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Jul 3, 1998, 3:00:00 AM7/3/98

As an update to my previous post on, I was able to
convince Newsguy News (aka Zippo News) to replace with, the official Hexen/Hexen2 newsgroup.

One reason for their decision to change groups was that there have been
no posts to in over 30 days while is
still active. The other reason is because was properly
proposed and approved on alt.config last fall.

If your news server still doesn't have, find out if they
have a newsgroup for proposing the addition of new groups or if you just
have to send a request by e-mail. Tell them that the group was proposed
and approved in alt.config in September, 1997 and that a control message
was sent in Sept. or Oct. of last year.

Maybe we can finally get on everyone's server!


Sorry, but you can't respond by e-mail. I've changed my address too
many times to chance giving it to the spammers again.

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