How To Create A Newsgroup!

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Tom Servo

Dec 24, 1994, 5:25:38 AM12/24/94

Here it is!

Control: newgroup
Newsgroups: alt.config
From: (Tom Servo)
Subject: cmsg newgroup
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 1994 15:28:23 -0700 (PDT)

Ok, here is how to easily create your own newsgroups!

In the Control Line....
Change to whatever you want your newsgroup to be
called! Remember, alt groups only!

Leave the Newsgroups line alone

In the From Line...
Change tou your e-mail address, and in the
('s, put down what you have listed as your real name. Remember,
do not leave out the ('s

In the subject line...
change to whatever you want your group to be called.
Leave the part that says cmsg

In the date line: Just change it to the date. Remember, abbreviate months
and days, and put time in the 24 hour format. Leave the -0700 (PDT) as
it is.

In the approved line...
Just put your e-mail address again!

Simple, huh? To start, just cut everything below and above
the line, and select the option that will allow you to
post a new message. Delete all that junk that usually comes up when
you are going to post,[ie the header] and put this file in its place!
Also, delete those ____ lines.

One last thing: In the newsgroups you create, post a message saying
you learned how from this file. Thanks

Spread this message like a disease! Everyone should know how to do
this! Give it to at least 2 people, and make at least 1 group!

problems? e-mail

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THE Poet

Dec 24, 1994, 3:02:40 PM12/24/94
Tom Servo ( said this:

: [Message Deleted]

Tom may or may not know how to create his own newsgroup. What he doesn't
mention is that, even if you do manage to create one, odds are it will be
killed so quickly that you could measure it's lifespan with a stopwatch.
There are already more newsgroups than netdom knows what to do with, and

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