Haunted Pacheco Pass in California

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Jun 16, 1996, 3:00:00 AM6/16/96

Pacheco Pass, California

A couple of years ago on one of those shows like Sightings or
Encounters they did a piece on Pacheco Pass, which is located on
California Hwy 152 between Los Banos and Hollister (in the "Diablo
Range"). Pacheco Pass is said to haunted (or cursed) and this stretch
of road is reported to have the most fatal accidents in the state. In
the piece, they interviewed people who claimed to have seen ghosts
while driving through the pass; one person who drove through the pass
at night claimed that some sort of demon appeared in the back seat of
his car. The hauntings (or curse) supposedly began when a native
American tribe was driven out of the area by Spanish colonists back in
the 18th century.

Anyway, I figured this was just story-telling, but a couple of months
ago I was in the area so I thought I'd drive through Pacheco Pass just
to see if anything would happen. I drove west on Rt. 152 from Los
Banos around the San Luis Reservoir on a sunny afternoon. The
landscape is rolling hills covered with grass and chapperal - few
trees. The road (a 4-lane highway) follows a winding route up the side
of a narrow valley (on the left side) passing many gulleys on the
right side. The drive was uneventful passing the reservoir and I had
dismissed the possibility of seeing any ghosts when an odd thing
happened - just as I rounded a bend entering a large gulley a very odd
feeling came over me - it's hard to describe - it felt like fear - a
tightening in the stomach and stiffness - but there was nothing to be
afraid of. The feeling became stronger as I passed the center of the
gulley and then diminished as I rounded the next bend. I noticed the
same sensation a few more times - though not as strong - passing
smaller gulleys near the mountain top. I didn't notice any odd
sensations descending the pass on the west side or during the rest of
my drive.

I'm inclined to think that the high accident rate in Pacheco Pass is
probably just due the fact that it's a steep, winding road with heavy
traffic - but there does seem to be something strange about this
place. Has anyone else driven through Pacheco Pass? Notice anything


Jun 20, 1996, 3:00:00 AM6/20/96

I work at a small convience store that is located with-in a mini mall.
The land originally housed one small store called Gariety's. Mr. Gariety
was constantly being pressured by his sons and developers to put up the
mall, but in life he constantly refused. Gariety's, afterall, was almost
a landmark. All the workers knew the customers on a first name basis,
prents sent their children to learn how to shop there...it was a true
"mom and pop" type store.
After Mr. Gariety died....the mall went up, thanks to his sons.

The other night I was working with my back to the door, making salads.
The only other person working, was in the milk cooler...restocking the
dairy cases. For no reason, I stopped what I was doing, and turned
around. I saw a shadow or what appeared to be a heavily set male, in a
trench coat, with glasses...slide past the windows, over the wall, and to
the front door. Then it retreated in the opposite direction. I just
stood there for a minute trying to understand what I had seen, and why I
was feeling so scared. I ran around the store quickly to see if anyone
had gotten in with out my knowledge....there was no one, so I ran
outside...no one. I finally ran back to the cooler and told my co-worker
what I had seen. He agreed it was bizarre, and told me to stay near the
phone in case anything happed. The rest of the night was uneventful.
But everytime someone walked by the windows, I would look over....it was
NEVER just a shadow....I could always see the person in detail!

My co-worker told our manager, who had worked at the original Gariety's.
She wasn't surprised, and told him that there was a kid who worked there
before either me or my co-worker who had seen the same exact image, and
that she felt it was old man Gariety. He would never have been happy
with the place.

So in the many years this store has been around only me and one other
have seen him. Or only one other and I have spoken about it.

So, I've seen my first ghost.
It was scary, and unexpected, but nothing that will scar me for life...or
even a day. Which is a good thing :)

Paul Hamilton

Jun 24, 1996, 3:00:00 AM6/24/96

Glen wrote:
> I'm inclined to think that the high accident rate in Pacheco Pass is
> probably just due the fact that it's a steep, winding road with heavy
> traffic - but there does seem to be something strange about this
> place. Has anyone else driven through Pacheco Pass? Notice anything
> strange?

Dear Glen,

I grew up in California. So did my Mom. And she would rather drive hundreds of miles out of her
way than go through the Pacheco Pass. She says it is too dangerous. She has also said that no
matter what time of day or night she has been through, there is always somebody walking on the
road or creating a hazard in some way. (Not too likely!) Last time she went that way she had a
bizzare experience. It was 3am and she was feeling tired. She said to herself "I need some Spike
Jones to keep me going." She switched on her radio and guess what started to play. The next song
was the song she had chosen my name from (she was on her way to see me at the time). That freaked
her out. She turned off the radio and didn't yawn once the rest of the journey. AND she never
drove that way again! I promised her I would never drive through the pass and I have kept that
promise. So no first hand experience, sorry.


Stacey Flowerdew

Jun 28, 1996, 3:00:00 AM6/28/96
Where exactly is this Pacheco Pass?

Carrie Eager

Jun 29, 1996, 3:00:00 AM6/29/96
Contra Costa County, near Concord and Pittsburg

ez04...@dale.ucdavis.edu (Stacey Flowerdew) scribbled:


Apr 24, 2014, 3:31:30 AM4/24/14
Dear Glen
My name is Stacey Slusher and I was born in Dos Palos and Grew up in Santa Cruz but I had family that lived in the valley so we came over Pacheco Pass almost every weekend for a while while my Great Aunts were very ill and I remember one time we had been called to my Aunts home because my cousin was killed by a drunk driver. We were at the Casa De Fruita and I was not told why we were going to see my Aunts but when we stopped I told my Mother that I felt strange as if there was a heaviness in the air. We were inside the candy store and I asked mom if I could go our side but before she could answer me an old indain woman that was in the building said that what I was feeling was not of this world but it was from all the death that took place in this area. She then came over and took me by the hand and said that I should embrace the gift that I was given. Mom told me to go out to the care and while I was waiting I saw a stage coach and I did not say anything to her or anyone because I was told that there is no such name as ghost but I do believe that what I saw that day was a full apparitions of the stage and the horses and the people that were riding on the stage. My mother came out and she then told me about my Cousin being killed and that it was for that reason that we were going to see aunt, when we got there I knew that it was not the only reason that we went but believe me I was not the same from that day on. Do I think it is haunted through the pass? I would have to say yes Pacheco Pass is haunted based on my own experiences and I have had other experiences while going through the pass. I would love to corresponding with you and if you would like to email me then put ghost in the subject line.

My Email is

Will be looking forward to speaking to you soon


Jun 8, 2014, 11:24:56 PM6/8/14
Pacheco PASS is along route 152 between Gilroy and central valley areas. Also a common detour to and from the 5 HWY.

Now, the town of Pacheco is indeed near Pittsburg and Concord.


Apr 7, 2015, 2:21:51 AM4/7/15
On Friday, June 28, 1996 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Stacey Flowerdew wrote:
> Where exactly is this Pacheco Pass?

It is between Gilroy and Los Banos on CA 152 East. I drive through there all the time for years. I have never seen or felt anything strange. I have driven it countless times at all hours of the day and night over the years. It's just a steep, windy, winding road that should be driven with caution. I have never ever seen anyone walking on the side of the road or obstructions. I have never even sat in traffic due to an accident. I did happen to see a guy lay a motorcycle over on the east bound side when I was on the west bound once. But that didn't even cause traffic. The guy jumped right up with only his bike and his pride harmed.


Sep 2, 2015, 11:16:23 PM9/2/15
It's in California between gilroy and Los banos. No were near contra Costa county.


Feb 3, 2019, 11:02:42 AM2/3/19
Yeah we we're headed back towards Los Banos when the ghost car
with driver and passengers passed us pulled in front of us and disappeared


Feb 4, 2019, 2:05:53 PM2/4/19
> I'm inclined to think that the high accident rate in Pacheco Pass is
> probably just due the fact that it's a steep, winding road with heavy
> traffic - but there does seem to be something strange about this
> place. Has anyone else driven through Pacheco Pass? Notice anything
> strange?

Hello not sure if i am responding the right way i just clicked the post button. Here is my story well not mine but my cousins alone with little of mine . I grew up in Salinas ca, so going through hollister, prunedale, san juan bautista was the norm however when driving through pacheco to go to madera I always had a feeling of deep sadness and always a tight gut feeling. Never knowing there was a lot of accidents there. What iam about to share with you will make total sense, mind you when this took place i never knew anything about pacheco pass history nor did my cousin. She was sober by the way, One night around 3 am well morning i should say I got a call from cousin crying, sobbing, like as someone dies or something that kind of cry.
she said I saw something on the side of the road she kept crying, I saw people killing each other from the olden days as they were kiling each other she saw a demon drag bodies into a fiery pit like a portal to hell.
I believed every word, why my cousin and i family have had numerous accounts with spiritual things you could say, that we saw with our own eyes.


Feb 18, 2019, 3:36:18 AM2/18/19
Hi my name is Leo Gonzalez and I would like to share something that happened to me few months back. well I was Driving East on 152. I was driving near about 12:30 at night
And when I started climbing pacheco hill towards Los Banos I wanted to pull to the shoulder side. When I saw a call box and a was about to pull over when all of the sudden I saw a human figure with a white gown or dress. I never saw anything like that before but it was like tree feet away from the white shoulder lane looking towards traffic. Had no face but the head was looking at me or toward traffic travelling Eastbound. After doing a research and looking at accidents near the area where I saw what I saw there is no doubt that someone, some entity is out there. To me was a woman with a wedding dress. I think about it every day and makes me wonder why that is happening.
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Jan 8, 2020, 4:07:18 PM1/8/20
Idk if it is really haunted. I live at the base of the "mysterious mountain top" or Pacheco Peak. I have not had 1 experience in the 20+ years that I had lived there. There are a lot of stories but I would think that is what creates the haunting. Basically the brain playing tricks on you. Lots of accidents, yes but I would think the ghost a long shot. Im sure tons of residual energy. Any time something strange seems to happen out here there is a explanation for it. People occasionally walk up or down the hwy including myself at times. Even in the middle of the night walking a few miles in both directions. Possibly I have been mistaken for a ghost! LOL! Though native American land at one point then given in land grant. I believe if it was taken or if they were forced off that it would be cursed which it is definitely far from. People do but very rarely fall or jump of the mountain. The scariest thing out here is the wildlife.


Jan 8, 2020, 4:12:44 PM1/8/20
Definitely not cursed ;)
I live right at the base of the "mysterious mountain" lol. If the land really was stolen then im pretty positive it would be cursed and no one would be able to live here. Native American curses are very strong and serious. I believe the bad drivers is the cause off the accidents. Also how the highway was about 20 to 30 years ago was much more dangerous. Will definitely let you know if anything strange ever happens lol


Jun 5, 2020, 12:07:38 AM6/5/20
Hey all, my name is Thomas and I've grown up in Hollister my whole life. I am trying to follow up on the alleged Native Indian massacre that occurred along the pass. I am looking for the original source and would greatly appreciate any information about it. I also have two stories, one that's mine, and one that's my dad's if anyone is interested. Here's my email:
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