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Bonus Level

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Mike Hansford

Dec 23, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/23/99
Hey I got a bonus level on DK1 its just below the place where you play the
first level, its a red standard with a big white circle on it, has anybody
else got this level and how the hell do you complete it?

Mike Hansford


Dec 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/25/99
On Thu, 23 Dec 1999 13:31:29 -0000, darkened,
lightning flashed and the voice of Mike Hansford spake thus:

That really doen't help much. What is the objective of the bonus
I'm ktabic. Try me.

Christoph Koegler

Dec 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/25/99
Hello Mike,

I am having the same Problems... :)

> Hey I got a bonus level on DK1 its just
> below the place where you play the
> first level, its a red standard with
> a big white circle on it, has anybody
> else got this level and how the hell
> do you complete it?

It's this level where you fight against 3 other keepers and only have three
spells and nothing to build ? The Level, where the areas of the four keepers
look line a big cross on the map and in the crossing there are four tiles
with diamonds ?

I didn't complete it either, but i have already tried a lot of things. There
is a creature transfer one level back, where you can take one creature to
the next level. I took a Level 10 lizard with me, which became a dragon
there. Maybe a different creature is more useful, the dragon did a good
fighting but was finally killed by the enemy troops.

Maybe the clue is to destroy the enemys hearts, i am not sure. I'll try to
play the dragon myself next time :)

There are also four small areas with a soul in each, located at the four
corners of the terrain, i dont know what they are for.

If anyone has completed this level, please tell us how :)


Dec 26, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/26/99

Bonus Realm: "Moon Level"

Difficulty: Hard

Goal: To claim some territory, kill all the heroes, and survive until the
timer runs out.

New Rooms on this level: None

New Spells: None

New Creatures: None

Objective: This region of the underworld will test your ability to traverse
the network of Caverns. Indeed, time is your enemy here. Defeat it, and
you will find where the legendary warrior, Ug the Barbarian is. Ug will
serve you well in the future.

The first of the Bonus Realms is the so-called Moon Level. This level gets
this name because it is available only on the first night with a full moon.
You do not have to "Find" it as you have to with the other bonus levels. It
simply appears on your Overworld Tower view on the appointed hour as a
waving banner with a white circle. Note that the time is inportant as well
as the date. Either wait until nighttime or set your system clock to reach
this level. If the banner is semi-transparent, it's not quite time yet.

You start off in the south part of the map with some treasure rooms, and
your dungeon heart. You have a few spells available, most notable the
Lightning Strike Spell. You will not be able to research or build any
other rooms or Spells. You also have a couple of doors to protect your
Dungeon Heart and treasure rooms. There are three other Keepers (To the
North, East, and West) that you are allied with. Hence, they won't fight
you, and your imps will not cross over and claim territory already claimed
by them. Your dungeon is connected to theirs via a room in the exact center
of the map.

You also start with a counter in the upper left corner that starts at 10,000
and counts down to zero. You must claim some area, kill all the heroes, and
survive until this counter reaches zero to complete this level.

Start by spawning 5 imps, which is all you can afford at first. Get one
imp to reinforce the west wall of the area between your heart and the center
room. Have another imp do the same for the east wall. Slap them both to
speed them up. Let the other three imps claim the area up to and including
part of the center room.

Once the area is claimed, flag a bunch of the gold tiles in the center room
for your imps to dig. As the gold is carted back to your treasure room,
spawn more imps until you have 10 or so. Slap them occasionally to make
them work harder, and make sure the imps reinforcing your walls don't get
distracted by the gold. Your walls must be reinforced all the way to the
doors south of the center room. You want the invading Heroes to enter via
the central room so that the Other Keepers imps have a chance to deal with
some of them.

There's a Increase Level box in the exact center of the central room, and
you want to be able to claim it. As you get more gold, spawn more imps and
get them to mine the gold in the area between the center room and your
heart. Make sure you don't have more than 12 imps at a time, or you'll run
low on gold later on.

See those doors just south of the center room? Direct some imps to dig
through the tiles next to them and claim the rooms beyond. (It's a lot
quicker to dig around the doors than to break through them) Have your imps
claim the room to the west first, then dig out the wall between that room
and the center room.. This makes that room part of the center room, and
allows the invading heroes line-of-sight into the center area.

Get the rooms to the east and west are empty, but they have some doors and
gas traps that protect an increase level Box, a Reveal Map Box, and some
gold pots. Dig around those doors also, and claim these areas and use those
boxes! Grab the gold and place it in your treasure room. Once you use the
Reveal Map box, you should also be able to grab the Gold Pots in the other
rooms as long as they haven't been claimed by the other Keepers. Grab that
gold also, as you're going to need all the gold you can get to cast
Lightning spells at the heroes.

There is a Hero Gate in the Southwest corner of the map, and tunnelers will
soon appear and start digging towards you dungeon. Hopefully, some of them
will head off to fight the other Keepers, but they seem to like attacking
you. As heroes near the door protecting your Heart, lock the door and use
the lightning spell to deal with them. Then unlock the door again so imps
can continue to carry gold back to your treasure room. Repeat this each
time heroes approach your dungeon Heart.

When it comes to beating the invading the heroes, the imps aren't a lot of
help. The Lightning Spell, and the locked doors, are your only real
protection. Hence, you must protect the doors and have plenty of gold
handy, or you're dead.

Carefully meter the strength of your lightning spell to avoid "overkill", as
this wastes gold.

The reason you want to lock the door is because the door automatically opens
for your imps, and if a hero is next to the door, he'll slip in also. The
first thing an invading hero will do is head to the treasure room to steal
some gold. Then he'll attack your dungeon heart.

If you kill all the invading heroes, claim the areas with the Reveal Map,
and Increase Level Boxes, and if you survive until the timer runs out, you
will conquer this Realm.

That bit about Ug the Barbarian? I've conquered the realm and searched the
map, and haven't found any sign of him in this or subsequent levels.

"Mike Hansford" <> wrote in message

> Hey I got a bonus level on DK1 its just below the place where you play the
> first level, its a red standard with a big white circle on it, has anybody
> else got this level and how the hell do you complete it?

> Thankyou
> Mike Hansford


Dec 26, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/26/99

contains everything (it includes DK 1 )


Feb 14, 2014, 6:06:39 PM2/14/14
Nice solution, thanks a lot. Ug the Barbarian. Ug the B. B the UG? :D Maybe some programer had his fun there.
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