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California Democrat arrested after DNA from Baskin-Robbins spoon links him to sexual assaults from 22 years ago

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Bradley K. Sherman

Dec 16, 2019, 8:35:02 PM12/16/19
A California man was charged with the sexual assault of two
women over 22 years ago, after police linked DNA from the crime
scenes to that of a sample recently collected from a Baskin-
Robbins ice cream spoon.

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley announced
Monday that Gregory Paul Vien, 60, will face “multiple felony
sexual assault charges” in connection with the two separate
assaults, both from 1997.

According to prosecutors, a woman walking to a Bay Area Rapid
Transit station after work on May 6 was attacked by an
unidentified man who “dragged her to a secluded area” before he
sexually assaulted her.

Several months later, on Sept. 7, a second woman was sexually
assaulted while on a walk near Livermore High School.

Police were able to recover DNA from both crime scenes that were
“found to be a match to each other.” The samples were uploaded
to the national DNA database to no avail.

Over 22 years later, investigators from the Livermore Police
Department were able to get a lead using a genetic genealogical
search tool which led them to Vien.

Detectives began to surveil Vein in August after discovering
that he had lived in Livermore for several decades, including
around the time the crimes were committed.

According to a probable cause statement, police subsequently
collected “several items” that had been thrown in the garbage,
including a “Baskin-Robbins spoon” that Vien used to eat ice

On Aug. 28, the lab turned back a positive match between Vien’s
DNA and the sample taken from both crime scenes.

“For over 20 years, the survivors of these sexual assaults have
lived with the constant uncertainty that comes with not knowing
when, if ever, their assailant will be identified and brought to
justice,” O’Malley said in a news release.

“My office’s specialized cold case unit and sexual assault unit
worked alongside our law enforcement partners and will now
ensure that Mr. Vien is held to account for the crimes he

Vien was arraigned on Nov. 7 and is due back in court on

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