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Emily Sachs

Jan 8, 1999, 3:00:00 AM1/8/99

--Begin FAQ--

Creatures 2 FAQ: Those funky stars
Ver. 1.03

What do the stars around my creature's head mean?

If your norn is lying down with stars appearing around its head, then it's

What do you mean, it's unconscious? Why?

Your creature was deprived of ATP for too long for it to keep its organs going.
This is often due to starvation (if your creature is starving, but not yet
unconscious, it would be wise to inject it with "Liquid Food" from the Science
Kit, or Lis' Brain Friendly Food cob <http://www.shee.demon.co.uk/>), or
drowning. Some creatures, on the other hand, will appear perfectly healthy and
still have 'fainting spells'. Another common cause is a norn having too many
extra organs. All the organs use ATP, and it runs out quickly. Also, pregnant
females often pass out, at least the original Cyberlife genome ones.

Ok, so what do I do about it?

If you already have the Science Kit powerup, you can inject it with the
Defibrillant chemical. The ATP in that chemical mixture will 'wake up' your
creature. If you don't have the powerup, then one way to get it is to download
the second object pack from Cyberlife <http://www.creatures2.com> (if you don't
already have the first pack installed, get that too as it updates your Agent
Injector so it can handle the new cobs). There are also various "Power Up" cobs
available, one by Mannkind <http://www.kpweb.com/chosted/dnorn>. In addition,
you can use the "Activate Game States" function in the CheatMachine
<http://home.t-online.de/home/stefan.kuske/> (shareware program, though there is
freeware version available), or the same function in the Blueberry or Coconut
grove cheats (see Madfish’s registry edits FAQ for details.) Of course, you
could also just have a norn activate the Science Kit implement, located on the
ledge next to the incubator room (you can get there via elevator from the room
with the cheese vendor, just below the incubator room.), and the Advanced
Science Kit, located on a ledge in the volcano.

Eek! It just collapsed again!

Keep on injecting it with the Defibrillant until it stops fainting. You might
also try (if you have the Advanced Science Kit powerup) using straight ATP.
I've found that in cases of repetitive fainting like that, the best thing to do
is to give him 1 or 2 injections of Defibrillant followed by an injection of
Metabolism Transplant.

Ok, so how does fainting hurt creatures in the long run?

It damages the organs quite severely. If you look in the Science Kit, in the
Physical section, you can gauge just how much damage occurred. If, right after
a fainting spell, you look and see more than one of the organs in blinking red,
then chances are that the creature will pass out again, soon.

This is all great, but I've often got more than one or two creatures in
Albia, and they have a tendency to roam about. How can I tell if one has passed
out if I'm not watching it at the time?

Well, you could always program the Observation Kit alarms to go off if there is
not enough ATP in any of your norns, but that doesn’t help you if it's your
ettins and grendels that you’re worried about (*grumble* Cyberlife doesn't like
the other creatures). The wisest course of action is just to check on all your
creatures every minute or two. Can't help much more than that. :)

Are you done blabbering now?

Yes, quite. Hey, I don't write FAQ's for my own health, you know!

No, you write them to gain fame on alt.games.creatures.

Erm... Begone you, I have better things to do with my time!

--End FAQ--

This is taken straight from my site
<http://members.xoom.com/Emy/starsFAQ.htm>... Any comments are welcome.
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