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FREE Atari Catalogs and Mailing List

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Bravo Sierra Computers

Jun 24, 2022, 8:24:12 AM6/24/22
I've Gone Through My Atari Inventory! I'm Blessed With Quite A Great
Collection! People, Who Love Atari Would Kill For My Atari Collection!

To be added to my Atari E-Mailing list, reply with request and I'll add
you to my list. I will not sell or share your e-mail address. =-=Ben=-=

11 Catalogs! 26007800.txt, 5200.txt, books.txt, jaguar.txt, lynx.txt,
8btbooks.txt, 8bt_hard.txt, 8bt_soft.txt, stbooks.txt, st_hard.txt and
st_soft.txt! Catalogs are updated regularly but not regularly uploaded. I
upload catalog archives semi-regularly when items are deleted, prices are
adjusted or new items are added. There is a 12th catalog only available
via e-mail for certain hardware items I'm not willing to ship anymore.
Request via e-mail only if your local to Portland, Oregon USA, so you can
come pick it up, by appointment only. Or you can come to Portland or have
someone pick it up from me & ship it to you. This also applies to orders
outside the United States.

FREE Atari Catalogs for NEW and USED Classic Atari 8 Bit and ST Computer
Lines Plus Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar and Lynx Games! Atari Hardware/
Accessories, Games/Software and Books/References! Eleven Catalogs in all!
View Catalogs on-line, Download them or Feel free to Request catalogs by
E-Mail! Really, it's not an inconvenience! I'll send attached to E-Mail!
Cruise the Web at http:\\ or or
call (503)256-9974! Come For The Sales, Stay For The Service! Call Today!

To expedite your order, Download Catalogs, Delete what you dont want and
E-Mail me the rest! Use cut and paste on my catalogs so I'll see it as it
is in my Atari catalogs. Otherwise it can be confusing with faulty info.
Please include your Mailing Address so I may figure Postage & Handling,so
I can expedite your Order! My Atari SoftWare and Book Catalogs are sorted
alphabetically by Title so E-Mail your Want Lists to Bravo Sierra!

I have lots of Atari Books which I can send by Media Mail! Please Direct
all Replies via E-Mail to or! Info
at the Bottom to Reach me!

Games/software, hardware/accessories & books/references.Atari computers,
Atari 8 bit & ST lines + 2600/5200/7800, Jaguar & Lynx games, consoles &
hand helds!FREE catalogs at or
goto or request catalogs at and
Specify Atari 8 bit, ST, 2600/7800, 5200, Jaguar and/or Lynx. Requesting
catalog archives in either ARC, LZH, ZIP or ZOO! Goto
or Call Ben 24/7 Anytime at (503)256-9974! Have You Played Atari Today!?
Come for the sales, stay for the service!Collector and Dealer Discounts!
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