Paranormal Activity or Government Social Engineering

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Jan 26, 2010, 9:49:47 PM1/26/10
Paranormal Activity or Government Social Engineering

The blockbuster movie which cost little to make but made millions of
dollars in profits was based on a true story but what most people
don’t know is that what the people in the movie actually experienced
was the result of a domestic covert operation by the secret United
States government. Eighty percent of what was depicted in the movie as
supernatural events is actually the result of people being attacked in
their home by classified sonic non-lethal harassment technology. The
other twenty percent of the events are likely fabricated to make the
movie more entertaining to the audience.

Several decades ago, a secret element of the United States government
began testing and using classified sonic harassment technology on
selected citizens in America. Dozens of families and individuals were
placed under surveillance each year to selects a few candidates to use
the technology against. Once a family or individual is selected secret
government agents will move classified harassment technology into a
neighboring house to the targeted family or individual.

The classified sonic harassment technology uses sonic lasers that can
be used to attack people through walls of their home. Sound
(ultrasonic and infrasonic) that can’t be heard or seen can be
directed like a light laser. A single person in a house can be singled
out and attacked with this harassment technology.

The sonic lasers will easily pass through walls of a house without
causing any physical damage to the house. It can be used to attack a
person in a house and not leave any physical evidence of the attack.

The secret government also has classified surveillance technology that
can electronically see and hear through the walls of a house. From
inside a neighboring house, government agents can use the surveillance
technology to see and hear through the walls of the targeted person’s
home. All the targeted person’s movements and spoken words can be
monitored and recorded from inside a neighboring house.

The classified surveillance technology uses the body heat of the human
body to generate detailed images of a person behind a wall. The
technology is also sensitive enough to hear a person breathing through
a wall. The surveillance technology is operated from inside a
neighboring house to a targeted household. The surveillance technology
will allow complete 24 hour a day surveillance of the targeted
household. No evidence of the surveillance is possible outside the
surveillance house. The targeted household will never know they are
under surveillance. There is currently no detection equipment for a
citizen to purchase to detect the secret government’s classified

The classified surveillance technology is portable enough to be easily
moved into and out of the house used to conduct the surveillance. The
surveillance technology can be concealed in boxes and furniture.

The surveillance technology is the same type of classified
surveillance technology used for foreign espionage. It was developed
to protect the national security of the United States. It is also
being used for domestic covert operations against the American

The classified surveillance technology has been incorporated into a
through-wall targeting scope that can be used to target the classified
sonic harassment technology. Basically the targeting scope will allow
government agents to find and target a person through the walls of his
house and attack him with sonic harassment technology.

The secret government has spent millions of dollars over the last
several decades developing and testing the classified technology. The
sonic harassment technology has been used to trick many people over
the last several decades into believing their house is haunted.

The government agents rent or lease a house (surveillance house) near
a targeted individual or family. The agents move the classified
surveillance technology into the surveillance house to begin the
surveillance part of the operation against the targeted individual or

The surveillance operation against the family could last for a month
or up to a year. The government agents may abort the operation against
the family or individual should the agents decide that they are the
wrong candidate for the next part of the operation. If the operation
is aborted, the family or individual will simply go on with their

If the family or individual is chosen, the next part of the operation
will be that attack stage of the operation and will involve tricking
the family or individual into believing their house is haunted.

The process of deciding whether to go forward with the attack stage is
a complex decision done by specialist members of the secret government
who analyze the surveillance information gathered from the period of
surveillance against the targeted household. These specialist members
are people who have vast knowledge of psychology and are usually
prominent psychiatrists. A person’s religious beliefs, mental state,
and physical appearance are all factors in deciding if the attack
stage should go forward. The right individual or family must be chosen
to become the next haunted house victim(s).

Once the attack stage begins against the family or individual, sonic
harassment technology will be used to attack a single person or
multiple people through the walls of their home.

Classified sonic harassment technology can create eighty percent of
the paranormal events depicted in the movie Paranormal Activity. The
following are some of the symptoms or experiences artificially created
by the secret government’s classified sonic harassment technology.

1. Rumbling noises heard by occupant(s) of a household.
2. Voices or strange noises heard by one or more persons in a
3. Open doors or other objects slowly move unexplainably.
4. A person(s) has bad dreams or nightmares at night sometimes at the
same time each night.
5. A person (in bed usually) may experience jolts to limbs or fingers.
6. Strange sensations such as feeling the presence of a sprit.
7. The sensation of a bed moving at night.
8. A person(s) is awoken at the same time each night by unexplainable
9. Burning or numb sensations in the legs.
10. Sleep depravation.

Sonic harassment technology can produce the symptoms mentioned above.
A person in his home can be singled out and attacked by this
technology. The technology is easily mistaken for what people claim
are paranormal events.

The secret American government has been using the classified sonic
harassment technology against innocent American citizens for decades.
The people targeted honestly believe they have experienced a
supernatural event but have actually misinterpreted what they have

People targeted may spend the remainder of their lives chasing after
things that don’t exist. These people may sell everything they own and
go on some religious crusade. They may event go to their graves
believing what they experienced was real.

The secret United States government has been in the business of social
engineering for a very long time. For the last several decades the
secret government has been using sonic harassment technology against
selected people in American society to convince them that they are a
victim of a haunted house. The people targeted honest believe what
they experienced was real. The targeted people inform other people of
their experience by writing books and creating websites and the
legends spread. Movies are created and the haunted house stories
become part of the American culture.

Movies such as “Paranormal Activity”, “Amityville Horror”, and “The
Entity” while based on true stories may actually be based on secret
government propaganda. The victims of the haunted houses, writers,
movie producers and directors are innocent pawns in the United States
secret government’s propaganda machine. The United States does have a
secret government and a secret police force, similar in ways to the
KGB of the former Soviet Union. America’s secret government and secret
police force just do things a little different than their KGB

If Americans were to discover that the most popular legends of haunted
houses and other strange occurrences, such as UFOs, were simply hoaxes
orchestrated by a secret government for the purpose of social
engineering, there could be an uprising in the United States.

Many innocent American citizens have paid a high price in the
government’s social engineering agenda. Years of their lives lost
chasing after things that don’t exist, lives ruined, and lives lost.

The American people have been so well programmed by the secret United
States government over the decades, it may be impossible to deprogram
them. Most Americans believe the government covers up and hide these
extraordinary events but the truth is the government covers up the
fact that a secret element of the United States government created
hoaxes over the decades which led to the creation of most of the
extraordinary legends Americans know of. The secret American
government would rather have its domestic enemies chasing after things
that don’t exist rather than things that do exist.

The secret government uses a technique of using its domestic enemies
to do its own dirty work. It all starts where secret government agents
convince a few of its domestic enemies that an extraordinary event has
occurred. Then the secret government agents just sits back and watch
the few domestic enemies convince other domestic enemies of the
extraordinary event. This produces a snowball effect where soon so
many people believe the hoax is true that nothing can change their
mind. An example of this is the movie Paranormal Activity.

Secret government agents masquerade as paranormal investigators to
help further the hoax. These government agents will do everything to
spread phony paranormal information and convince anyone that will
listen that these extraordinary events do occur.

Innocent American citizens believing they are exposing the
government’s cover up spend years of their life trying to expose
things that don’t’ exist. The secret government looks upon this as a
dog chasing its tail.

A vast majority of the hoaxes are perpetrated on mentally ill people.
The secret United States government has been conducting a covert
domestic war against the mentally ill.

This is how the secret American government has manipulated the
American people over the decades. The secret government has been
around for a very long time but over the last several decades with the
advances in technology, it has become an out of control entity that
operates above the law and will go after anyone who opposes its
agenda. The secret government knows how to use the Internet, movies,
TV, and news media to further its agenda.

To learn more of the United States secret government, please read the
website listed below.

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