My horrible .sig is reborn!!!!

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Feb 28, 1999, 3:00:00 AM2/28/99
Here it is- even more evil than before:)

Suzemaria, Goddess of Highlander Norns and Minion of Borland/Gyarados
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"Aye, re-welcome to insanity."- Andrew Carrol
"Hummmmm....BORING!"- My Furby
"Someone has created navens, Suzemaria, they are supposed to me annoying
creatures from the original genome and have been altered to be even more

pathetic..."- LdyMagic33
"Can I throw sausages at it?"- PMN Breeder
"Get a life. It's just the internet. You're nothing more than the
second coming of a loser."- Wafuru
"I think that that wasn't a useless posting, I think people should be
allowed to
post that, if they're allowed to post about their hamsters
birthday........"- Mad4Petz
"I downloaded all the patches and she insists that if she slams into
enough she'll be able to eat."- Keith
"What a funny world we live in."- SnornL
"I thought this said 'I breathe Dogz3,Creatures,and Creatures 2'. I
thought 'Gee,that must be painful.'"- Nornina
"Eat my wake, you Norn-breeding turds!....Whoops, just beat my own
record."- MB
Dead Creatures to Remember-
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Mar 1, 1999, 3:00:00 AM3/1/99
Suzemaria <> wrote:

>Here it is- even more evil than before:)
>Suzemaria, Goddess of Highlander Norns and Minion of Borland/Gyarados


pshaw, and there are even bigger sigs lurking around here too, waiting
for this chance...uh-oh...<g.

Another thought revoking message from your friendly neighborhood spider...

er.....wait...that's Peter Parker.....oh well, here's something from

Das (pronounced DOS) of NORN

other aliases: Das le' `chaz, MechaDas, Das_Albia, SM-Angel-Das, Das treq',Admiral Meepy
annoying petnames: Dassypooh, Dassy, Dassie, DoilyDude, Dassydoodle, <insert another annoying name here>
former aol listings, may they burn with Netscape: Das Shivan, DEMO101, Das Gly, FF Cait

Admiral Meepy of the Weeble Pirating organization

regional Pyromania director within NORN collective
"bringing new ways to set objects aflame"


Master of the sacred Hiss and Bite Technique

To reply remove binky

"at base, science is no more than an investigation
miracle we can never explain, and art is an interpetation
of that miracle" -Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronciles

"A woman can pour hot wax on her legs and rip out the
hair but still be afraid of a spider" -Jerry Seinfeld, Sein Language

"Why be positive when being negative is so much easier?" -Das (hey, that's ME!!)

"And here's what <insert name> sez, with a mouth full of PEZ!" - Jason Westman :)

"lol" - anyone who's ever been within 20 feet of a computer (or a mac <G>)

"where's my pants?" - anyone that's been through college (also myself after being at home for 2 weeks)

"if ignorance is bliss then maybe humans are the holy ones" - another one from my thought vaults

"Never eat anything bigger than your head" - Max Jerome

"I refuse be quoted in a Sig" - AntiNorn

"Stupid people are a drag on society. Intelligent people should rule the world. All idiots
should be forced into hard physical labor or be executed, while Intelligence supervises to make sure
they're doing it correctly. Welcome to the economics." - Book of Das, Chapter 4, Section 1

"32 bit performance, as opposed to 32 emulated on 16 bit platform, for an 8 bit patch,based on a 4 bit processor, built by a 2 bit company, who cant stand for 1 bit of competition." - Jason Moran, aka Tetsyck, comparing WinNT and Win95/98

"The new and improved CDN, it makes your blackers black, your whiters white, costs less, has a great taste AND is less filling, it slices, it dices, it Catches fish! That's right, it's the Creatures Developers Network!!" - Lisa de Araujo, marketing shark

"I want a pony, either lavender or periwinkle, and I also wish for a cookie" - more Das

"I am perfect, your perception is flawed" - Das's ego.

"if this is evolution, I think I'll go back to a chimp" - wow, I do like to ramble.

note: I neither know nor care about any typo I amke, please do nto bother me about thme.

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