Human organ selling gaining in popularity 'cuz poverty (fwd)

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danny burstein

Apr 19, 2022, 5:45:06 PMApr 19
I guess finding ice and bathtubs is tricky


"No Father Wants to Sell His Son's Kidney."
Afghans Pushed to Desperate Measures to Survive

When Taliban fighters surrounded Herat in August, Gul Mohammad was besieged by
people who had lent him money for food and medicine, and who demanded he pay up
before the city fell. He and his wife agreed they had only one option.

They didn't tell their 15-year-old son Khalil Ahmad why he was brought from
their shantytown mud house to a nearby hospital. "If we had told him, he might
not have agreed," Mr. Mohammad said.

At the hospital, doctors put the child under anesthesia. Then they removed his
kidney. His parents sold it for $4,500, just enough to cover what they owed.
Mr. Mohammad and his wife decided that unless they sold a child, they would
have to sell an organ. Both of them were unsuited, as Mr. Mohammad had kidney
stones and his wife had diabetes. Their oldest son made up to three dollars a
day collecting plastic for recycling, so was spared. The choice fell on Khalil
Ahmad, their second son.

dannyb has some doubts about
"three dollars a day collecting plastic for recycling"

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