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KC -vs- Texas

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Jan 23, 2001, 10:36:03 PM1/23/01
I've heard both KCrs and Texans claim to have the best barbeque. I'm
not familiar with either styles, is there a real differance, and IYHO
which do you prefer, and why? Thanks for the input.

Steve Schaeffer

Jan 23, 2001, 11:28:06 PM1/23/01

Pork VS Beef!!

Steve & Susie Wright

Jan 24, 2001, 9:20:34 AM1/24/01
In KC they cut the brisket thinner, serve sweet smoked beans, french fries
and pickles. In Texas you get thick cut brisket, cowboy or charro beans
(pinto beans in loose hot pot liquor), potato salad or creamed spinach, raw
onion rings, jalapeno peppers. The ribs in Texas are beef, sometimes pork.
KC ribs are pork. Sauce in KC tends to be sweeter.

Coming from KC I prefer KC style, IF I can get a whole brisket BBQ then cut
it my way, I see no difference.

In Texas they use mesquite wood for smoke in KC hickory and fruit woods.


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Frank in Austin

Jan 24, 2001, 10:42:22 AM1/24/01
The best BBQ is the BBQ that you are eating at that particular time!! BTW,
if anyone is interested book about all the different BBQ around the
country (well, at least the mid/southwest/southeast) check out 'Smokestack
Lightning'. It's by a writer for the New Orleans Times Picayune, and he
and a buddy travel from Chicago to Kentucky to Texas-Ok,Tenn, etc. You'll
be hungry by page 4!

Jim Mehl

Jan 24, 2001, 12:06:09 PM1/24/01
I will 2nd that recommendation on Smokestack Lightning by Lolis
Elie. Great book. And apparently he is still at it. He was in California
recently and contacted a few of us for recommendations.

Tyler Hopper

Jan 26, 2001, 5:09:38 PM1/26/01
Frankly I think there's very little difference. At least far less than, say, the
Carolinas or Tennessee.

I don't know where everybody gets this beef ribs, no pork thing from. I've lived
in Texas all my life. I rarely see beef ribs on a menu and never on my smoker.
Even though I love brisket I cook a lot of pork and lots of chicken. In fact the
maiden smoking on my #7 K will be a pork butt.

Tyler Hopper

"He's a High Tech Redneck"

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Jan 27, 2001, 8:35:08 AM1/27/01
Tyler Hopper wrote:

>In fact the
>maiden smoking on my #7 K will be a pork butt.

Hey, Tyler's gonna become a pottery guy!

Welcome to the club.

Jan 27, 2001, 5:34:32 PM1/27/01
I prefer dry style Texas barbecue, because tey put pure flavor into
the barbecue. I lived in Texas for several years and learned how to
barbecue that way myself.
That being said, I have visited Kansas City and ate at Bryants and
Gates, and the "wet" sauced style barbecue up there is very good, I
would have no problem eating it.
For the purists, I am being somewhat general, I am not an expert, but
am constantly exploring and trying to learn to be a better pitman.

Mike Willsey

Jan 27, 2001, 8:01:14 PM1/27/01
Hello Rocco,

If you don't mind, how are you cooking, what process and are you doing
Thanks, Mike W.

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Tyler Hopper

Jan 29, 2001, 2:26:15 PM1/29/01
He already is. I got the 400 lb. flower pot delivered last week. Did chicken,
butt, and brisket this weekend. It was a moderate success.

Tyler Hopper

"He's a High Tech Redneck"

LeeBat <> wrote in message

Red Creek

Jan 30, 2001, 5:09:12 PM1/30/01
In article <SwBb6.4492$>,

Of course the brisket is sliced thicker in Texas! Our brisket is more
tender here + we eat "bigger" in Texas -
L. E. New
Red Creek Marinade Co.

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Steve & Susie Wright

Jan 31, 2001, 8:07:11 AM1/31/01
You may think your brisket is more tender but that's not true. I really
don't like thick brisket on a sandwich. It's OK for a plate but it seems to
loose its beefiness and become more of a chopped/pulled thing on a sandwich.
Of course I like thin cut ham, turkey etc. for my sandwiches. Eat "bigger"
what's that. The sides down here are sissy, give me a break creamed
Also the bbq stuffed baker is big here. I figure that's a way to use up the
floor sweepings when they cut a brisket. I also see chopped beef
sandwiches, same idea to me. Pulled pork is ok but the chopped beef doesn't
cut it. I do like the brisket tacos. Sliced brisket with sauce, pickles
and chopped onion is a soft flour tortilla makes a great breakfast or lunch.

The only beef ribs I've had were at a Mexican place. small rib bones
(short) with attached meat flap that was grilled and it was great. I
haven't seen that cut in the store. The ribs seem to be the big rib bones
that would be attached to the rib roast or even bigger and not that meaty so
I haven't bought any. I'd gladly try them if I had a better idea of cooking
them without drying out the meat. Beef ribs must be big here since they
always have them and are big ad items.

They run the steaks here in the family pac special (3-6) in a package at
about 20+ cents a pound less. The Hispanics like thin cut steaks and I like
thick 1 1/2 inch or so. I asked the butcher to cut me some thick ones like
the ones on sale and he brought out 4 in a tray, they were really big and I
only need two. He informed me that I couldn't have the sale price for two
and I pointed out that my two weighed more that 5 in a thin slice pack, he
then said I had to have 5 lb. or more for the sale price again I pointed out
that the 5 pack was under 3 lb.. He finally gave me the sale price. It was
a matter of principal since my two were feeding my family just the same as
those 5 and I just wanted to argue the point nicely. If they had had thick
cut ones in the one to a pack already done up I probably would have just
taken them at the non sale price but his reasoning was so stupid when he
threw in the weight thing of over 5 lb. when only one family pack weighted
over 5 lb.. He couldn't use the packing material angle since they were
packed the same and the cutting time for 2 steaks versus 5 should be less.
I wish they would do away with that family pack pricing on chops, steaks
etc. and give the same price on the meat to everyone.


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