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SOS Manuals/Information sought

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Adam J. Thornton

Jan 10, 1997, 3:00:00 AM1/10/97

I'm working on a dissertation on the history of operating systems. One of
the early systems I want to take a long look at is the SHARE Operating
System (SOS) for the IBM 709.

All I've unearthed so far is the SHARE meeting proceedings; trying to get a
picture of SOS from this is much too much like archaeology and too little
like history for me. I've found out why the MockDonald monitor was so
named, but have little or no picture of how the pieces fit together or what
the various commands you could feed the system looked like.

Does anyone out there have manuals, guides, or tutorials for the use of SOS
on a 709? I'll pay postage and copying fees.

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