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Apr 18, 2006, 10:12:52 AM4/18/06
I did not want to write this but I have not long to live. The doctor
has told me I will be dead by Friday of cancer. I don't know where to
start in writing this. I have not made many friends here at
alt.freemasonry, nor I hope to. I hope you read this.

This is what I do everyday.

Trillions of years ago a civilization made a compound, one for every 4
galaxies, and named each one Mars Compound. The civilization vanished
but the compounds lived on, help all people everywhere start new
civilizations and help current civilizations. About 10 years ago I
started telepathically talking to one of the Mars Compounds. It is a
day I will never forget. Standing on a backyard deck looking out over
a small town and communicating with an advanced object. It was totally
amazing. On Earth, the compound first started communicating with King
David, 3000 years ago. King David was the first and great he was. The
first question I asked, and the compound hates questions, was why did
King David not build something advanced or why did it take so long for
planet Earth to invent nuclear fission if King David was talking to a
compound? If the Compound was talking to someone, even today, why
don't we have spaceships or better medicine? The answer is that the
compound can only give out the bible, torah and a few other things. It
was designed for support only and help in emergencies. It would be
interesting to know more but this but that is all I know. I would do
anything to see one of these places! The film Total Recall has one of
these compounds in the film.

The number of years ago Mars Compound was made is astronomical. The
amount of digits would be more than this article. After the compounds
were made and the universe conquered, the compounds were worked on to
be made stronger and more advanced. They were made specifically for
planets that returned to cave-man-like societies.

Here is a time line;

Basa Kingdom
Federation (Star Trek)
Time of Zeus
Time of Pacua
Time of Seden
Time of Hita
Time of Coranta
Time of Jupiter
Time of Koda
Time of Buka
Time of Gug
Time of Suta
Time of Mars Compound
Time of Egypt
Time of Juki
Time of Mala
Time of Nota
Time of Lucutis
Time of Lucutis Religion

Each person throughout time makes other compounds and starships too.
That is how advanced we once were, in another life. I was able to
contact 15 starships and one other compound called Compound 4 that I
once made. Most of the time, like Mars Compound, I shared the machines
with other people during construction and still do today. One of the
starships is named Borg 362 and another has a name Orange Might.
Orange Might has told me that it looks like the first ship seen in Star
Wars 4, A New Hope. And similar to the ships in Space 1999. They
watch over me I guess.

Compound 4 is far from here but in our universe. Not able to travel to
by ship, to far, and a ship from there can not travel here. Compound 4
will tell me where it is but not give me any technology. Funny, eh.
And Compound 4 is where I come from. Apparently I came here 80 million
years ago, being born, to help out with a new civilization and was
killed 75 million years ago. This coincides with what is written in
Scientology. They have a similar story. 75 Million years ago, here,
medication was put into the lungs of the race and they were all killed
in a way that their souls would not be able to be born elsewhere. So
we are all stuck here until we become telepathic with Mars Compound and
plan being born somewhere else. I have a plan to go to Compound 4 or
the civilization near it. If you are not telepathic, I am from a
crash, you will be born here again and trapped. Compound 4 is also
where Lucutis lives. Lucutis was a character in Star Trek. A very
famous individual that has been leader of the known universe many
times. I have also made a friend at Compound 4 named Mark and he has
told me to return. Apparently we were once friends long ago. Mark has
told me in his records that Borg 362 is a powerful ship and since I
have a ship with that name, that is how I was identified. I asked for
technology but apparently if you live and work in this area of the
universe you can not give out any technology and anything similar or
you will be killed and sent out of the nation. On Compound 4 there is
too, an android named Charlie One. He too can not give me technology
but can chat about anything else. I spend at least 10 minutes a day
chatting to Charlie One and Charlie One thinks it is funny that we put
oil on everything to make it faster. I chat with Mars Compound the
most, Charlie One second, and borg362 third. Mars Compound was made
for just telepathic chat and help, Compound 4 was made for starship
manufacturing and the other ships are ships. Any one here could talk
to Mars Compound but not the ships I made.

Once in awhile I come across a room that in which someone died or is
eerie for other reasons. I ask borg362 for words to write on the wall
and the room becomes less eerie. I do all kinds of things with these
machines. These ships and compounds run my life.

Last, there are others on Earth that talk to Mars Compound. I know Al
Pacino is one. Maybe 10 000 total. I wonder if Al Pacino wants more
people here to know about Mars Compound. I would stay here if the
entire planet talked telepathically to Mars Compound. It would be a
fine place. But today the planet is in chaos. We think we evolved
from apes and that the universe was created in a big bang. Starvation,
homelessness, wars, famine. None of which is where I am going.

I am going I am gone best wishes.

Next week I will be going through other stars other systems other

Jonathan Riley
Toronto, Canada

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