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Nov 13, 2008, 11:55:59 AM11/13/08

<<Send 1 $ bank-note to six adresses.>>
I found this text on one news-group on the Internet, and decided to
try it.
In the begining it seemd like a silliness, but then I made near
5.000,00 $ in 4 weeks. And the money is still comming...

Here are instructions what you need to do.
First of all, you need to save a copy of this text how you could check
some things later.
This is totaly legal and it works!

step 1
Take 6 little papers and write <<PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST>> on
top of each paper. Below the phrase write your name and adress.

step 2
Take 6 bank-notes of 1 $ and put each of bank-note into a paper (from
the step 1) so the money could not be seen throw the envelope
( because of prevent of stealing).

step 3
Put those papers with money in 6 enevelopes

step 4
Send 6 envelopes to these 6 adresses:

#1.) Igor Rački, Ulica Kneza Domagoja 56, 48000 Koprivnica, Croatia

#2.) Marko Koričić, A. Starčevića 106, 31550 Valpovo, Croatia

#3.) Roko Kokeza, Matoševa 99 A, 21210 Solin

#4.) Martina Horvat, Požari 57, 33000 Virovitica, Croatia.

#5.) Tanja Šarčević, K.P.Krešimira IV 12, 44320 Kutina, Croatia

#6.) Nenad Štefanić, Tina Ujevića 38, 10430 Samobor, Croatia

And that`s it!
It`s perfectly legal, and you can made a lot of money in very short
time doing nothing.
It`s important to mention that you need to do these 4 steps only once
and never again. Your name will move on the list geometric and untill
it came on the #1 you will be receiveing thousands of dolars on your
home adress.You can check it on this asress:U.S. Post Office

But, the most important thing to do is:
Put your name and adress on the end of the list on #6 and then send
this text at least on 200 news-groups (there are thousands of them on
the Internet). Before you put your name on #6 you nedd to erase name
and adress on #1 and then move all other names for one row up, then
write your name on the end, on #6.

Directions for sending text on News-groups:

1) copy this text on new empty notepad and save it on your PC with
name: txt document.
2) go to the Internet Explorer and try to find as many news-
groups,online chats, discussions or alike that.. as you can find.
3) go and visit those sites and send this text like a new message

Remeber, more news-groups you send it, more money you will recieve!!

We want you luck and success.

It's realy worth doing for just ONE $!

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