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Sep 14, 2022, 4:21:04 PMSep 14
While I was in semi-isolation in Paris tried a (vintage not noted) Domaine Overnoy Chardonnay VV , lightly oxidative Jura, liked but took no notes

A couple days after return Betsy made soba with spicy chicken, I opened the 2015 Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Kabinett #3. Very young, but not shut down. Tangy acids, vivid pit fruits, green apple, slate, a hint of incipient petrol. Needs time but very fine- B+/A- for immature drinking.

I tested negative Friday, and we joined a group of friends for dinner on patio- glorious views of sunset over Palisades and river on a perfect night.

2005 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne
Hosts were our companions in Reims, where I advised against paying extra for the Comtes tasting, as I have some. But I didn’t know I had any ‘05- discovered this, not in Cellartracker, and no memory of buying. But wish I had more! Zippy acids, elegant, green apple and pear. ‘05s are not really sought after, but this is excellent. A-

2019 Dugois Terre de Marne Arbois Chardonnay
I was recreating a buttered cockle appetizer we had at La Cagouille, used a bit of this in recipe, but turns out to be pretty enjoyable to drink. Pears and wax, slight unobtrusive oxidative notes, very nice length. Good value. B

Main course was a Normandy style chicken dish (apples, cream, Calvados)

2020 JJ Vincent Cuvee Marie Antoinette Pouilly-Fuisse
Moderate acids, just a hint of oak, pleasant. B/B-

2013 Zestos Grenache
Ripe mess, going over a cliff. C

Saturday oysters, grey sole, bok choy, corn
2014 Jadot Beaune Bressandes blanc
Pear, lemon, moderate acids, good length. B/B+

Sunday Pot roast with salad.
1999 Olga Raffault “Les Picasses” Chinon
I usually think of the Olga Picasses are a very dependable ager. Well this has aged ok, doesn’t come across as past it, but it is strikingly lacking in interest. Resolved tannins, moderate acids, light red fruit, just a hint of herb. Easy to drink, but nothing accomplished by cellaring 18-20 years.B-

Someone had given me a bottle of NV Domaine du Mas Blanc “Hors d’Age ‘Sostrera” Banyuls. Not a big Banyuls guy, but tired of looking at bottle, so used it in pot roast, where it did fine. Tasted it was like a light tawny port, some raisins and cloves. Says a Sostrera (solera) dating to 1946. OK, no rating as I’m just not a Banyuls guy.

Monday sauteed scallops, kimchi fried rice, a different prep of bok choy , Wine was the 2021 Boulay Chavignol Sancerre (it did very well with scallops, no dry wine could stand up to the fried rice). Good acids, ripe fruit - citrus (lemon) and tropical (pineapple), chalky minerality, Very good length. I will look for its big brothers when they come out. B+

Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice. Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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