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Matthew L. Martin

Jun 11, 2002, 11:16:31 AM6/11/02
They don't know that is what it is. They sell it as a 14" Sunbeam
charcoal grill. It's model #PC1406. They are selling it for $12.96.

The charcoal bowl has the same inside diameter as that of the ECB but it
is somewhat deeper and heavier(!). It comes with an 11 inch crome
charcoal grate. The bottom has an ash pan combined with a vent control.
If you don't put the legs on it, it stands only 1/2" taller than the
ECBs charcoal bowl. The bowl doesn't have as wide a flange, but it is
large enough to use safely in the grilling position.

Even though the ash pan is small in diameter, the bowl is more stable
than the ECB's modified as per the FAQ. I'm going to add some sort of
stabilization to it, perhaps modifying the legs that came with it.

It cost me less than the expanded metal I used to put a grate in ECB's
charcoal bowl. Wish I had thought of this first:-(

As an added bonus, it comes with a vent control for the top. If I decide
the ECB needs one, I have it. The next problem will be to see if I can
mount it on the ECB's cover. The vent is designed to be mounted on a
flat spot of the cover of the Sunbeam gril. There are no flat spots on
the ECB cover.

The truth is in the using. I started up a batch of small leftover lump,
filled the water bowl with boiling water and waited for it to come up to
temp. That took a bit more than 20 minutes. I then put another water
bowl full of room temperature water on the top rack to act as a load.

The temp dipped a little from 270 to 260 at the bottom grill. It's
holding 250 at the top grill and has been for more than an hour.

I think I'll keep it.


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