Re: Cheat mode during co-op play for five year old player?

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Whoa! Hey, Scott.

On Monday, November 2, 1998 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-8, wrote:
> A little help with DOOM co-op would be appreciated.
> I am going to setup my first home network, specifically to play CO-OP DOOM
> with my five year old [ hey, I dont want to hear any moral judgements here,
> besides killing imps is a good lesson to learn ! :) ]
> I have checked the various web sites out there numerous times and still find
> myself left with some questions I could use help with.
> 1) Can the weapons and GOD mode cheats be used in CO-OP on DOOM 1 or 2? She
> is not that good and needs to play with the cheats on. I will run without
> cheats and she will use them.
> 2) Is there any version of DOOM that is preferred for networking. I think I
> have them all but am planning on using Ultimate DOOM that says it works with
> 95. I know how to network in DOS although I would prefer to keep it in 95.
> 3) I have seen some great sites reviewing Deathmatch and co-op wads but I want
> to make sure I get one that is not to complex. One that does not involve any
> jumping or any other kind of difficult physics. If anyone can recommend one
> that has more of a sense of exploring and co-op (having one person open a door
> with a button while the other shoots, etc) if would be appreciated.
> 4) Is zdoom, windoom, boom or opengl doom ready for prime time? I would love
> to play on my pc with free-look while she uses the regular autoaim she is used
> to? I have read all the web sites and dejanews but only get a partial picture
> of where these versions are. Is there any version that is "playable" and
> supports one player in free look while the other uses autoaim?
> 5) Anything else you might want to add for the first time DOOM networker would
> be appreciated
> Thanks ahead for any comments and thanks to everyone that has been keeping
> DOOM alive !
> -Scott
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