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Mar 1, 2008, 9:46:31 AM3/1/08
yes it is unfortunately quite common for the spouses to be left out in the
jobs that I have had

Several years ago, our office chief used to organize a very nice xmas party
at his
country club in Salem. Apparently, in the past, the office members were
socially...they had picnics and parties together.

I came to Roanoke sight unseen. I had no friends and had to make them
outside of
the office.

Something odd happened the year I came. I arrived with several others of
the same title as me and
and other clerical workers. People in the office rarely went out of their
to make me feel at home - except for a small handful, . And also, Martha,who
was new herself and needed an occasional babysitter.

The chief gave his usual xmas party that year. He went out of his
way to
obtain my rsvp, as he genuinely wanted to get to know me better. I said
the people in the office had been sort of mean to me and I felt
with them.
Specifically, someone had spread a bizarre rumor that I was having an affair
with someone.
This was bizarre in that I did not even recognize the name of the man whom
I was
supposed to be having an affair with.
Anyway, I promised the chief that I would just forget about it for xmas and
come and enjoy.
I did come. I came, Martha came, and a handful of others.
For the most part, almost no one came,
The chief never gave this traditional party, ever again. I felt heartstruck
for him. He had gone out of his way and out of pocket...and so few people
He kind of gave up and resigned a little while later.
The office mates became less and less friendly after that. A lot of really
strange things have occurred there over the years. Lots of stupid things.
I am gone but they could use some sort of person who could inspire them to
once again feel like
A lot has gone on over the years to drive wedges between people.
I try to ignore it all. I try to keep my nose inside my office and work.
I try
to stay professional.
There are many people in that office whose family members I have never seen


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