The Trouble With Satanists is That They Give Satan a Bad Name

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Visual Purple

Mar 30, 2008, 11:12:27 AM3/30/08
The Trouble With Satanists is That They Give Satan a Bad Name

Please see this video entitled "The Matrix of Illusion":

Notice they can't break out of thinking that matter exists

Neither can they break out of mathematics, nor can they break out of
their culture's terminology and thinking - matrix, hologram,

This is a high level of using the mind, but that's all it is - a high
level of using the mind. Everything that they speak of is firmly
within the realm of mind. Thus, it can be manipulated and controlled
by those on a higher level of technical knowledge.

There are levels beyond mind and we are intended to attain them,
though we balk and resist. The realm of mind is all about knowing on
the technical level. Understanding is the transition stage between
knowing and wisdom. Higher levels are wisdom. Wisdom cannot be
controlled; neither does it seek to control.

The "Illuminati", or whatever your favorite flavor of bad guys,
actually serve to impel and compel us to get beyond the level of mind
by making the realm of mind unbearable.

Unwittingly, they serve a higher purpose.

Everything, including "evil", serves God's purpose.

Satanists give Satan a bad name, as do the Christians, the handmaidens
of the Satanists. Both think that Satan stands in opposition to God.

There is no greater servant of God, or Teacher, than Satan. But God
help you if your heart isn't set right. Satan does not have a queasy
stomach and will make you endure whatever you must endure in order for
you to grow if you refuse to allow yourself to grow from knowing to
understanding to wisdom.

Satan does not wish to be worshipped, as the Satanists and Christians
say. Nothing could be further from the truth. Satan is unwaveringly
loyal to God and wants you to be as well.
Satan adores God of its own free will and wants you to as well,
knowing that can only come of your free will. Satan is that which is
capable of evil, but chooses the good. Satan is that which has
renounced evil, putting all of its vast powers and abilities that it
could, and once did, use for evil to the purpose of the good. And know
this and take it to heart and mind: the renunciation of evil effects
the rectification of all evil done, past, present and future and on
all levels and transforms it into good.

Do not be so foolish as to think: Well, then, I'll do evil now and
rectify it sometime in the future. Your perception of time, including
your perception of future, is in accordance with your understanding
and your understanding is in accordance with the good you do for

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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