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Emily Sachs

Jun 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/24/99

-- Start FAQ --

Creatures 2 FAQ: Splicing mishaps
Ver. 1.03

So you've come to that wonderful point in your C2 playing life when you got so
sick of your norns you just want to dump them in the splicer and forget them
(hey, we've all been there).

Where on earth *is* the stupid splicer, and how do I get my creatures

Well, it's not really on earth, you know, it's in Albia. And it's right below
the airlock area. As for getting there, there is a “leftright” mover which
takes your norn there from the Control room, or you could use the teleporters.

My creatures are too stubbourn. Is there any other way to get them

You could always use the Blueberry or Coconut Grove cheats to pick up norns, or
get Cuff Droppin’s cob to make the push hand pick up norns
<http://members.tripod.com/~MadameMim/Cuff_Droppin.html>. JayD also made a cob
which transports norns to the splicer, which can be found at his site,
<http://underworld.fortunecity.com/retro/274/>. There's also the time honoured
technique of waiting for your norns to drown, and then picking them up and
bringing them to the splicer.

I've got two creatures in the splicer room; what do I do now?

For starters, you should get them locked in the cages (press the little green
button while a creature is standing there). Then press the button to the left
of both of the cages to start the splicer.

Ummm... I'm getting a message saying that the splicer isn't powered up?

Oh yes, that... Go up to the control room, and click on the machine on the left
until a message box comes up that says the splicer is powered up. Then go back
and splice your creatures.

EEK! You didn't tell me the creatures would die! *sniff*

Didn't I? Oopsy... Well, they don't have to die. Cuff Droppin (see URL above)
also made a cob that makes the splicer deathless.

Where does the egg come out?

The eggs from the splicer come out between the dog house and the door to the
volcano (where the ettin eggs hatch, too). Note on the eggs: DO NOT TOUCH
THEM. Eggs from the splicer cannot be picked up, and if you try to touch them,
they will freeze, never hatching, always just taking up space in Albia. It's
rather annoying, I assure you.

What can I do if I accidentally touch my eggs? I mean, I want that

Well, the egg is a lost cause, you'll have to deal with that. Detailed
instructions on how to get the creatures within the egg can be found at xOtix’s
Creatures 2 FAQ site (now part of Ali's Creatures Newbie Resource
<http://welcome.to/creatures.newbies>) (see 'Unhatching egg').

Why did it die right after hatching?

Splicing has a tendency to create lots of mutations, most unfavorable to life.
Many splicing results will have too many or too few organs, and stuff like that.

Is that all?

So far as I can tell, yes.

Sheesh, this even more boring than the first FAQ!

Grrrrr... Ungrateful little snot!

-- End FAQ --

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