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Oct 6, 2004, 5:01:26 PM10/6/04
Can someone explain 'focus pulling' to me. I play a cabalist but I have
never figured out the mysteries of chanelling focus.


Mark Konrad

Oct 8, 2004, 5:01:50 AM10/8/04
you send the pet to the mob(s) activate tha shield.
what you need to know is that as long as the shield is running you may not
cast anything else nor move or your "concentration" breaks
and the shield will turn off.

the shield will drain mana as long as you have it up.


Oct 12, 2004, 2:01:09 PM10/12/04
It's slow with 1 enemy, but;

1. cast focus
2. send pet to the enemy. let it get hit
3. then send it to a few more enemy
4. drag back the mob to near you.
5. step into the middle of the mob when they are about half health and cast
PB a few times. PB,PB,quickcast PB iirc.
6. get loads of xp :-)

Have a manna buff or FoP with you and you'll rock.

Have a healer mate to heal the pet (which needs to be on passive for this)
and stun and you can go on for ages.

it's a fast way to level, but alot of people think it's slow in this age of
PLing in MG etc.


Oct 18, 2004, 4:09:12 PM10/18/04
<> wrote in message news:<5WTad.310189$>...
> Thanks .. this is what i thought.
> I have tried this and it does not seem to be as useful as ppl claim it to
> be. Drains mana ... pet still takes damage.

They nerfed it pretty bad so it's not really that useful anymore.

Pre pet-pulling nerf it was a very fast way to get xp. Basically buff
pet, have it pull lots of mobs, shield pet, chain heal pet, have your
aoe casters finish off hurt mobs once pet gets good aggro.

Pre focus-shield-aggro nerf and focus-shield-against-deep-purples
nerf, you could basically take down high level mobs by chain healing
the pet while the mob beat itself to death on your focus-shielded pet.

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