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A.T. Murray

Aug 20, 2022, 7:37:01 PMAug 20
Here at Club AFC your Pledge Member Mentifex reports on events of the week.

Back on 2022-08-18 Thursday I was in Metro Transit from the lake to Burger King, where I got off the bus and met a guy holding a cardboard sign, "Help a Vet". I offered him a Lucky Dollar and I said, "Which military were you in?" He responded, "I was in the Air Force," to which Yours Truly Mentifex replied, "I was in the Army." Then I looked up and I saw that stopping to help the guy made me miss my chance to cross the highway. So I waited a full cycle, walked over and saw a BMW in the lot of an automobile brokerage. I walked in and asked the reception Bloke if they dealt in BMW cars. The Bloke was summoning some one to talk with me about buying a BMW, when I said, "I want to have a BMW key fob." The Bloke said that they do not deal in auto parts, and I would need to go to a dealership. I explained to him that I needed a BMW key-fob to lay out on the table in front of me at the daily coffee shop, so that Rubes passing by would think that I had a BMW waiting for me out in the parking lot. "Follow me," said the Bloke, and he led me into a small sales-room where he took out a cardboard box and said, "I have so many broken keys that I don't know what to do with them." Out of fifty or sixty luxury key-fobs, he gave me four. One is a very plain BMW fob with the part-blue symbol. Another is a really fancy BMW fob of gleaming metal. The third is a Mercedes key-fob. Finally, my other car is an Alfa Romeo. I may have to go back and get three more fobs so that I can look like a guy who drives a different luxury car seven days a week.

Today on 2022-08-20 Saturday I have upped the anti on Mentifex autographs:

Attn Autograph Collectors

The AI theoretician and programmer Mentifex invites autograph-collectors to create a market for Mentifex autographs and to speculate in the possible increase in value of hundreds of Mentifex autograph postcards distributed originally with zero value (i.e., free) to American used bookstores and dated with postmarks in the year 2022.

The autograph of Mentifex may become valuable over time because of the double contributions of Mentifex to artificial intelligence: AI theory and AI software.

AI Minds created by Mentifex think and reason in English, German, Russian and ancient Latin.

The purpose of the Mentifex Autograph Postcard campaign was to force the disputed issue of whether or not the Mentifex contributions to AI have any value, which also determines the issue of whether authenticated Mentifex autographs are valuable. Mentifex-bashers may sneer and scoff at Mentifex for various reasons, but savvy autograph collectors will calculate for themselves the potential pay-off not only if Mentifex turns out to have invented True AI, but also on the contrary if Mentifex turns out to have been only a memorable but still collectible netkook. -- with links

A.T. Murray

Sep 16, 2022, 11:52:10 PMSep 16
Name: Windows XP Pardner 2022-09-17 3:31
> XP was unironically good and pleasant to use, linuxman.
Windows XP Home Edition is on the Acer Aspire One Netbook with which I preach to [____], but I went to a computer shop two weeks ago to look into getting a Windows 10 machine.

So I lay my fake BMW key-fob down on the counter and I tell the Salesman that I want a 64-bit machine. Another guy back along the wall butts in, "They're all 64-bit." The very attentive Salesman, mesmerized by my BMW key-fob, starts naming computers that they sell: Dell, Lenovo, etc.

"Lenovo is from China," I muse out loud. "They're all from China," screams the butt-insky Dweeb. Other people have come in the store behind me, so I acquire a business-card from the polite, attentive Salesman, while the room-temperature-IQ Dweeb comes up front and starts addressing me as "Pardner." I will fix his wagon on Halloween.
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