That "Sun Fizz" Sprite commercial from the 90s

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Nov 17, 2021, 3:55:44 PM11/17/21

A cartoon sun mascot jumps off of a drink bottle, causing a family to get scared and run away from it.

This got me thinking of how would this play out if an incident like this were to really happen.

Of course, the commercial is dead accurate showing the family running for there lives before it cuts to black. But what would happen afterward?

The movie trope version would likely have the family calming down, looking at each other befuddled, and then asking the sun "What are you? What do you want?". The sun character could continue it's spiel about the drink and how it's filled with all of goodness, and just go on repeating like an automaton, or maybe it's not as one dimentional as it appears and has a previous life and a back story.

Maybe the mascot was not even initially aware of suddenly jumping between universes, and it suddenly it loses all of it's cheeriness and has a real "Oh fuck...." moment.

My speculation can go way deeper and in more directions than this (namely what if it's a malevolent spirit, or the spirit of a kid who was murdered, etc) but I want to see what others think.


Nov 17, 2021, 4:54:38 PM11/17/21
A plausible outcome:

I think the sun thought that he was just doing another TV commercial, and he was confused at the reaction of what he thought were his fellow cast members.

The sun didn't realise that he jumped out to a random family and location who just happened to act like cast members.

This brings something up that is more creepy than a cartoon sun jumping off of a drink bottle: Why was the family acting like that in the kitchen before he jumped off the bottle? What's wrong with them? Who is brainwashing them into acting in such an unnatural way?

Of course this is not the comercial "family" he works with, because the commercial family already knows about his supernatural nature, and has seen him jump out of the bottle dosens of times during rehersal. He goes along with this at first thinking that the director decided to liven up the commercial by having the commercial family run away acting scared, and he does not want to ruin the shoot and mess up the tight schedule the studio is on. But then the sun realizes that there are no cameras around, and that he is in somebody's house, and not a sound stage, and the family is still screaming and running away. The sun gives up his chase, and wonders how he ended up in a random person's house. The sun wanders around trying to figure out how he got there, and everything else that is going on. Not knowing what to do, he stays close and hidden.

Night time comes, and the father comes home. The mother tells him "I played a funny ghost prank on the kids today. I sure had them scared. I wish our video camera was working, you should've seen the look on their faces!", knowing that the father wouldn't believe her if she told the truth. The whole scene has a very creepy Brady Bunch on steroids vibe to it, and the sun is watching, growing more and more uneasy at what he is witnessing.

The doorbell rings, and a couple men in nice suits appear, with the same creepy smiles and forced cheeriness that the family has. "Oh silly me! I forgot we had church tonight! And it's going to be a very special night!", says the father. The family gets dressed in their best outfits and drive off with the men.

The sun follows, and his worst suspicions come true. This family is part of a death cult, and they are about to commit mass suicide, right infront of Sun Fizz's eyes. (hopefuly, the brand of drink that the cult members are mixing with the poison they are about to ingest isn't Sun Fizz)


At this point, I would expect Sun Fizz to jump on in there pretending to be an angel from God, telling them to not go through with the mass suicide.
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