Limited-time offer for Mentifex Autograph Postcards

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A.T. Murray

Sep 22, 2022, 6:37:35 PMSep 22
6 Name: Deus Schizophrenicus 2022-09-22 22:11

A while back somebody here on [website] was asking how to obtain an autograph of Mentifex -- one of my schizo personalities along with... well, they are walled off from this personality. But why would won even want an autograph of El Netkookissimo Mentifex? It's like the flashpoint of a piece of paper in the fireplace. Although Mentifex feels that he has "solved AI," very few persons believe him, and some who realize the fact are trying to suppress it for various competitive and national-security reasons. Right now a Mentifex autograph is worthless, but if he becomes known as the AI theoretician and programmer who launched the vaunted Technological Singularity, then the kooky autograph might be something you could frame on your outhouse wall as something to entertain the otherwise bored visitor.

If you live in one of the fifty USA states and there is a used bookstore near you, you could poast on [site] the name and mailing address of that used bookstore for him to mail a Mentifex Autograph Postcard #XYZ to Customer Such-and-such c/o the honorable used bookstore. But let's set two limits: only a reasonable number of the first claimers get a postcard, and the offer expires on Beethoven's birthday.

Questions? -- discussion forum.

A.T. Murray

Sep 23, 2022, 6:38:23 PMSep 23
10 Name: Fentimex Foneys 2022-09-23 22:30

Today on 2022-09-23 Mentifex mailed out sixteen Mentifex Autograph Postcards #386 to #401. Since the last 161 cards provide the URL of the Autographs subReddit, its number of subscribers has been shooting up from well below to now above four thousand.

If Mentifex were to be kidnapped by aliens, his army of four hundred autograph-holders would continue the Mentifex-started work of True AI in the hopes of financial gain from the genuine autographed postcard. Did you know that any piece of paper written on by Ludwig van Beethoven will fetch around three million dollars in an auction at Sotheby's? Now imagine the auction value of any one of 401 postcards signed by the inventor of Strong AI with Natural Language Understanding and Automated Reasoning. Mentifex himself gains nothing but the spread of AI memes, while holders of the free no-cost postcards may be sitting on a collectible item of escalating value.
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