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Magic Hacker

May 24, 1997, 3:00:00 AM5/24/97

"aznin" <az...@hotmail.com> ecrivait:

>Simple question: has anyone tried to let the Norns do what they want after
>they hatch? To give them no instructions, no training ? In short, to let
>all the eggs hatch and then just observe without interfering?
>I am just wondering what would happen. I know this not really the purpose
>of the game but I'm pretty curious to see how those Norns would survive and
>what they would be like.

>"Shoot, son, come over to the dark side ... It'll be a hoot!"

tried it. But I hadn't very smart norns. They lived all 4 about ten
hours, then died without having any child. I think the first ten
minutes of a nron's live are very important for neural connections. So
if you don't breed them when they're young, and if no other norn take
care of the babies, they'll become dumb. If you wanna try, just open a
new world, take 4 or 6 norns, go to bed, then come back after a while.

Please tell me if you've norns able to live without any human

Good Breed

Magic Hacker


May 25, 1997, 3:00:00 AM5/25/97

Thanks for the wonderful story. It appears they ARE able to survive but
become very limited compared to their educated brethren. Sort of what I
had expected.
It's good to see that they have some kind of instinct that allows them to
survive, given a little bit of luck.
Again I am crossposting this to the EAP list. Thanks for the help.

"Shoot, son, come over to the dark side ... It'll be a hoot!"

John J. Liska <sirg...@erols.com> wrote in article

> On 24 May 1997 15:21:48 GMT, "aznin" <az...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> >Simple question: has anyone tried to let the Norns do what they want
> >they hatch? To give them no instructions, no training ? In short, to
> >all the eggs hatch and then just observe without interfering?
> >I am just wondering what would happen. I know this not really the
> >of the game but I'm pretty curious to see how those Norns would survive
> >what they would be like.
> >
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> >Aznin
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> >"Shoot, son, come over to the dark side ... It'll be a hoot!"
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> >az...@hotmail.com
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> An interesting idea for an experiment. I decided to give it a
> try. I started by taking 6 eggs from the hatchery, and leaving them to
> hatch on their own.
> They hatched within 2 minutes from first egg to last. I had 4
> male Norns, and 2 Female. I also had about 4 different body and head
> types, making for what seemed to be a good initial mixture.
> They immediately huddled, and began kissing, even before they
> had all hatched. Seems they all needed the immediate and constant
> assurance of affection from their fellows. This lasted for about 10
> minutes, until one of the Norns was slapped by the others, and ran
> off.
> I soon had 2 Norns that kept getting slapped, and would run
> from the group. One was of the brown, hairless, 'dog' type body, which
> would go and lie down by the incubator to meditate. The other was of
> the extreemly furry, white-tailed, pink-eared type, who would run
> toward the garden, wait, and slowly walk back to try again.
> I decided to make an impression by waiting until this one was
> near the top, and walking back to the group, then pushing the top. It
> took a few tries, but finally, the loner started playing with the top.
> Soon the others drifted out - still huddling together, to
> investigate. they huddled, for the most part around the top, trying to
> make it go. The huddler by the incubator, finding no one around, felt
> the need to explore, and discovered that the elevator would take it up
> to th next floor, where the computer is. Unfortunately, it saw no need
> to investigate the computer, and played on the lift for awhile before
> joining its fellows in the huddle, which by now had moved into the
> garden.
> Two, mwanwhile, had split up from the garden group to explore
> further. They also found out how much fun the elevators that drop to
> the raft dock are, and while walking the garden, had learned how to
> feed themselves. Not being able to resist a chance to experiment, I
> waited until one was on the raft, and the other was coming toward it,
> andsent the raft away. They reached out to each other as the raft
> left. When it came back, its occupant had a tremendous smile.
> Meanwhile, the garden group had made its way past the
> transporter (which occupied their attention for a goodly time),
> learning how to eat in the process (well, most of them. One never did
> learn how to eat.), and had made their way to the submarine dock,
> being joined by the one who got left behind at the raft dock. They
> made a jolly time of it taking turns going back and forth to the
> island and exploring the lifts and such there. The Grendel was also
> there.
> I first spotted him in the underwater observatory, and decided
> I would try to get rid of him. I offered hima 'Fruit of the Doom',
> which he took, and tickled him. This began a strange game for us. He
> would take the fruit, giggle and dance while I tickled, and when I
> stopped the tickling, would stand on tip-toe, and hold the fruit out
> to me as if in obeisance. If I did not take it, he would drop it and
> stand next to it until I picked it up and gave it back to him. If I
> did take it from him, he would snatch it back from me and giggle.
> My Norns slowly explored Albia, finding favorite places and
> spending most of their time there. One female decided her favorite
> place was the elevator going up towards Grendel Mama, and spent a long
> time in the top of the tree. Two other males (the same as before)
> decided to spend their time by the raft dock under the herb garden,
> issing, rubbing noses, and playing in the elevatros and with the
> flibity-gibbit (the springy toy).
> One male and female stayes in the garden and produced an egg
> (YAY!!!) though it cost a great deal of her life force. One male
> decided his favorite place is the island, so I made sure he had food
> without him being aware I was providing. One fo the rafters couldn't
> learn how to eat, and eventually would have died if I hadn't taken
> action. I picked up his friend, and moved then apart. I sent the
> starving rafter off on the raft alone with a coffee mug and a piece of
> cheese. He figured the rest out by himself <g>.
> Admittedly, this was not a true 'wolfish' type test, as I
> provided for them without teaching them, and interfered in the way it
> would have turned out otherwise. I look forward to hearing YOUR report
> of your 'Wolfish' experiment.
> Sir Ghoul <John J. Liska>

Elisel Midnight

May 25, 1997, 3:00:00 AM5/25/97

I've also started a Wolfling experiment, so far I've play just over 40
minutes of it (I think). Here is the log of the experiment so far:

Started with three female norns and two male norns.

Stage 1 (Just born)-
M2 went strait for the garden and started eating, he got his
health up to 75% and then took F2 and wondered off towards the Temple.
F1 F2 and M2 stayed huddled up just outside of the house.
M2 and F2 headed to the sub and took a trip over to the Beach
Stage 2-
F1 and F3 moved on towards the temple area, F1 took an intrest
in the plants there for a while and started to eat them. She then
followed F3 into the temple. M1 was left at the Incubator facing the
wall until he decided to go for a walk too. He walked to the entrance of
the house and started eating the honey pot that was there - he found
that he liked it very much and took it with him as he went to go and
find F1 and F3. He walked strait past F1 and F3 and into the temple
(they now being just outside) and started to play with the music player
there - honey still in hand. He then went to join F1 and F3 ina group
huddle. F3 started eating the Pyrethium, though it did not seem to
affect her that much, she took no intrest in F1 or M1 and went her own
Stage 3-
At about 25 minutes (for all - avarage) the health counts were as
follows: F1 = 45 %, F2 = 73 %, F3 = 77%, M1 = 76% and M2 = 72%.
F1 and M1 traveled back to the lemon grove area while F3 was left
sleeping in the temple, when she woke up she went down the life and into
the Death Cap cave, though she did not seem to take much notice of the
deadly plant. F3 learned how to use the life call post, though did not
quite grasp how to use the lift buttons to get out of the cave.
At this stage F3 was the tallest norn, but she was also the youngest.
Stage 4-
F1 started to eat Gentian and Feverfew, having seemingly got the idea
that they were good for her and the others were not. F3 was still stuck
in the Death Cap cave with 34% health (and still going down). F2 and M2
took a ride in the sub again, though went strait back to the island
Stage 5-
F2 and M2 started to play in the lifts on the island, which took them
down to the track tunnel under the island where they explored too.ook a
very short ride on the cart as niether of them could decide on which way
to go, so they ended back where they started.
F3 traveled across to the island after finally managing to get out of
the underground Death Cap cave. She started to play with the life
nearest to the sub docking area on the island (she seems to like lifts
F1, F2, M1 and M2 still have not seemed to grow that much, still in the
second stange of grouth, F3 was now at adult size (third stage of

Well, that is my Wolflings so dar. I only decided to hatch the five out
as I wanted to see what that singled out one (F3) would do when the
others pained them selves off. For some reason it seems to work that
way, one male and one female eventully find each other and pair off,
though some times I have found that two of one sex would go off
together, but not always for that long.
If any one would like a copy of any of the five norns I am using for
this experiment then please tell me and I shall send you a copy of them.
I'll keep this posted and updated when I next play it. Hopfully things
will start to get more sorted out with these, still, younglings.

Happy breeding all,
():::() Still trying to get a Norn Signature file made up...
VV-VV Still not working well...
Midnight Shadows

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