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Odd thing appearing

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Dec 22, 2023, 5:57:47 AM12/22/23
I started having Creatures3/DS run on my computer again. It's nice
having a computer where I can just let the game run in the background
while I play other games.
Anyway, I mostly am doing a feral run right now, intervening only very
rarely, because I want to see a specific trait spread through the
population. So far it hasn't really because the population in the Norn
Meso and the one that settled in the Jungle barely interact.
The Jungle ones are Nimbus norns that for some reason really like the
place. And then all of a sudden, 10 generations in, I find a blue
Gargoyle Norn lurking in the Jungle.
Now I have the files installed, but I didn't add any gargoyles. Could it
be this one came from an egg from the grendel mother? According to the
Creatures wiki the Gargoyle norns use one of the Geat slots, can it be
that the grendel mother just lays eggs from whatever grendel or geat
slot it can find? I already noticed it was cycling through my grendel
breeds, multiple angler grendels died before I figured out that it kept
producing aquatic eggs.
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