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Eric Burton

Jun 7, 2001, 5:10:28 PM6/7/01
Master Jeweler Guide

Left the author out so nobody gets into trouble

IMPORTANT: This guide assumes you have at least 2500pp to spend (as stated
in auction) - if you do not have the platinum to spend, contact me for my
plat guide, as I write this, I have distributed over 1000 plat guides and I
have had only 5 complaints (99.5% satisfaction rate!). 2 of the people who
complained then attempted to sell my guide (exact copy) in auctions of their
own and 1 clown posted my guide on his website and then charged $20.00 for
people to view it!

This guide will get you to 188 skill points in Jewelry Craft for about
2500pp. At skill 188, you can regularly create gold jewelry and make serious
profit - when you have regained your 2500pp, you may choose to continue in
jewelry craft. This skill currently caps at 250, but that is just platinum -
velium is a new metal and more are rumored in the works. (You are a master
jeweler at skill 100, but I went all the way to 188 with only 2500pp - now I
'm making mad plat!)

This process of raising my skill to 188 took me about 4 hours.

This guide will take you through the entire process of creating a new
character and becoming a master jeweler. If you are going to use an old
character, you will just have to adapt the guide to your own situation
(shouldn't be difficult).

First, create an Erudite Enchanter and give yourself maximum points in
intelligence and then pour the rest into wisdom or charisma. Intelligence &
wisdom are important because one raises your ability faster and the other
gives you less failures; charisma gives you lower prices buying and higher
prices selling. (If you have more pp, purchase jewelry that increases these
stats from the gem/metal merchants in Erudin - as many jewelers just sell to
merchants as they raise their skill.)

Take your newbie (I LOVE CREATING NEW CHARACTERS) Erudite Enchanter and give
your note to the leader of your guild. To find the Enchanter guild, take the
path from the Toxx Forest north through Erudin and take the right after the
Library around the corner and you'll see the arrival platform and pool of
water, continue up the water path and the teleport platform to the palace
will be over your head. Once you arrive in the palace, go straight across
the pool (east) and take the stairs. The Enchanter guild is to your left

Then go outside the city and level to level 5. If you find any Useless Cloth
Caps (drop off kobalds), take them to the skeletons near the entrance to
Paineel (south Toxx). I have been told that if you give the caps to the
skeletons, one will give you necromancer stuff and another will give you
gems - occasionally even rare gems!

Once you reach level 5, go to your guild and give yourself 21 skill points
in Jewelry Craft. If you haven't transferred the 2500pp to this character
yet, do it now. Keep about 500-1000pp at a time (otherwise you'll be too
encumbered to move) and put the rest in the bank. To find the bank, take the
teleport into the palace and go north instead of straight across. Take these
stairs and go to the big pool of water in the middle of the room. facing
north, the bank is up on your right (northwest) and the best jewelry
merchant is up on your left (northeast). There is another merchant back to
your right (southwest) that sells bags and stuff and back to your left
(southeast) is a gem merchant, but does not sell metals.

Now, go to Sothure's Fine Gems (northeast merchant), go through the door and
buy several stacks of silver costing about 10pp4gp per stack (as many as you
can carry and still walk) leaving room for your Jeweler's Kit and gems. Then
go back through the door (staying in the shop) and buy your jeweler's kit
and bloodstones at about 5gp2sp each (I usually bought 1 stack per skill
point I could raise until the item went trivial).

You have 21 skill points, combine 1 silver bar and 1 bloodstone in your
jeweler's kit to make jewelry. Continue to do this until you raise your
skill to 26 - at which time this process becomes trivial. Trivial means that
you can no longer raise your skill by doing this particular item.

You can generally sell your successfully created jewelry back to the
merchant for cost (give or take about 10% depending on charisma and the
actual item) - you really only lose money when you fail.

Yes, if you use enchanted metal, the jewelry you create will increase
certain properties - for instance enchanted silver and bloodstones combine
to make +2 stamina earrings. These can be sold to other players by using
/auction, but that is really time consuming and this guide focuses just on
raising your skill to master.

Silver bars sell for 5gp2sp
Electrum bars sell for 2pp6gp
Gold bars sell for 10pp5gp
Platinum bars sell for 105pp
Velium bars found in Velious (been told they sell in Thurgadin and drop from
mobs) - and are used in Jewelry Craft, but so far they never trivial and
failures are about 50% and more.
There are rumors of other metals like Mithrill, Admantite, Steel, & Brellium
being used in jewelry craft eventually (currently used in Blacksmithing),
enchanters can enchant these items at level 49.
After silver and bloodstone trivials at 26, move your way up the skill
following these steps:

(these steps are close together instead of jumping from skills of 30 to 40,
because by moving up the trivial chart in small increments limits failures
and therefore saves lots of money.)

SILVER AND.. (trivials at number in brackets)

Onyx (26)
Carnelian (31)
Rose Quartz (34)
Jade (40)
(you could go farther, but it is cheaper to just move on to electrum)

Malachite (74) lots of failures in beginning
Turquoise (79)
Hermatite (82)
Cat's Eye Agate (84)
Bloodstone (87)
Onyx (90)
Jasper (92)
Carnelian (95)
Star Rose Quartz (98)
Jade (106)
Pearl (108)
Topaz (111)
Peridot (115)
Emerald (118)

(you can already start making mad plat by using enchanted gold and selling
these creations to players, more information about this later.)

Malachite (146) lots of failures in beginning
Lapis Lazuli (148)
Turquoise (151)
Hematite (154)
Cat's Eye Agate (156)
Bloodstone (159)
Onyx (162)
Jasper (164)
Carnelian (167)
Star Rose Quartz (170)
Amber (172)
Jade (178)
Topaz (183)
Peridot (185)
Emerald (188)
This is where I stopped because I was out of money. I then went and made
some extra plat (using my plat guide. really) and I bought a stack of
enchanted gold from a high level enchanter in Erudin and I started making
stat increasing jewelry that I sold in East Commons. It took me four hours
to make my 2500pp back and now I am just making profit. my enchanter is a
level 7!

To continue raising your Jewelry Craft skill, follow the rest of this chart.
This will be VERY expensive!!


Malachite (218)
Lapis Lazuli (220)
Hematite (223)
Cats Eye Agate (226)
Bloodstone (228)
Onyx (231)
Jasper (236)
Carnelian (239)
Star Rose Quartz (242)
Amber (244)
Jade (250)
VELIUM can also be used to create jewelry - everyone I have spoken to has
said these skills never go trivial (but don't hold me to this).


If you can find a high level character to cast an Intelligence buff on you,
it will speed up your ability to advance in your skill!!
Remember to get your backpacks to allow more room in your inventory. If at
all possible, get weight reducing backpacks.
This guide can be used anywhere these supplies are sold, but it is my
experience that Erudin is the best place.
Check the merchants for cheap stat increasing jewelry.
By leveling your enchanter, you can enchant your own metals (see list
I didn't level my enchanter, I just paid a high level enchanter to enchant
my metals for me. befriend a high level enchanter!! J
Consider taking orders for jewelry and then making it, that way you don't
run around trying to sell jewelry no one seems to want to buy that day.
Having trouble selling? Try a different zone!
You can select an entire stack of jewels or metal by holding down shift.
You can select 1 item from a stack by holding down control.

Enchant Metal Spells:

Enchant Silver, level 8
Enchant Electrum, level 16
Enchant Gold, level 24
Enchant Platinum, level 34
Enchant Velium, level 44
Enchant Admantite, level 49
Enchant Brellium, level 49
Enchant Mithril, level 49
Enchant Steel, level 49

Where to purchase spells:

Enchant Silver, Neriak Library (home of Dark Elves - need to have evil
character buy spell or use Illusion:Dark Elf spell on purchaser)
Enchant Electrum, Neriak Library
Enchant Gold, Neriak Library
Enchant Platinum, Neriak Library (Dark Elves home)
Enchant Velium, Nimren Stonecutter, in Thurgadin/Velious
Enchant Admantite, Neriak Library
Enchant Brellium, Ak'Anon Casters Guild
Enchant Mithril, Felwithe Casters Guild
Enchant Steel, Freeport & Queynos Casters Guild


I highly recommend the following websites:

Where to buy Jewelry supplies based on location:

Trivial chart for Jewelry Craft:


Jewelry chart by gemstone:


Enchanter Spell List:


MAPS!! http://www.eqatlas.com/atlas.html

Everquest copyright sony/verant


Jun 8, 2001, 6:24:00 PM6/8/01
You will not evade me, "Eric Burton" <kri...@cox-internet.com>:

>First, create an Erudite Enchanter and give yourself maximum points in
>intelligence and then pour the rest into wisdom or charisma. Intelligence &
>wisdom are important because one raises your ability faster and the other
>gives you less failures;

I guess it's a nice guide to have all in one place, but I suspect I'd
do just as well reading a tradeskill website - and I bet I could find
a website that DIDN'T claim you had to have both high wis and high int
to work on tradeskills :)

Baker, brewer, potter, tailor, future smith... but not jewelrer
Celaeno Duskwalker
Fier'dal druid of Erollisi Marr

Eric Burton

Jun 8, 2001, 8:33:38 PM6/8/01
I will not evade you?? Interesting...I am not even hideing from you...and
like I said it was givein to me and so I am giveing it to everyone...take it
as you want dear little Celaneno....=) Have a nice day!
"Celaeno" <cel...@shavenwookie.nospam.com> wrote in message


Jun 10, 2001, 6:53:19 PM6/10/01
You will not evade me, "Eric Burton" <kri...@cox-internet.com>:

>I will not evade you?? Interesting...I am not even hideing from you...and
>like I said it was givein to me and so I am giveing it to everyone...take it
>as you want dear little Celaneno....=) Have a nice day!
>"Celaeno" <cel...@shavenwookie.nospam.com> wrote in message
>> You will not evade me, "Eric Burton" <kri...@cox-internet.com>:

I just love it when people posting in this newsgroup get confused by
that line :)
(I use it in another newsgroup as well... oddly enough, it's been
picked on twice here, but never there where nobody would be expected
to know where I got it from...)


Jun 10, 2001, 8:03:22 PM6/10/01

Celaeno <cel...@shavenwookie.nospam.com> wrote in message

A (relative) newbie detector, perhaps? ;)

Jeff Lanham

Jun 11, 2001, 8:01:12 AM6/11/01
"Celaeno" <cel...@shavenwookie.nospam.com> wrote in message news:3b23a7b2...@news.world-online.no...

I always thought it was a nice EQish header for a nice EQish newsgroup.

"Success often hinges on choosing a
reliable partner."
---- Remus

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