Piers Morgan: Time For Fauci To "Put His Ego Away" And "Shut The Fuck Up"

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Dec 1, 2021, 2:22:17 PM12/1/21
Piers Morgan has had it with Dr. Anthony Fauci's insatiable need for
celebrity status. In a column for The Daily Mail, Morgan pointed out Fauci's
incessant media appearances and snaps, "If, as he insists, his only interest
is in saving lives, then it's time Anthony Fauci put his ego away, stayed off
TV and shut the f*** up."

Morgan started his column by writing sardonically: "I've never heard Dr.
Anthony Fauci's cell phone voicemail greeting, but I imagine it says: `Yes,
I'll come on your show,'" adding, "For someone whose day job is supposed to
be leading America's scientific and medical war against Covid-19, he seems to
have an incredible amount of spare time for self-promotional media

Morgan noted the partisan nature of Fauci's appearance on CBS' "Face The
Nation" on Sunday in which he attacked Texas GOP senator Ted Cruz and other
senators critical of himself, smirking, "That's okay. I'm just gonna do my
job. I'm gonna be saving lives, and they are gonna be lying." After host
Margaret Brennan said, "It seems another level of danger to play politics
around matters of life and death," Fauci responded, "Exactly. And to me,
that's unbelievably bad, because all I want to do is save people's lives."

Morgan commented, "Right, and the best way to do that is to alienate half the
country from listening to you by trading in political point-scoring!"

"The more he's been attacked, the more self-righteous, zealous and preachy
Fauci has grown," Morgan opined, pointing out, "The problem with Fauci saying
he IS the Science is that so often in the pandemic, he's got the science
plain wrong."

Noting Fauci having claimed that the NIH "has not ever and does not now fund
gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology" and saying at
the same hearing that "there was no way to know if Chinese scientists working
at the lab had lied and conducted gain of function experiments on bat
coronaviruses using U.S. tax dollars," as Morgan put it. He continued, "[His]
furious reaction to any suggestions he's not being entirely transparent about
it raises more suspicion than it dampens."

Morgan concluded:

But to borrow pandemic language, his ego has been spiking to dangerous
heights in this crisis, and his demands for Republican senators to be
prosecuted exposed a political bias that has no place in the office he
holds . The more he talks, the less many Americans either like or
believe him.

They just see a narcissistic blow-hard who likes the sound of his own
voice and constantly changes his mind. . as we know, when it comes to
facts about Covid, the good doctor's proven himself to be extremely

And the more he contradicts himself on TV, the more he erodes public

If, as he insists, his only interest is in saving lives, then it's time
Anthony Fauci put his ego away, stayed off TV and shut the f*** up.

Let's go Brandon!

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