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Feb 19, 2015, 10:42:22 AM2/19/15
I found this link on Reddit:

This is an ambitious Skyrim project, the ultimate goal of this project
is to make the whole continent of Tamriel playable in Skyrim, with
it's own unique characters, background, flora and vegetation,
mainquests, guilds, factions, questlines and sidequests, new mechanics
and spells, new and unique armors, every province and it's own unique
armors and clothes, weapons, background, beliefs, religions and
cultures and much more to come. This is Province: Hammerfell, If you
got what it takes then you should head in and help them on their
fantastic project, no matter how small you can help, it will be
greatly appreciated, they need every help the can get, now go on in,
what are you waiting for! :
Recruitment link:

It says they are asking for help on the project. I suggested that
here when Skyrim first came out. My suggestion was to take something
simple like the faces of the children in the game and let the players
fix it. They have yet to fix that in the game. If they let users do
it, the users would do it for free.

It would be nice if the art they used could be credited to the citizen

Trimble Bracegirdle

Feb 20, 2015, 8:46:28 PM2/20/15
Nice to see a post to this group ;)

I love the prospect of Grand Expansion projects.
They must be really good to work on .
BUT e.g. I followed Silgrad Tower on Morrowind for years so as I could play
It was abandoned rather than finished .
That's the way. The grander the project the less the chance of it being

From the players point of view the most likely satisfying expansions are the
..and finished ones !!
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