Re: Here's a Critical Race FACT - Blacks are EXTREMELY inferior mentally

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Jack Fake

May 25, 2021, 5:47:28 PM5/25/21
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Text-Drivers R Killers <> wrote:
> That average black IQ of 65 is a real problem.

Consider the (even lower) intelligence of the asshole white
racist who thinks it isn't.


May 26, 2021, 12:29:06 PM5/26/21
In article <f8602eff-43b9-4c01-8543->
Text-Drivers R Killers <> wrote:
> That average black IQ of 65 is a real problem.

Speaking of low IQs, "Project 100,000" aka "McNamara's Morons" seems to have
been all but forgotten.

By 1966, LBJ was fearful that calling up the reserves or abolishing student
deferments would further inflame war protesters and signal all-out war. And
so, even after Robert McNamara began privately declaring the war was
unwinnable, the defense secretary devised Project 100,000.

Under his direction, an "alternative army" was systematically recruited from
the ranks of those who had previously been rejected for failing to meet the
armed services' physical and mental requirements. Recruiters swept through
urban ghettos and Southern rural back roads, taking in dullards with IQs as
low as 62. In all, 354,000 men were rolled up by Project 100,000.

Touted as a Great Society program that would provide remedial education and
an escape from poverty, the recruitment program offered a one-way ticket to
Vietnam, where "the Moron Corps," as they were pathetically nicknamed by
other soldiers, entered combat in disproportionate numbers. Although Johnson
was an (allegedly) outspoken civil rights advocate, the program took a heavy
toll on blacks. A 1970 Defense Department study disclosed that 41% of
Project 100,000 recruits were black, compared with 12 percent in the armed
forces as a whole. What's more, 40 percent of Project 100,000 recruits were
trained for combat, compared with 25 percent for the services generally.

I don't know if it's still in effect, but for a long time the minimum
acceptable IQ for military service was 83.

That IQ number seems to have unnerved Jordan Peterson:

There still is a draft of sorts: These so-called "volunteers" are part of
this nation’s de facto draft -- economic conscription. Money is always the
best whip to use on the laboring classes...

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