Homosexuals and Child Molestation

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Kevin A. Cannon

Aug 7, 2017, 4:00:39 AM8/7/17
There is a saying the goes “There are lies. There are damned
lies. And there are statistics.” The point is that people can
use numbers to advance a point when, the real facts support a
different conclusion altogether. To illustrate this principle in
action consider the claim of virtually all homosexual advocacy
groups when defending themselves against the charge that there
is a link between homosexual behavior and child molestation.
Here is how they wage their defense.

Homosexual activists routinely claim that most child molesters
are “heterosexual” males. Now this is a real statistical fact.
But does it reflect a reliable truth. Since the overwhelming
percentage of the population (98-99% according to the National
Opinion Research Center) is heterosexual it is only logical that
they would commit the highest number of molestations. However, a
true examination of the facts indicate that homosexuals pose a
far more serious threat to children than do heterosexuals.

For example: Dr. Stephen Rubin of Whitman College conducted a
ten-state study of sex abuse cases involving school teachers.
The study involved 199 cases. Of those, 122 male teachers had
molested girls, while 14 female teachers had molested boys. He
also discovered that 59 homosexual male teachers had molested
boys and four female homosexual teachers had molested girls. In
other words, 32 percent of those child molestation cases
involved homosexuals. Nearly a third of these cases come from
only 1-2% of the population.

In her book, Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences, Dr. Judith Reisman
describes a very telling study involving molestation rates of
self-confessed sexual predators. The study compared the
molestation rates of self-confessed homosexual and heterosexual
child molesters. In a sample of 153 homosexual molesters, they
confessed to a total of 22,981 molestations. This is equivalent
to 150 children per molester. Self-admitted heterosexual
molesters admitted to 4,435 molestations. This comes to 19.8
victims per molester. One prominent researcher concluded that
homosexuals “sexually molest young boys at an incidence that is
occurring at five times greater than that committed by
heterosexual predators.

This high rate of molestations by homosexuals is consistent with
other studies conducted during the past several decades. Here
are just a few studies that show homosexuals molesting children
at epidemic rates:

The Los Angeles Times conducted a survey in 1985 of 2,628 adults
across the U.S. Of those, 27% of the women and 16% of the men
had been sexually molested. Seven percent of the girls and 93%
of the men had been molested by adults of the same sex. This
means that 40% of child molestations were by homosexuals. (Los
Angeles Times, August 25-6, 1985)

In 1984, a Vermont survey of 161 adolescents who were sex
offenders found that 35 of them (22%) were homosexuals.
(Wasserman, J., “Adolescent Sex Offenders—Vermont, 1984” Journal
American Medical Association, 1986; 255:181-2)

In 1991, of the 100 child molesters at the Massachusetts
Treatment Center for Sexually Dangerous Persons, a third were
heterosexual, a third were bisexual, and a third were
homosexual. (Dr. Raymond Knight, “Differential Prevalence of
Personality Disorders in Rapists and Child Molesters,” Eastern
Psychological Association Conference, New York, April 12, 1991)

In 2000 Drs. Freund and Heasman of the Clark Institute of
Psychiatry in Toronto reviewed two studies on child molesters
and calculated that 34% and 32% of the sex offenders were
homosexual. In cases these doctors had handled, 36% of the
molesters were homosexuals. (Freund, K. “Pedophilia and
Heterosexuality vs. Homosexuality,” Journal of Sex & Marital
Therapy, 1984; 10:193-200

The point to this is that while homosexual advocacy
organizations claim the greater risk of child molestation comes
from heterosexuals, the statistics indicate that as a percent of
the population the risk of being molested by a homosexual is
remarkably higher. While homosexuals comprise only 1-2% of the
population, they are responsible for one third of all child

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