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Re: Icelandic Swindlers Donated To Dems [Vickram Bedi and Helga Ingvarsdottir]

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P. Rajah

Dec 8, 2011, 2:50:13 PM12/8/11
On 12/8/2011 2:36 PM, Jay Stevens Maharaj aka the jumpin' jackass
jyotishithead aka the abominable ass-troll-oger wrote:

> Indian businessman defrauds US musician of $20m
> By Yoshita Singh
> The Pioneer
> Thursday, December 8, 2011
> New York - An Indian businessman here has been charged with duping a
> renowned musician of $20 million over a period of six years by
> fabricating stories that the music composer was under threat from
> members of a conservative Catholic organisation Opus Dei and the CIA.
> Vickram Bedi, 37, pleaded not guilty to the grand larceny charges at
> his arraignment on Wednesday, Westchester County District Attorney
> Janet DiFiore said.
> Held on a five million dollar bail, Bedi faces up to 25 years in
> prison. According to the indictment, Bedi defrauded noted pianist and
> composer Roger Davidson of $20 million beginning in 2004. His great-
> grandfather and great-uncle founded the oil services company
> Schlumberger Ltd, headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Clearly, another jyotishithead, using the tried-and-tested jyotishit

> Jay Stevens Maharaj, Jyotishithead

Astrology: Fraud or Superstition?

Ass-troll-ogers/jyotishitheads are the bane of humanity, and must be
cleansed or otherwise purified for the benefit of society.

"I agree with you that the plans of Hindus' must fail."
Jay Stevens Maharaj, 11/14/2011, revealing his strategy of sullying
the image of Hindus

"Spit on Christianity so that it may be purified."
Jay Stevens Maharaj, 6/30/2006

"Let [Christians and Muslims] go after each other so that both
destructive philosophies and ways of life are
themselves destroyed."
Jay Stevens Maharaj, 10/09/2006
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