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Secret Police Fighting America’s Second Civil War

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May 10, 2010, 9:52:10 PM5/10/10
Secret Police Fighting America’s Second Civil War


Disclaimer: This website must be presented as fiction. What is
described on this website could never occur in America. Anyone stating
otherwise can be publicly discredited, imprisoned, institutionalized,
forcibly medicated, or murdered.

America has always had a secret government. The secret government
consists of prominent and powerful American citizens. They are a think-
tank that study American society and make long term decisions on what
direction America should go. They are the social architects or social
engineers of America. Their decisions will shape and guide America for
decades to come. They are tasked with developing a secret domestic
social agenda.

The secret government controls a secret police force that that
conducts domestic covert operations to implement the secret
government’s secret agenda. This secret police force has for the last
several decades been implementing a pro-desegregation, anti-mentally
ill, and anti-organized crime and anti-gang agenda. The secret
government and domestic American secret police force has liberalized
over the decades, gone are the segregationist. They are now multi-

The secret police force has been given access to classified
surveillance technology and classified non-lethal weapons, and
unlimited funding to implement the secret government’s domestic
The domestic agenda is the following:

1. Desegregation of American communities.
2. Stronger laws enacted against the mentally ill.
3. Fight organized crime and gangs.

The classified surveillance technology provided to this secret police
force is technology that can electronically hear and see through walls
of a house or building. The technology is portable and can be easily
moved into a house, apartment, or business suite.

The surveillance technology is sensitive enough to hear a person
breathing through a wall. The technology can also see through walls.
Detailed video images of a person through a wall can be used to
maintain video surveillance of a person in a house, apartment, or
building. The technology generates great detail of a person behind a
wall, enough detail to identify a person in a room with more than one
person in that room.

Complete audio and video surveillance of a targeted person in a room
through walls can be achieved by this domestic secret police force.
The technology can’t be detected by the person(s) under surveillance.
There are no detection devices available to the public to indicate
that this technology is being used against a person.

The surveillance technology can see through wood, stone, brick,
plastic, and thin metals. Very thick metals block the video
surveillance. Metals of around quarter inch thick or greater will
block it. There is typically nowhere in a conventional house that this
technology can’t maintain video surveillance of a person.

The surveillance technology uses the body heat of a person to see him
through a wall. Since the technology relies on the energy given off by
the human body to generate an image of that person through a wall, the
technology can’t be detected by detection equipment.

Millions of dollars have be spent by the secret government developing
this classified surveillance technology. A person targeted by this
secret police force will be at an incredible disadvantage.

When a person is targeted for surveillance, agents of the secret
government will move into a house, apartment, or building as close to
the targeted person’s residence as possible. If a house is used for
the surveillance, agents will move the classified surveillance
technology into the house to begin the surveillance against the
targeted person.

All the surveillance technology is operated from inside the house used
for surveillance. No visual evidence from outside the house of the
surveillance is possible. To anyone passing by there will be nothing
out of the ordinary. The targeted person will never know he is under
surveillance. No one has to enter the targeted person’s house to place
listening devices because the classified technology can electronically
hear and see right through the walls.

The American secret police force over the decades has been engaged in
social engineering. Basically the secret police covertly influence,
shape, and change the way Americans think. The secret American
government has secretly developed classified sonic harassment
technology over the decades that can be used to harass, manipulate,
and torture people through the walls of a house, apartment, or

Simply put the secret government has invented the sonic laser. Similar
to a light laser, a sonic laser is a device that directs sound in one
direction. It’s like a beam of sound. The sound can be ultrasonic
(above the human hearing range), infrasonic (below the hearing range),
or audible (within the human hearing range).

The sonic weapon can direct a focused beam of sound in one direction
to attack a single person in a room of a house. The beam of sound can
easily pass through air, wood, stone, brick, and metal with ease. The
only thing the beam of sound cannot travel through is a vacuum (no
air). A barrier with a vacuum inside is the only thing that this beam
of sound cannot pass through.

The sonic weapons that the American government developed can be used
to attack a person in a room of a house and not leave any physical
evidence of the attack. No physical evidence of the attack will remain
after the attack. No damage to the walls of the house or physical
marks left on the person attacked will remain.

The weapon is the perfect weapon for the secret police force because a
person attacked by the technology can’t prove the attack occurred and
anyone claiming to be a victim of the attack will be viewed as being
mentally ill. If a person can’t prove that this technology is being
used against him, then in the eyes of the law, it’s not being used
against him.

A person attacked by sonic weapons will typically complain of the

1. Jolts to limbs of the body.
2. Burning sensations in parts of the body, mainly the legs.
3. Numb sensations near the top areas of the head.
4. High pitched ringing of the ears or severe ear ache.
5. Hearing strange noises or voices no one else can hear.
6. Strange dreams or nightmares.
7. Sleep depravation caused by the above symptoms.

The secret government has also spent millions of dollars developing
this technology. It was developed by the secret government as a means
of achieving social engineering.

A secret element of the American government is tasked with social
engineering. The secret government is working to achieve a utopian
society of tomorrow. Communities will be completely desegregated, the
mentally ill will be forcibly medicated and monitored, organized crime
and gangs will be eliminated.

In order to achieve the goal of a utopian society the secret American
government has be engaged in social engineering over the last several
decades. Basically the American people have been influenced through
the news media, TV shows, and movies.

The secret government uses a technique of creating hoaxes or tragedy
in order to change the way Americans think. Most Americans will be
shocked to learn that the most know modern legends, myths, and
conspiracies were created or manufactured by the secret government of
the United States. The secret government artificially created or
manufactured the event to influence the American people. These
manufactured events are modern haunted house stories, UFOs, mind
control conspiracies, and other wild conspiracies.

The secret government uses a technique of using a small segment of its
domestic enemies to destroy a large number of its domestic enemies. If
the secret government can completely convince a few of its domestic
enemies that an incredible event has occurred, then the secret
government can sit back and allow those domestic enemies to do all the
work and convince the other of the secret government domestic enemies
that the event really occurred.

In reality the extraordinary event never occurred, it was artificially
manufactured by the secret government agents but effort done to
convince a few of the event occurred has now cascaded into a
significantly number of the secret government’s domestic enemies
chasing after something that never occurred. Like a dog chasing its
own tail.

The secret government sits back and laughs and admires what it has
achieved. Its domestic enemies are busy chasing after things that
don’t exist. The secret government would rather have its domestic
enemies chasing after things that don’t exist than chasing after
things that do exist.

This is a very powerful technique used by the secret American
government to control and manipulate its domestic enemies.
Manipulating its domestic enemies into devoting a significant portion
of their lives chasing after things that don’t exist is an incredible
resource most effectively utilized by the secret government.

The American people are entertained and run to the movie theater to
see movies of haunted houses, UFOs, and other conspiracies. Only a
very few know the actually truth that these extraordinary events
depicted in these movies have all been orchestrated hoaxes by very
powerful people in the secret American government involved in social
engineering of the American people.

The most famous haunted house story is the Amityville Horror Story.
Most Americans are familiar with the blockbuster movie that depicts a
family haunted by an evil supernatural force in their home in

But what Americans don’t know is that classified sonic harassment
technology was used against the family to trick the family into
believing their house was haunted. Agents of the secret government
moved into a neighboring house and used the classified technology to
trick an innocent family into believing their house was haunted.

Innocent families and people are placed under surveillance each year
by the American secret police looking for the next family or person
that can be tricked into believing their house is haunted. The entire
occupants of a house are targeted for surveillance and can be placed
under complete surveillance with this classified surveillance
technology that can see and hear through walls.

The secret police are searching for a family that can be easily
tricked into believing their house is haunted. In addition, other
characteristics the secret police are looking for are physical
appearance and possible history of mental illness. This will allow the
next family or person coming forward on TV or in the news media with a
haunted house story to be easily stereotyped as being mentally ill by
the American people.

The sonic harassment technology in addition to tricking people into
believing their house is haunted can be used to trick a mother into
believing that she is speaking directly to God. A mother claiming that
she received instructions from God to kill her children is easily
accomplished with this classified sonic harassment technology. Secret
police living in a neighboring house to the targeted mother can use
the technology against the mother and trick her into killing her
children. The targeted mother will be carefully screened by the
surveillance conducted by the agents before being selected to have the
sonic technology used against her. Usually a mother with a history of
mental illness is selected.

The classified sonic harassment technology can be used to attack a
single person in a house with more than one person in it. The through
wall imaging technology has been incorporated into a targeting scope
that can with great precession find and target a person behind walls
of a house. The sonic weapon is fired from inside a neighboring house
to the targeted person and no physical damage is done to either house.
The targeted person can be singled out and attacked at any time. No
one else in the house will feel a thing, only the targeted person.

Basically the secret government is attempting to define the mentally
ill in the minds of the American people. By artificially creating
these haunted house stories and tragic events over the decades, the
secret government has been carefully creating in the minds of the
American people that mentally ill people are dangerous and should be
supervised and monitored and medicated. One part of the secret
government’s agenda is to convince the American people that stronger
laws are necessary to protect the general public from the mentally
ill. Laws requiring forced medication of the mentally ill are being
passed in states affected by tragic events of mentally ill people
committing serious crimes. What the pubic doesn’t understand is a very
strong possibility that the tragic events that the mentally ill
committed are the result of sonic harassment technology being used
against them by agents of the secret government. It is very likely
that these mentally ill people were victims of a secret government
social engineering operation that has been on going for decades. The
big secret is that military classified sonic harassment technology has
been used against the secret government’s domestic enemies.

The secret government wants strong laws enacted by states for the
forced medication and monitoring of the mentally ill. And eventually
the secret government will attempt to have federal laws enacted to
guarantee that a mentally ill person cannot simple move to another
state to avoid state laws for the mentally ill. This forced medication
of the mentally ill can be used by the secret government to eliminate
its domestic enemies. Anyone who opposes the secret government’s
domestic agenda will be considered mentally ill and can be forced into
the mental health system and forcibly drugged to eliminate the threat
to the government. The secret government can use this tactic to avoid
the rise of a person who could influence the masses of American people
and become a threat.

The secret government has used the news media, TV, and movies to
spread its propaganda. Movie writers and producers have been
manipulated into unknowingly spreading the propaganda. Movies of
haunted houses, UFOs, and other wild conspiracies resulting from the
secret government manufactured hoaxes and tragedy over the last
several decades. Movies like the Amityville Horror, the Entity,
Poltergeist, Close Encounters, and other wild supernatural and
conspiracy movies were based on hoaxes and tragedy manufactured by the
secret government for the purpose of social engineering. Have
Americans been “Taken” aboard a mother ship orbiting above? No, the
American people have been taken for a ride down Propaganda Lane and
Disinformation Street by the secret United States government for the
last several decades.

These movies based on hoaxes created by the secret government serve
many of the secret government’s agenda goals. They distract and
entertain the masses of American citizens. They spark the imagination
of millions of American citizens who want to believe in conspiracies,
UFOs, Aliens from another planet, ghosts, and haunted houses.
Americans love these movies and want it to be true. To the secret
government’s domestic enemies, these movies become a life long
obsession. These people spend large portion of their lives chasing
after things that don’t exist. They spread the propaganda and draw
more of the secret government’s domestic enemies into the secret
government’s big lie. The big conspiracy here is not that government
is hiding the existence of UFOs but rather the secret government
created the hoaxes that led to today’s modern UFO conspiracies and
haunted house stories. The secret government wants to distract the
American people with these orchestrated hoaxes so they can work behind
the scene implementing its secret agenda. Just as a child grows up and
discovers there is not such thing as Santa Clause, the American people
will have to discover that they have been manipulated over the last
several decades into believing in things that don’t exist.

The other significant part of the secret government agenda is the
desegregation of communities across America. Agents of the secret
government are equipped with classified surveillance technology so
they can go after people, politicians, groups, real estate companies,
or any group or individual that is putting up roadblocks to minorities
living in neighborhood communities. These government agents basically
give minorities a seat at the table in housing and other areas in
society. They are the powerbroker for the minority. They guarantee
that communities will be desegregated and people who block such
desegregation will be dealt with accordingly. The United States
government has desegregated the military, workplace, schools, and has
been covertly working behind the scene to desegregate American
communities by means of covert domestic operations

Secret government agents infiltrate white communities to begin the
desegregation process. This process could take years or a decade
depending on how entrenched the community is. Agents with the
classified technology move into the community posing as community
members. These agents are equipped with classified surveillance
technology that is operated from inside their houses. The agents will
conduct covert surveillance of the community members looking for the
people who are the power structure of the community. The first agents
moving into the neighborhood will typically be the same race as the
community members so no suspicions are generated or cause for the
community members to think anything but they have new friendly
community members.

The community members will never know that secret government has moved
into their community to begin a covert desegregation process. The
agents will make friends with the community members and seek out
members of the community who are keeping the community segregated.
What these community members may never know is that one of their best
friends could be a secret government agent covertly working to bring
them down. This is a very powerful tool used by the secret government.
It’s very similar to foreign espionage, where spies from the United
States infiltrate hostile foreign governments. This can be thought of
as domestic espionage, where the United States government covertly
goes after its domestic enemies in an attempt to bring them down.

These members of the community will be targeted by the government
agents living in the community. Over the years, these members of the
community may be setup and brought down by the covert operations. The
agents will typically conduct complete surveillance of these community
members seeking anything that can be used against them.
At some time in the covert operation, a minority family who are also
government agents will be moved into the segregated community as a
means of forcing desegregation. The minority family will not be
equipped with surveillance technology but other agents in the
community will conduct surveillance of community members who might act
against the newly arriving members of the community.

If members of the community somehow act against the minority
residence, the agents will have advance warning that a plot is being
developed to somehow intimidate the family. Typically the agents will
use a Candid Camera method of catching the hostile act towards
minority members of a community. An ordinary video camera will be
setup in a place to catch the hostile act against the minority family.
A video of white community members somehow damaging a minority
community member’s house is worth its weight in gold to the secret
government agents. This video can further be used in the social
engineering operation. News media showing this video across America is
a huge deterrent to other white community members considering such
actions in the future. Social engineering over the decades has made it
a career ending and life destroying stigma for a white person to be
labeled a racist so a video such as this can be used to its fullest

For several decades, the secret government has been studying the white
population’s tactics and tricks for denying minorities their right to
live where they wish and the secret government has developed
strategies and methods to overcome these obstacles. Anyone who stands
in the way of the secret American government’s domestic agenda will
find the resources of the government covertly used against them. These
agents need no warrant to conduct operations in a community. The
secret government gives them the power to operate above the law. They
are truly untouchable because local, state, and federal law
enforcement will not interfere with them. They simply don’t exist in
the eyes of the law and there is no way to prove otherwise.

These secret government agents act as social police. Areas that have
high level of racial tension can have the secret police move into the
neighborhood to covertly look for solutions to solving the racial

America’s racial tensions peeked in the 60’s and 70’s with the fight
for civil rights. If the United State’s government were to have used
the actually military decades ago to forcibly desegregate American
white communities, it could have torn the country apart and sparked a
civil war. Instead, the secret government concluded that the problem
of racial division in America could only be solved with social
engineering. This social engineering would take decades to achieve its
objectives. The old policies of the government to segregate or confine
minorities in projects was phased out and covert operations were
conducted to go after people who were resisting efforts to move
minorities out of confined project type living conditions and into
suburban communities. Public officials, politicians, law enforcement
officials, real estate companies, and any citizen who stood in the way
of desegregation would be placed under covert surveillance and
eventually brought down by covert actions.

There has also been a covert domestic operation against organized
crime and gangs over the decades. The American government didn’t win
the battle against organized crime by conventional law enforcement
methods. Classified technology was used by the secret government that
its domestic enemies have no access to. The ability to see and hear
through walls has been a tremendous advantage to the secret government
in changing and shaping America.

Over the decades, has democracy survived on its own in America or is
there something else that can’t be seen by the ordinary citizen
secretly working behind the scene?

The secret government has been conducting covert domestic operations
inside the United States to implement its agenda. The secret
government has sacrificed the lives of a few American citizens to
advance its agenda for the masses. The secret government has been
fighting America’s second civil war. This war has been fought not with
bullets or bombs but with classified technology. The secret
government’s quest to build the utopian society of tomorrow has had
its share of casualties. Perhaps some day in the future the public can
be told the truth of this decades old second civil war to shape
America. Perhaps a monument (maybe a wall) can be built to honor the
casualties but for now the American public can go on believing in
haunted houses, UFOs, and the other hoaxes and tragedies created by
the ongoing covert domestic war.
America does have its version of the former Soviet Union’s KGB.
America’s version of the KGB simply does things a little differently
than its former Soviet counterpart. Disinformation and propaganda are
critical elements in controlling a population.

To learn more of the United States secret government, please read the
website listed below.

Please post this information in other newsgroups and lists.


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