Nor by offensively using armed drones to violate another country's
sovereign airspace to assassinate "terror suspects" without affording
said "suspects" anything even vaguely resembling due process.

No, Gerry's "offensiveness" is delivered _only_ in the form of
harmless, tiny little electronic characters appearing on people's
monitors, tablets or cell phones, and his "offensiveness" is generally
only experienced by, and limited to, those who are apologists for
state sanctioned mass murder.

US Rationalisation #1: "We had to
destroy the village in order to save
it from the Viet Cong"
US Rationalisation #2: "We had to
destroy the country in order to save
it from Saddam Hussein."
US Rationalisation #3: "We had to
destroy the world in order to save
it from people who don't like being
fucked over by our corporations."
Bully Bob's Rationalisation:
"We 'patriots' had to destroy this
newsgroup in order to save it from
'the Beast of AGMSFS'."

.Gerry's Worst Nightmare

Sep 14, 2021, 12:21:39 PM9/14/21

.Gerry's Worst Nightmare

Sep 14, 2021, 12:22:33 PM9/14/21
On 9/14/2021 12:45 AM, GOD aka Gerry Binder, aka Nurse Ratched, aka
Sigmund Froyd, aka Sygmund_F, aka Walt_M, aka waltmitty, aka N=N+1, aka
Jew Hating Nazi, aka GOD, aka TheWiz, aka Commie Faggot, aka ObyOne
Texanfuckah, aka F4Phantom, aka Darren Thorneton

Fat and Bald is no way to go through life fuckwit...

Fat Ass & Bald Gerry in his natural state:

Little Dictator Gerry

>>> FUCKTARD, lying blowhard troll, welfare fraudster fucknut,
>>> terrorist sympathizing, dole-bludging, anal retentive limpdick,
>>> race-baiting, Net Cop Spider, Wanker Spider, Humourless Git Spider,
>>> Control Freak Spider, racist anarchist, cry-bully, village idiot,
>>> ass-licking, sperm guzzling, cock snogging, scrotum sucking, bum
>>> banging, pig fucking, Fritz admiring, animal fondling, wank cloth,
>>> spunk trumpet, thunder cunt, waste-of-rations, spunk bubble
>>> horrenda-cunt, terrorist-supporting, fucknugget.. etc., etc.

> Dear reader, are you wondering WTF is going on here?

<--- Cut Troll Gerry’s Usual Bullshit --->


Here, fill this in and email it to:


*Date of Hurtfulness*: _______________ *Time*: __________

*What caused the Butthurt?*

____ The voices tell me I’m GOD but I’m impotent
____ I was caught posting FAKE NEWS
____ Offensive Picture
____ Gerry's Worst Nightmare is a Big Meany
____ Gerry's Worst Nightmare called me a CockWomble
____ No one likes my "Deals"
____ Everyone laughs at my Cut&Paste
____ I live in a Nanny State with no rights

*Was a tissue needed for the tears?*

___ Yes ___ No

*Will you be able to move past it?*

____ Yes
____ No
____ Not Sure

*Reason for filing Report* (check all that apply)

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____ I am a Pork-Bitch Commie
____ I want my mommy!
____ I felt picked on
____ I'm better than everyone else
____ I'm a prude
____ It wasn't my joke
____ Life just isn't fair
____ Everyone laughs at my "Scooter"
____ The color of the sky in my world turned Yellow
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.Gerry's Worst Nightmare

Sep 14, 2021, 12:27:09 PM9/14/21
On 9/14/2021 11:21 AM, .Gerry's Worst Nightmare wrote:

> Fucking Australian Nazis...
> Just Gerry and Cyril's Dream Land.


Australia Introduces 'Wellcamp - The Best Way To Keep You Safe' =
Mandatory Quarantine Camps

The freedom-crushing restrictions that Australians have been facing have
only been getting worse, day by day.

Earlier this month, health officials from down-under announced their
plans to build multiple “Mandatory Quarantine Facilities” where they
would be able to house rule-breakers who have been ignoring lockdown
orders, and keep them from leaving.

Authorities wont play around or ask nicely either.

Once these facilities are built – If the Australian Health Regime deems
you need to be put in time-out, you’re going be taken there by a heavily
armed squad of Covid Gestapo.

Now, just a few short weeks after plans were announced to build the
camps, tyrannical elected officials are putting out creepy propaganda
videos and photos, as part of their campaign for mindless compliance.

Their newest dystopian lockdown facility is called “Wellcamp” and
officials are saying it’s “The Best Way To Keep You Safe.”

In one of the videos that was posted by Annastacia Palaszczuk –
Queensland’s Minister of Trade – she talks about their phony desire “to
keep you safe.” The power-drunk official also claims that the new
Vax-entration camps have received massive support from the local
citizens she represents.

Annastacia Palaszczuk
Aug 25
Our hotels were not meant to be our last line of defence against a
global pandemic.

That’s why we’ve taken decisive action to build a new 1000-bed,
dedicated quarantine facility at Wellcamp Airport near Toowoomba.

Annastacia Palaszczuk
Aug 26
We need regional quarantine to keep Queenslanders safe.

So we’re making it happen.

We’ve reached a joint agreement with Wagner Corporation to build a
dedicated quarantine facility at Wellcamp Airport near Toowoomba.

They even have their military assisting policemen as they go door to
door to preform Orwellian checkups on people suspected of violating
lockdowns. Many Australians have already been filmed as they are forced
into mandatory isolation by authorities.

These oppressive measures have been put in place despite Australia
seeing virtually no new cases of Covid for quite some time.

Just take a look at the most recent official reporting that shows a
whopping 4(yes 4..) new cases of Covid were added to Queensland’s number
of total active cases, for a grand total of 26 infected individuals in
the countries second-largest state.





Oct 13, 2021, 9:25:00 PM10/13/21
On Tue, 14 Sep 2021 11:27:06 -0500, Bob Smith, a.k.a. Bully boB,
Bob_Copter_Six, a.k.a. Truth Sayer, a.k.a. Gerrys Worst Nightmare,
a Trump-voting, AR-15 loving, fake news regurgitating, Stormfront,
Breitbart, Infowars and The Daily Stormer reading, obnoxious, lying,
defamatory, CYBERSTALKING, neo-Nazi white supremacist
"patriot" TOXIC ABUSE TROLL who is most likely a member of
white nationalist terror groups such as "Atomwaffen", "The Oath
Keepers", and "The Base", and who was majorly instrumental in
the destruction of this once fine flight sim newsgroup once again
used the following derogatory, defamatory and abusive terms when
referring to Gerry Binder:

> > FUCKTARD, lying blowhard troll, welfare fraudster fucknut,
> > terrorist sympathizing, dole-bludging, anal retentive limpdick,
> > race-baiting, Net Cop Spider, Wanker Spider, Humourless Git Spider,
> > Control Freak Spider, racist anarchist, cry-bully, village idiot,
> > ass-licking, sperm guzzling, cock snogging, scrotum sucking, bum
> > banging, pig fucking, Fritz admiring, animal fondling, wank cloth,
> > spunk trumpet, thunder cunt, waste-of-rations, spunk bubble
> > horrenda-cunt, terrorist-supporting, fucknugget.. etc., etc.


Poor Bully boB... What a sad little military issue brainwashed brain
he's got. - so bereft of worthwhile ideas. And now that it's come
down to the endgame, what's he got left? Cyberstalking, abuse, and
defamatory lies.... Cyberstalking, abuse and defamatory lies is all
he's got. That's it. He's got nothing else. Nil. Nada. Zip.

And what's it all about? Well, this AmeriKKKan "patriot" is the last
remaining pathetic member of a small gang of abusive and defamatory
cyber-thugs who destroyed this newsgroup by waging their
five-year-long cyber-bullying War On Gerry, starting in 2010.

And why? Well, it's all because Gerry had the temerity to call out
and challenge OFF TOPIC AmeriKKKan "patriot" war propaganda bullshit
(and other off topic crap) which really had no place in what was
supposed to be an _international_ flightsim forum.

Thanks to the efforts of Bully boB and his small gaggle of "patriot"
compadres, a mass exodus of people occurred and this newsgroup
ceased being a flightsim newsgroup in 2015. Since then, apparently
with the aim of ensuring that this newsgroup did not recover,
he continued, like the true "patriot" he is, to ongoingly subject
Gerry to
abuse and defamatory lies. So, to be clear, dear reader, Bully boB
been abusing and defaming Gerry for TEN YEARS now!


Here's a test readers can do: Go back over _any_ sample of 100
threads in the last ten years, and see who, IN EACH THREAD,
_initiates_ the personal abuse. I assert that you will find that
Bully boB is the perpetrator in 99.9% of cases and then it will become
clear to the reader who the LYING DEFAMATORY ABUSE TROLL is
around here.


Cyberstalking, abuse and defamatory lies. That's all Bully boB's got.
That's his best shot. Says it all, really. So, as you can see, Bully
boB, like most AmeriKKKan "patriots", has severe unresolved
psychological issues. Cognitive dissonance and psychological
projection have so distorted his already-fucked worldview that he,
like his hero, Donald "I cannot tell a lie" Trump, no longer has even
the faintest grip on reality.



However, we really ought to be a bit forgiving of Bully bob. You see,
it's not really his fault. He, like millions upon millions of other
AmeriKKKan "patriots" is the brainwashed product of the military
industrial complex. They fed him a whole barrel-full of propaganda
crap in order to get him to be a nice little unthinking attack droid
(I don't know why they call it the "Defence" Department - they ought
to call it the Attack Department.)

So, there was poor little brainwashed Bully boB, a head full of
beliefs based on lies and war propaganda, and along comes "commie"
Gerry with a whole bunch of challenging ideas. What's a "patriot" to
do? Cognitive dissonance happened, that's what.

Part of Bully boB's brain knows, deep down, that Gerry is right, so
what does it do? Its brainwashed other half can't let him admit that,
so it goes into cerebral overload and blows a fuse. Its fried
cognitive circuits now cobble together an ersatz "reality" in which
wrong is right, black is white, down is up, and so on - just so it can
stay true to its "patriot" brainwashing.

But the other part of his brain, the part that knows that Gerry is
right, is still there, and it's disgusted with what "patriot" brain
is now thinking. Guilt and self-loathing set in, but they must, at
all costs be suppressed, so... projection happens... Gerry is wrong.
It's all Gerry's fault. Hate Gerry! Big Bad Evil Gerry! Gotta get
rid of Gerry! Etc., etc., etc.

Dear reader, you really need to get that Bully bob, due to the
cognitive dissonance caused by his brain trying reconcile the
undeniable truth of the reality all around him with the "patriot"
lies and propaganda he's been (and being) fed by his political
masters, leaves his brain nowhere to go but to La La Land.

As Jesus once said "Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they

But you watch, dear reader, Builly boB will come back at this message
with - you guessed it - more lies and abuse. He's been stuck in this
brain-fried cognitive dissonance loop for ten years now. He can't
stop. His "patriot" brain won't let him. He has to "save" AmeriKKKa.

"...and the beat goes on, the beat goes on..."


US war cry: "Keep on killin' 'em till
they submit to our superior culture!

.Gerry's Worst Nightmare

Oct 14, 2021, 11:58:07 AM10/14/21
On 10/13/2021 8:24 PM, GOD aka Gerry Binder, aka Nurse Ratched, aka
Sigmund Froyd, aka Sygmund_F, aka Walt_M, aka waltmitty, aka N=N+1, aka
Jew Hating Nazi, aka GOD, aka TheWiz, aka Commie Faggot, aka ObyOne
Texanfuckah, aka F4Phantom, aka Darren Thorneton

Fat and Bald is no way to go through life fuckwit...

Fat Ass & Bald Gerry in his natural state:

Little Dictator Gerry


>>> FUCKTARD, lying blowhard troll, welfare fraudster fucknut,
>>> terrorist sympathizing, dole-bludging, anal retentive limpdick,
>>> race-baiting, Net Cop Spider, Wanker Spider, Humourless Git Spider,
>>> Control Freak Spider, racist anarchist, cry-bully, village idiot,
>>> ass-licking, sperm guzzling, cock snogging, scrotum sucking, bum
>>> banging, pig fucking, Fritz admiring, animal fondling, wank cloth,
>>> spunk trumpet, thunder cunt, waste-of-rations, spunk bubble
>>> horrenda-cunt, terrorist-supporting, fucknugget.. etc., etc.
> And what's it all about?
> And why?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Gerry Binder

A mental disorder in which he has an inflated sense of his own
importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others.
But behind the mask of ultra confidence lies a fragile self-esteem
that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism.


Narsehole Gerry talking

I hated Americans and began by insulting the Americans and their
Country. The use of profanity was constant and widespread. For some
reason, I thought others would support me in my tirade against the
Americans but it soon became apparent that even the New Zealanders
couldn't stomach my over the top stupidity. I continued with my
socialized political ranting and terrorist sympathizer messages even
after statements from practically everyone in the group that I was
trolling and I should cease. I had no interest in flight simulation,
only in furthering my own anti-capitalist ideology.

Recognizing I was a troll people started blocking me by placing my
pseudonym in a "killfile". This way any post I made would not show up on
their message list and they would not be subjected to the profanity and
stupidity of my ranting. I wouldn't have this, I started utilizing new
pseudonyms to bypass the kill filters to make sure I would disturb each
and every person in the group. Before I was through I was using over 38
unique pseudonyms. At one time I bragged I would "bury the group" and
bury it I did.

Obviously, this could not go on long before people got tired of it and
left. Soon most of the good contributors departed the group, not willing
to be further subjected to my profanity-laced rants and political preaching.

What is left are the ashes you see today. With my constantly babbling
and Cyril's persistent whining, it's a cesspool of swirling crap. Just
what I wanted when I started my campaign of destruction.

As an interesting side note, this is the same result I obtained in
another friendly newsgroup (aus.motorcycles) when I destroyed that one
with my mentally deranged ranting not long before I joined AGMFS. As a
result, the members of aus.motorcycles moved to FACEBOOK to get away
from me. I was not allowed to join them there and would have been banned
if I had tried to join.

The members of AGMFS that remained moved away from the newsgroup to a
forum where I could be banned to get away from my marginal mental cognition.








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