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Faycal Ber

Apr 10, 2015, 11:27:42 AM4/10/15
if anyone had told me about SFI earlier, I would have joined instantly. The business knowledge offered by SFI cannot be compared to any other PROGRAM. It is a one-stop shop if you are looking to START YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Joining it has changed my OUTLOOK!

I am so happy I found SFI. If you are LOOKING FOR a way to create RESIDUAL INCOME, SFI is fun and the most cost-effective HOME-BASED BUSINESS. They do what they say they will do. SFI is the ONE to get involved with. GET PAID for playing on the INTERNET. DO IT TODAY.

SFI is more than a MLM (MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING) platform. Every day, I visit the site, read all articles, perform all due tasks and watch my VPs grow. It is so organized! It has changed MY ONLINE BUSINESS. I love it!

With no internet experience, and no MONEY, after losing my JOB, I joined SFI...After finishing the LaunchPad Lessons of 30 days, I made a pledge to myself to give it a year. After a few months, things STARTED exploding! I went from a few affiliates on my team to hundreds! SFI is a great choice for anyone seeking a second INCOME that could become a primary INCOME and give you the freedom to "fire the boss"! Read more
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