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Mike Restivo

Jul 17, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/17/99
1 More Masonic Deception
Fri, 02 Oct 1998 15:01:46 -0400
Mike Restivo <mtro...@REMOVETHISPARTpathcom.com>

Re: False Prophet Exposed
Author: Ed King
Email: edk...@mint.net
Date: 1998/09/27
Forums: alt.freemasonry

E.L.K<<In article <6ukr26$kn7$1...@newsmaster.pathcom.com>, Mike Restivo

AND, incidentally, did a VERY poor job of quotes and attributions,
almost as
if it were designed to confuse the reader. This apparent attempt at
will be corrected by this response.>>

I usually add the initials of the correspondents to each citation. Any
omissions is an oversight on my part. There is no deceit involved save
you rant of lies. You are doing a very poor job of telling the Truth in
the consistent manner of your hate propaganda against me. When I ommit
to add, I being one of the few, if not the only one to consistently and
additionally add the initials of the correspondents, to avoid
misinterpretation, you call it deceit. The adding of the initials of
each correspondent was a practice I used on Compuserve for over two
years. What about the other posters in this newsgroup, including
Masons, who according to you, are also, deceitful. So you admit to
being anti-Mason by your logic. You are a desperate and pathetic fool,
who will mock even Freemasons' posting styles for the purposes of his
hate against me.

E.L.K.<<This is part one of three in order that ISP rules regarding
length will be

> M.R.<<> It is obvious that I was, am and will, speak on the plane of
> thought, not physical violence.>>
> E.L.K<<So "kick butt" must mean "writing strong words", eh? Thanks for that
> clarification. I suspect that the allusion escaped most readers.>>

> M.R.<<Your contempt for the level of literacy of alt.freemasonry readers is noted.
> I have a higher opinion o f them than you do.>>

E.L.K.<<No. I believe that you have made a statement and when challenged
attempt to
refute the apparently unanticipated response by a claim that only you
have the
right to define the meaning of your words, common conception be

What you believe varies with the time of day and the temperature of your
hate. You low level of comprehension is not the standard of common
literacy that obtains in the real world. Neither I nor the rest of the
world will degrade communications to the low level of your demands,
which change like a weather vane in a preposterous game of personal hate
against me. You may wish to debase the English language by removing the
use of literary allusions, metaphors, euphemisms and the like, but
fortunately your language fascism is a mere pitiful example of your
desperation than of common English usage.

E.L.K.<<This is a regular strategy of yours but in real life, it does
not work.
"...kick butt...." is commonly accepted as a physical act.>>

Only in your two dimensional and hate-filled mind, devoid of
appreciation of English, and determined to debase its use. You can take
your anti-English rant back to the chilrens' playground from when it
came. You can abuse and degrade the English language into whatever you
feel like twisting it into at the time, but I will not descend into the
utter stupidity of your rant. I've rubbed your nose in it now as an
anti-English fanatic. That sentence must be incomprehensible to your
pretended ignorance. It is amazing that you understood even more
cryptic English stylism that I have abundantly used in the past, but
fixate on your sorry cause of debasing English into a literalist form
fit for simpletons.

E.L.K.<<Theoretically, if
one knew you personally, one might thing, 'Why that wooze wouldn't be
able to
kick *anything* so he's obviously talking about beating up someone with
words.' but in the common venue, it alludes to physical activity.>>

Your lies are no basis for any authority or credibility issuing from
your keyboard. Anyone of immature mind unable to distinguish metaphor
from literal is too young or too unsound to even begin to understand any
of the messages in this or any newsgroup except those based upon
monosyllables and devoid of imagery.

E.L.K.<< Perhaps you
should abandon this foolishness before you become a complete laughing

You and only you are the pathetic laughing stock and worse: defender of
Neo-nazi propaganda, mocker of Masons' posting styles, debaser of
English. Only the devil knows the nadirs of your hate against me. When
are you going to refute Dr. Wagner? Why the delay? Follow your own

MR (although not so noted in MR's post-back)> > It is your
that I meant anything else.

If there is a discrepancy prove it. I continue to prove that it is you
who are inventing nonsense and lashing out indiscriminately and
thoughtlessly in you frenzy of hate.

EK (again, though not so noted in MR's post-back
> No, there was no mischaracterization at all. If you use standard, simple,
> common phrases which most people who employ the language share a common
> definition for, you should not be surprised when that common definition is
> applied to those words, despite the fact that YOU uttered them with an
> entirely separate and different (apparently) meaning. Either that or you
> were looking to garner yet another argument....

If there is a discrepancy prove it. I continue to prove that it is you
who are inventing nonsense and lashing out indiscriminately and
thoughtlessly in you frenzy of hate.

> You are upset because I don't write in baby talk. I've already explained
> this to Mr.. Goldman and Mr. Ermel, read my letters to them.

E.L.K.<<I'm FAR from upset and I've read your responses. What you're
trying to evade
is that perhaps you aren't quite as adept at the 'bob and weave'
technique as
you thought you were.>>

Repeat your mantra of lies enough and even you might start to believe

MR > > Typical of your lies, that you side even with Nazi sympathizers
> > order to make a disgusting spectacle of yourself and your anonymous web
> > site.
> E.L.K<<No, Mr. Restivo: I neither lie nor side with Nazi sympathizers.>>
> I have abundantly proven your lies on my web site. Your support of Dr.
> Wagner indicates otherwise.

E.L.K.<<Please show ONE SINGLE STATEMENT of mine in support of that
individual, either in a usenet posting or on my web site. You CANNOT and
so once again, you
simply LIE in hopes that you will not be challenged.>>

Your defence of Dr. Wagner is done by ignoring his anti-Semitic
propaganda, which you still do as a moral coward, and attacking me
according to your anti-English eccentricities. I'll repost your
communication, which was intended to distract and deflect my opposition
to Dr. Wagner's propaganda. You inserted and continue to laughingly
assert, a literalist interpretation of debased English usage which could
only come from the mind of a propagandist with an agenda of hate or one
of childish mind:


Re: False Prophet Exposed
Author: Ed King
Email: edk...@mint.net
Date: 1998/09/24
Forums: alt.freemasonry

In article <360A8DD0...@REMOVETHISPARTpathcom.com>, Mike Restivo

> I cannot think of a better way to commence the Jewish New Year than by
> kicking some Nazi butt! "Never Forget."

While the Nazi concepts are abhorrent to any right-thinking person,
action and illegal behavior are improper - regardless of their
motivation. When
we allow lawlessness to overtake things, then we too can become the
victims of
prejudice and violence.

It is indeed pleasing to see that you are not a 'one-trick pony' and
only wish
to chastise Freemasonry. Perhaps you should devote some of your energy
as shown
above into adding the 'Doctor's' theories and current Nazism to your
anti-cult site, eh?

For someone who demands the right to be heard even where his input is
necessary nor desirable, this position of yours is a bizarre

Further, even in the midst of an action which some might instinctively
you lace your post with pompous self-righteousness and condemnation of
by saying:

> If you are unable or unwilling to exemplify the moral virtues for which
> Freemasonry stands, against Neo-nazis, then get out of the way of men
> whose righteousness allows no venue behind which evil works its
> propaganda and lies.

What a shame you feel the compulsion to cut others down in order than
you might
appear big.

> "Have courage and fight like Hell, for your enemies are trying to
> destroy you." - final message from a father to his son from Auschwitz.

And an appropriate message for Freemasons to remember as they too shared
chambers there and elsewhere about Germany during those horrid days.
They also
have suffered persecution at other hands as well and accordingly, your
is timely and worthy of remembrance - despite it being unintended in

http://www.masonicinfo.com -- Anti-Masonry: Points of View

or to read about Mike Restivo's "rebuttal" of what I've posted
about HIM, see > http://www.pathcom.com/~mtronics/anticult/eking/
The anti-cult site with a single focus: him and I! <Big Grin>


Note your distortion of the metaphor "kick butt" as a deliberate ploy to
deflect attention from Dr. Wagner and make me the enemy.

Notice your advice to include Nazi propaganda in my anti-cult web site.
I'll include exposures and refutations of same, but I'll not endorse
Nazi-ism as you seem to recommend. Was that an unguarded moment or bit
of confusion on your part? You can tout Nazi sympathies all you want on
your own Masonic hate web site if you want to. Why get others to fall
for anti-Jewish and anti-Christian propaganda.

Note your refusal to mount your own repudiation of pro-Nazi propaganda
while attacking me, who refuted it, the propaganda. My moral fortitude
is something that you hate and must denounce, no matter who or what,
Freemasonry included, gets in your way.

That was only the start of your latest campaign of hate against me which
continues across multiple post under threads titled "False Prophet
Exposed". A seach on Deja News can locate them.

M.R.<<> It is you who used Neo-Nazi-ism as an occasion to attack me.
You got in
> bed with it the moment you decided to defend him and attack me.
> Deal with it.>>

As has been mentioned on far more than one occasion, you seem to think
all life is about you, eh? As mentioned subsequently in my prior post
and I
will reiterate here, there were SEVERAL others who were addressing the
stupidity of Wagner's Nazi positions; it was not necessary for me to do
so as
well and the failure to do that is no indication whatsoever that I
his position. What would happen should I add posts now? You'd be the
first to
jump forward and say, "See! He's only doing it because *I* forced him
much as you have done with a totally ludicrous claim on your anti-cult
site (which features only me! <grin>) by asserting that I made changes
to the
page about you because of some sort of pressure placed upon me! How
laughable. No, Mr. Restivo: your games are just too childish to play

You need not my permission to exercise moral courage against hate
propaganda. That others voice their stand with variing degrees of
impact, does not excempt you from defending those who cannot defend
themselves. You want to justify your moral cowardness in eschewing a
defence of 6 million Jews and justify your unprovoked and continued
attacks upon me, who repudiated Dr. Wagner's Bible distorted bunkum, and
refuted with authority, with excuses acceptable only to Nazi

M.R.<<> So now you write that you are not Neo-Nazi sympathizer. I don't
> believe you. Prove it. All I see is you attacking me the moment I
> begin refuting Dr. Wagner. Talk is cheap.>>

E.L.K.<<Well, I don't believe a LOT of things you claim but tell me:
what would you
like me to do relative to Dr. Wagner? Threaten to 'kick butt' and then
him with words? (Seems to me you've only sent one short message to him
than. Wow! What power your 'kicking butt' has!!! <ROFL>).>>

Regrettfully you cannot take a defence of Holocaust victims even if you
wanted. You are left asking "What to do?" Attack Mike Restivo, that's
what you do and aid the cause of Nazi propaganda. As a propagandist,
however you are inept as my detailed exposures prove from your own
hate-filled posts.

> E.L.K.<<Nor do I
> support those who would seek to subvert the legal laws of the land through
> violence. It seems to be you who becomes a 'disgusting spectacle' when you
> demean and defame everyone in an apparent effort to make yourself look
> superior. >>
M.R.<<> I expose the lies and deceit of people like you, not "everyone",
just a
> handful of fanatics, that I have profiled for years.>>

E.L.K.<<Ah, so now it becomes a bit more clear: YOU are entitled to be
selective in
who you 'expose' while your expectation of me is that I must expose
Double standard here, eh?>>

If you know not how to behave with moral rectitude, then get some
counselling. It is obvious that you do not from your own excuses,
evasion and whining. Take a pretense, any pretense and sooner or later
it comes back against you. Play your games all you want, the exposure
of your deceit and hate is assured, only the quantity is an open
question, as it piles up weekly.

M.R.<<> You attacked me for nothing and continue to do so.>>

E.L.K.<<I've never 'attacked' you in any way, manner, shape or form.
Please provide
proof of your ludicrous claims. I have 'challenged' your ludicrous
AND have provided information relative to your methodologies.>>

Try your denial on the fools who could accept your hate rants against me
as something else. A power search on your name and alt.freemasonry will
return a number of your posts against me and my refutations of them,
except those for which a response would be to dignify them.

M.R.<<> You employ a web hosting service that is known for ignoring

E.L.K.<<Really? Wish I'd known that before I signed up! I was looking
for price,
service, and features. Would you care to provide your proof for
impugning a
company in this manner?>>

M.R.<<> I have recounted the facts about it at my anti-cult web site.>>

E.L.K.<<Where you 'expose' cults! Or should I say, where you post
ludicrous amounts of
material relating to our usenet correspondence. How totally silly. It's
not an
anti-cult web site, it's an anti-Ed King web site. I'll bet Mike Poll's
jealous that you didn't honor him thusly as well.... <grin>>>

My anti-cult web site exposes cultism; In your case a cultic fanaticism
hiding behind and poisoning Freemasonry with your Masonic web site of
hate and its attacks upon me and also although not the lesser by any
means, your continued abuse of alt.freemasonry for purposes of your own
twisted attacks upon me. Here's an easy refutation of your lies. Too
lazy to read the facts? I'll post them here:

Sept. 4, 1998 - About Mr. Edward L. King's web site from "whois"

"host4u.net" has the same IP URL as "www.masonicinfo.com". Therefore,
"www.masonicinfo.com" is a virtual domain web hosted by "host4u.net". An
Altavista (tm) search of "host4u" will turn up "host4u.com".
"host4u.net", according to the "whois", is:

Host For You,
43 Grove Circle,
Milford, CT, 06460

They have only a fax (630-357-8545) and email number (r...@fastdns.net),
no voice phone number. www.fastdns.net gives only a "page under
construction" message, with no hyperlinks as its index or home page, but
in the exact same colors (black foreground on ecrue (yellow/cream)
background) as the index or home page for "www.host4u.net", which is a
policy page with no hyperlinks.

"www.host4u.com" is Hedra Internet, Inc. of Encino California. I phoned
their tech support, who informed me that half of all the support calls
they get every *day* are complaints due to "host4u.net", which is in no
way affiliated with Hedra. Hedra has tried for two years to get
"host4u.net" to change its name, including letters sent by their
lawyers, but "host4u.net" has not responded to "host4u.com"'s
correspondence, nor to my own complaints.

According to local telephone information, there is no "Host For You"
listed in Milford, CT.


M.R.<<> An honest man would have used an accountable web
> hosting service and stood by generally accepted terms of operation.>>

E.L.K.<<So now you've decided who provides "appropriate" web hosting
services as well? If only you knew what you were talking about....
Remind me to give you some
lessons on internet things some day: you couldn't even figure out how to
graphics to your site so I doubt that anyone is going to consider your
judgements about web hosts as having any validity whatsoever.>>

I make some errors in composition and spelling all the time. My proof
reading doesn't always get them. That I corrected my mistake right away
when alerted by a credible person, is proof that I know how to use the
"img src=" HTML code, code. Do you know how to use it? Got your spell
checker under control yet? I wonder if your HTML code equivalent is
"grc src=" as you refuse to use the proper English and HTML nomenclature
of "image" and insist upon "graphic" instead. Pure exccentricity on
your part. Feel like a moron yet as a result of your own hatred. Your
sins have rebounded upon your own head and will continue to do so.
Pity. The fanatic never learns but digs his rut deeper.

> E.L.K<<Further, my web site is FAR from anonymous. Did you want the
> address? It's http://www.masonicinfo.com.>>
M.R.<<> Most ISP's are familiar with the notion of anonymous web sites.
> mischaracterization is false. An anonymous web site is one whose operator
> does not respond to complaints, either through false contact address
> information or through indifference.>>

E.L.K.<<And now you're further disparaging my web host? How curious -
but again, you
know NOTHING about what you're doing and will at some future point be
for your foolishness. (Heavens: I'm beginning to sound like YOU! I've
rolling in the pig sty far too long!!!)>>

Why withhold exculpating proof? My findings from Hedra, and
confirmation from my own ISP that anonumous web hosting sites do exist,
were enough for me to get the picture on your covert operation. So
what? I just use that fact to my advantage. I don't care if you are
shut down or restrained. The uglier and sleazier you get the more I
expose you for the danger that you are. Your hate-filled messages are
contrary to the FCC Communications Act as they are a continued string of
personal harassment against me. For now you have greater utility as the
example pare excellance of everything that is ugly about fanaticism.
Your excentricities of hate have nothing whatsover to do with
Freemasonry. You hide behind it to launch your poisonous attacks. Pity
that the Grand Lodge of Maine A.F. & A.M. is indifferent to their
responsibilities. If they wish to condone your kind of hatred, that's
their inadequacy. Freemasonry is supposed to be an ennobling
institution, but you publicly degrade it and involve it in your ever
widening cesspool of hate propaganda and cyber terrorism.

M.R.<<> Some ISP's will only answer complaints that are accompanied by a
> court order, and allow their clients to post whatever the clients
> want even if illegal.>>

E.L.K.<<That's true but are you intimating that MINE is in that
category? Again, you
have NO IDEA what you're writing about here, but frankly, it's far more
amusing watching you trying to impress everyone with your mental prowess
exhibiting total ignorance about web activities.>>

Wrong answer. Guilty conscience interferring with your thinking? The
correct answer to your falsely framed charge is: "That any ISP decides
not to particularly answer to you, Restivo only indicates that they do
not want to correspond with *you*. That has no bearing upon their
freedom to correspond with others on matters of the ISP's own choosing.
You cannot infer that just because *you* didn't get an answer, nobody
else gets an answer."

For what do I need you? I can write better attacks against myself than
you can. This is another indication of your ineptness in your agenda of
hate against me. The fact is that I made no such claim specifically
against your host site. I only related my findings from Hedra who also
made no such specific allegations against your sit or the web hosting
service you use.

M.R.<<> These sites are sought after by email spammers who use them as a
> haven for their bulk mail distribution.>>

E.L.K.<<Are you now inferring that I've done e-mail spamming? Be VERY
careful when you make accusations like that, Mr. Restivo, because such
remarks ARE libel!>>

The existence of so-called "anonymous" or "covert" or "outlaw" web
hosting services is common knowledge among ISP's. It is also known that
exist to service a variety of services especially pornography, online
gamming and bulk email spamming. I made no judgement about your web
hosting service's conduct in these particular matters. You, unless you
are the owner, probably don't know all the activities in which their
clients are engaged either.

I don't know if you have done anything illegal. Have you? Will you? I
did not write that these sites are used only by e-mail spammers and to
the exclusion of any and all other clients, for example, which is what
your fevered hallucinations probably read. I cannot follow much further
into your delirium of deception, denial and distraction. I leave that
for qualified mental health care practitioners.

M.R.<<> I already found an anonymous Usenet Group posting service and am
looking for > a site like yours. Quid pro quo.>>

E.L.K<<So what's wrong with MINE? <Laughing hysterically!> Do you think
that an ISP
will not take your account because they have mine? I chose my
web-hosting ISP
for several reasons (as stated above) but an additional 'plus' was that
hosted a quite large 'religious' site which contained anti-Masonic

Provide the URL of this so-called "religious" site, so that I may
compare its IP address with that of your web hosting service.

Provide me with the contact methods that you use. I note that they give
no telephone address, only a fax or email. For a Web hosting service,
they are not trying to expose themselves to the public, but then
unaccountability is what some clients desire.

E.L.K.<<Ergo, were they to claim my site was inappropriate, they would
be forced, ipso
facto, to remove that site as well. I would think you'd be well served
using my ISP - but it's too bad you can't even seem to figure out who
are! <ROFL>>

You may be unaware that recent changes in U.S. Federal law absove an ISP
from the responsibility for the content of its clients. They cannot be
litigated against for the crimes of their clients unless of course a
linkage if not conspiracy can be established.
Therefore your quid pro quo example does not hold under U.S. Federal
law. An ISP need not exercise any fairness other than its own
discretion and observance of state and federal law.

> E.L.K<<And - despite the statement on YOUR
> one-trick pony anti-cult site - it's not at all difficult to navigate to the
> page relative to you. All one needs do is type in
> http://www.masonicinfo.com/restivo.htm . Couldn't be much simpler, could
> it?>>
M.R.<<> But then readers might miss something on your other pages. Why
don't you
> want people to read all of your Masonic web site of hate?>>

E.L.K.<<Oh, I DO!!! But you assert - right there on the front page of
your anti-Ed
King site - that finding the page about you is somewhat difficult to
Despite a search engine and a page with your name in the title....>>

It is you who moved it. If a person has the URL of the page of your
hate rant aginst me, that person could directly jump to it. The usual
manner of entering a site is from the homepage and navigating from
there. Other entry points can be made, but the obfuscation of your site
from its first version remains.

E.L.K.<<You seem to be maneuvering back and forth here: in one breath,
you claim it's
hard to find and when I make it easier, you assert that I don't want
people to
see the whole site. Eating -- Cake -- Eating -- Cake .......>>

You're the one revising your own site. Or are you? I only note the
fact that navigating from your site's home/main page requires several
steps to get to the page about me. That is a fact, unless you change
your links. It is I who has eased the burden of your potential readers
in advising them of the navigation that is involved from your home
page/main page, notwithstanding any other direct links of which some
visitors may be aware. No need to thank me.

> M.R.<<> Your deception and deviousness has evaporated any credibility that
> > you think you have except among fools.>>
> E.L.K<<<Chuckle>>>
> > E.K.<<It is indeed pleasing to see that you are not a 'one-trick pony' and
> > only wish to chastise Freemasonry. Perhaps you should devote some of your
> > energy as shown above into adding the 'Doctor's' theories and
> > current Nazism to your ostensible anti-cult site, eh?>>
> >
> M.R.<<Why don't you counter Mr. Wagner's propaganda yourself? Too busy
> libeling Masonic critics?>>

E.L.K.<<Answered several times previously. How many times must I recite
the answer for you? Are you incapable of reading? Please try the
paragraph directly below!>>

What passes for "answers" from you are evasions and attacks.

> E.L.K<<Well, as Gene Goldman has explained, it's not necessary for every
> person to answer every post in a usenet group. There have been several
> others here answering his propaganda, including yourself. Is there
> something you feel that
> you or others have not already said that only I am capable of offering?>>
M.R.<<> Can't you explain for yourself? If you don't want to refute
> then get out of my way.>>

E.L.K.<<So only you have the right to choose to whom and when you'll
reply, eh?
Everyone else must accede to YOUR demands?>>

I wrote "get out of my way", not about who I would and would not
answer. You want to get in my way through your attacks. So I merely
have more exposure of your hate at my disposal. No matter for me.

M.R.<<> Why then do you attack me, just when I am exposing
> the error of Dr. Wagner's so-called Gematria and out of context Bible
> citations? The conclusion is that you are Neo-Nazi sympathetic. Deal with
> it.>>

E.L.K.<<Only YOUR conclusion, Mr. Restivo - and a warped one at that.>>

With every hate-filled rant you write against me, my conclusion grows
stronger and stronger. Still only silence from you against nazi
propaganda. Why have you so much hate to rant aginst me, but against
Neo-nazi's and Nazi propaganda you have almost nothing to say?

M.R.<<> I wrote not to you but to Dr. Wagner. It is you who attacked
me, who
> was opposing anti-Semitism.>>

E.L.K.<<So now you expect only criticism from the person to whom you
post? Seems to me you've used an argument quite the contrary in the
past.... But then, this
tactic is SO typical of anti-Masons!>>

Have I not given you the refutation that your hate demands? Yes I
have. I make no demands, nor hold expectations, but take the
opportunity to expose you for the profoundly troubled mind that your own
posts amply exemplify.

E.L.K.<<(Continued in part TWO - although why I waste my time is a
mystery! <G>)

http://www.masonicinfo.com -- Anti-Masonry: Points of View

or to read about Mike Restivo's "rebuttal" of what I've posted
about HIM, see > http://www.pathcom.com/~mtronics/anticult/eking/
The anti-cult site with a single focus: him and I! <Big Grin>>>

† Mike Restivo

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