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Oct 7, 2011, 8:00:19 PM10/7/11
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GameHearts is a nonprofit adult sobriety gaming program that provides
alternative recreational activities free of mandatory charge to
individuals looking to socialize outside of bars and casinos, which
primarily consists of promoting tabletop games (Customizable Card and
Miniature Games, Role Playing Games, etc). I welcome you to view our
website below for information on our program.

Since we are a nonprofit, we rely solely upon donations to operate,
mostly of excess gaming materials - though we also accept donations of
collectibles (comics, etc) for fund raising purposes. Primarily we use
commons and uncommons to make decks which can be provided to players
free of charge, just for participating, with whatever rares we acquire
used as prize incentives.

It happens to everyone that plays or collects and, if you are a
gamer. you can recognize that one of the consequences of buying games,
especially CCGs and CMGs, is that you end up with excess gaming
materials. If you are a retailer, you might end up with simple
overstock that is not selling. Though these usually end up taking up
space in a closet, garage, attic or storeroom, since they are too
common to sell or trade, these items could help our program. You
likely end up with volumes of extra materials. If you have excess that
you do not use and are simply taking up space, we would appreciate it
if you would consider making a donation to our program. Additionally,
if you have contact with individuals who also acquire these kinds of
games or collectibles - or even can recommend us to local retailers -
we are always hopeful that our information can be forwarded on to
others who may share an interest in helping, as well.

In exchange for donations, we assess incoming materials and issue
receipts using fair market itemized values or MSRP (for sealed
material). I am a certifiable expert in the collectible genre field
and have been issuing tax receipts for donations such as these since
1996, when I worked for a youth program that solicited the same kinds
of materials. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to a
worthwhile cause, while at the same time helping offload excess
materials. GameHearts has in the past been called a bailout for the
gaming industry - though the same certainly applies to the
collectibles industry, as well - because we offer a unique opportunity
to take advantage of tax credits for your excess materials that you
have no use for.

We have few limitations on donations: 1) Cards and materials must be
in near mint, ie, playable condition (we do promote tournament level
competition and worn cards are considered marked, as well); and 2)
individual donations must not exceed $5,000 in value (Should a
donation inadvertently exceed this, I have been known to "stagger"
them between two receipts to give full value, since these large of
donations typically arrive in multiple boxes), though any number of
donations can be made per year. These rules are actually ones
established by the IRS, by the way, not by our program. Other than
these restrictions, we accept any donated gaming material in any

If you have any questions, please let me know. I will gladly respond
to any inquiry.

I hope you will consider aiding our cause and spreading word about
our program. I look forward to your response. - Be There, Do That!

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