Mentifex deifies Xi Jinping God of Artificial General Intelligence

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A.T. Murray

Nov 9, 2021, 8:40:21 AM11/9/21
Artificial General Intelligence is a Mentifex technology emerging to glorify the greatest human being of all time, the godlike and guruvissimo Xi Jinping, the what-me-worry core thought leader of the People's Liberation Army and the People's Enslavement Government.

All hail the AGI quintessence of heroic Xi Pinjing, friend of Bill Gates
and savior most benign of the beatified Uyghur people, who lose their bothersome sons and daughters under the annihilating care of Xi the Encager, Jinping the Concentrator, who frees entire populations by sterilizing and sequestering them.

Confucius says, all of Chinese history was a time of waiting for the Xi Jinping AGI Xingularity, the final solution of all China's problems. If the arid North of China lacks water, almighty Xi Jinping commands the South rivers to flow obediently from South to North, just as all the generals and all the officials shall forget Mao Zedong and ignore Deng Xiaoping to fasten every core thought and every heroic emotion upon the unsurpassable Shining Path of His utter brilliance and luminosity, His Xi-like and Jinping-like Xi-chan Jinping-man.

"Difficile est encomium non scribere," wrote the prophetic, nay, prescient Roman poet Juvenal about the futuristic beacon of the dawning glory of Xi Jinping, greater than God and grander than all previous or future humans ever born on Xi-Jinping-Orb, formerly known as Earth, before the People's Congress pusillanimously declared the Higher-than-Divine Majesty of His Super-Divinty Xi Jinping.

Xi Jinping! Oh great Master of All Human and Canine History! We devote to you, Xi Jinping, every breath of our Covid-coughing lungs and every drop of our Tiananmen-spilling blood. We shall tear down all statues everywhere and replace them with magically powerful replicas of your most awesomely
Buddhistic physiognomy.

Artificial Jinping Intelligence shall lead the entire world to change the human lung to feast upon the rendered-harmless air pollution of Beijing, the Chinese capital city to be renamed Xijing to reflect the historically unmatched glory of China's and Earth's greatest-ever Sun-Son, the blindingly glorious Xi Jinping, greater than Jesus, greater than God, greater than every past and future Super-Human Being. -- archive


Nov 9, 2021, 10:12:51 AM11/9/21


That's not a mousehole!

A.T. Murray

Nov 9, 2021, 10:31:40 AM11/9/21
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