The truth about the new groups.

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Douglas Barton

Dec 30, 1994, 7:45:49 PM12/30/94
I hesitate to post this because I know I will probably get flamed from
both sides, but here goes. First, there is not now, nor will there be
censorship in the new groups. As was discussed
in the RFD's, the *.announce group is moderated ("censored" if you will),
but that is not a surprise to anyone paying attention. There is no
censorship, official or otherwise, in any of the other groups.

Perhaps it would be helpful to remember the reason for the split. There
are lots of people on the net who are interested in Doom, who have to
pay for their net access. Those people are not interested in 300+ posts
a day for the a.g.d.* groups. For this, and lots of other reasons, a
new hiererchy was created to split discussion of the various elements of
doom into bite-size pieces. That way someone who is interested in the
various aspects of the game can pay to download only the messages in the
group they are interested in. There are other reasons of course, but
this is the most compelling reason from my standpoint. This is also the
reason cross-posting is discouraged. It defeats the purpose of the

As for the groups, there will be a request sent out to
delelte all but *.binaries in January. This is only a request. There
is not an actual "move," in the sense that the groups are going

By their very nature, alt.* groups exist at the whim of the adminstrator in
charge of newsgroups at each site. There will be some sites who
continue to carry the alt groups, and if you want to post there, knock
yourself out. Since the vast majortiy of sites will get the rec.*
groups, that is where most of the action will be, but there will still
be a hard-core group of self-appointed who
will stick with the alt groups because alt is the only cool hierarchy,
and noone tells them what to do. My vote is, let them have the alt
groups, it's people like them that occasioned the move to rec anyway.

As for the coordinators, I think this was a bad idea. As someone else
commented, the same exact purposes could have been accomplished without
having to give someone a title. I have been particularly disappointed
with Richard Ward. In my mind, a "coordinator" in a situation like this
should stay out of the fray. There have certainly been lots of people
flinging personal attacks at him (and others) and that is certainly not
acceptable. To respond in kind however is also not acceptable. Calling
people "chowderhead" and using foul language does nothing to advance
your purpose, and does a lot to erode your support. Of course it is
Richard's choice to post the correct information if he wants to. It is
his sinking to the level of the people flinging the mud that I object

Well there's my two cents. Unlike others, I will respond to e-mail. If
your response has content, I will will respond in kind. The same goes
for flames. I participated in the discussion about creating the new
groups, and I have some interest in seeing them succeed. I also think
it is important to keep things in perspective. This is just the
internet, and Doom is only a game.

Happy New Year,

Doug :-)

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