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Sep 22, 2022, 2:58:37 PMSep 22
A nice small group gathered at John’s for some Muscadet with age earlier this week. A nice spread of cheese, some pate, we shucked a bunch of oysters (Mystic and Fat Baby, with some ramp mignonette and regular mignonette), and finished with John’s chicken/sausage stew.

2015 Roederer Starck Champagne Brut
Some disagreement about this, some found it more approachable than most Brut Nature bottlings, others (like me) disagreed. I thought it had lovely potential- green apple, pear, lemon, chalk- but sharp and stark (!) for now, needs time to loosen. B- for now, will be better.

2015 Roederer Starck Champagne Rose
Also Brut Nature, but more approachable to me. Cherries, cantaloupe, rye bread, precise and fine. B+

This is first of 2 planned tastings, this time the wine of Marc Ollivier (Domaine de la Pepiere)

2012 Pepiere Clos des Briords Muscadet
Some folks questioned whether this was pristine bottle, but I thought it showed well- chalk and seashell, lemony fruit, nice length B+

2010 Pepiere Clos des Briords Muscadet
Young, briney, taut, tense. Delicious but needs time. A-

2007 Pepiere Clos des Briords Muscadet
Softer, seashell and lemon, totally ready, B+/B

2007 Pepiere Granite de Clisson Clisson Muscadet
I’ve seen some variation in these, this was more advanced than many. Slightly nutty, softer acids, some lingering salinity. B-

2005 Pepiere Clos des Briords Muscadet
Ding ding ding! Delicious, Citrus and seashell, it’s a gorgeous beach in a bottle. A-

2005 Pepiere Granite de Clisson Muscadet
Stony minerality, citrus and apple, rich and textured, so long. A-

2010 Pepiere Clisson Muscadet
Young, tangy Granny Smith, Meyer lemon, tasty. B+

2004 Pepiere Clos des Briords Muscadet
These have shown some wide variability, this was very good without being one of the best I’ve had. Sultry and saline, broad mineral notes, not as racy as some. B+

2002 Pepiere Clos des Briords Muscadet
Undrinkable oxidized apple cider, second bottle barely drinkable cider. Better bottle C+
(others have had good recent bottles)

2002 L’Ecu Expression de Granite
First bottle pretty advanced, but second was quite interesting in an austere style. B

1995 Pepiere Clos des Briords Muscadet
Full, rounder than earlier bottles, but so fresh and delicious with lime, flower petals, and wet rocks. Suzanne declares “peach pit”- yeah, I can kinda see. A-

1988 Pepiere Clos des Briords Muscadet
First bottling of Briords made, and cruising along at full steam. Citrus, oystershell, orange blossoms. Midbodied, still vibrant acids, lovely with a slight bitter note than adds complexity. . A-/A

As I was gathering my oyster supplies to drive folks to station (I had been spitting), Don poured a blind bottle.I actually didn’t think he has stuck to theme, I thought this was a 20 or 30 year old Chablis from a good but lean vintage. Mineral, chalk, a little green apple fruit. No, it’s 58 year old Muscadet (from pre phylloxera vines).1964 Comte Leloup de Chasseloir "Ceps Centenaires" Muscadet B+/A-

Really fun tasting. Some disagreement about some wines, so my opinions don’t mirror groups. But I think everyone appreciated how well wines showed as a group.

Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice. Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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