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Re: New Mayan/Aztec Style Font - Quetzal

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On Saturday, July 8, 2000 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-5, Dave Nalle wrote:
> Some have suggested that we do far too many fonts based in traditional
> European design, with a medieval or 19th century look, so occasionally we
> strike out in a radically different direction - hence our new Quetzal
> font.
> Quetzal is a titling font designed to look like mosaic letters in a Mayan
> or Aztec style. Yes, we know that Mayan was a pictographic language, and
> these aren't Mayan characters, but they're how the Mayans might have
> written Latin characters if they were incorporating them in a mosaic.
> Quetzal is a uniquely configurable font. It has several different tails
> which can be attached to the basic letter forms to create different
> relationships between adjacent characters. It also has a pre-configured
> character set on the upper-case. The free trial version has the basic
> character forms plus the upper case with pre-configured tails.
> To give Quetzal a try go to and follow the links.
> Dave
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