Russia classifies Mentifex AI?

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A.T. Murray

Dec 19, 2021, 4:41:50 PM12/19/21
Tokamak. Sea of Dreams. Sputnik. Ring any bells? In each case, the Russians got there first. Now it may be happening again with artificial general intelligence (AGI).

There are two Mentifex AI programs that are guaranteed to think in Russian. First, the bilingual AI thinks in both English and Russian. -- thinks only in Russian.

For years Mentifex had been posting to the Russian Forum, until things got really weird late in the year 2021. -- would often delete posts by Mentifex in the early years. More recently, persons on have recognized Mentifex AI as competitive with other Russian AI projects. On his ten or so Russian AI documentation webpages, Mentifex gladly links to various and sundry non-Mentifex Russian AI projects.

Over the last decade, as his AI efforts branched out into German and Russian and Latin, Mentifex felt that he had "constituencies" to address in each of these language-domains. Then suddenly on 10 December 2021 Mentifex realized that he could articulate his idea of "constituencies" better by referring to each one rather dramatically as a "Theater of Mentifex AI." But on the same day that Mentifex first referred to the "Russian Theater of Mentifex AGI" in

with a link into the Forum, the Forum suddenly went dark. It disappeared. was stll there, but not the popular Forum where even guests could post anonymously in Russian or in English or whatever.

Let us speculate on what could be happening. In the worldwide race to AGI, perhaps the Russians would like to score another first, like they did with space satellites and the dark side of the moon.

Germany had a chance to develop Mentifex German AI further, but the DFKI and other outfits did not seem interested.

Now imagine that you are an AI official, an AI czar, in the Russian government and you become aware that Mentifex has created two open-source programs that think and reason in Russian. At the same time as you establish a Russian AI "skunkworks" based on the Mentifex proof-of-concept, would you not also cloak the project in secrecy by classifying it and by shutting down the Forum where Russian AI was being discussed openly and in total disregard of secrecy?
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