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India’s billionaires talk of getting out

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P. Rajah

Dec 10, 2011, 12:31:41 AM12/10/11

India’s billionaires talk of getting out
Shaili Chopra | ET NOW

Several Indian billionaires say they are frustrated enough to want
to shift base overseas and run their increasingly transnational business
empires from cities like London and Singapore. “I’m sick and tired of
what’s happening here. I don’t want to live in this country anymore,”
said one of India’s biggest barons.

Astrology: Fraud or Superstition?

Ass-troll-ogers/jyotishitheads are the bane of humanity, and must be
cleansed or otherwise purified for the benefit of society.

"I agree with you that the plans of Hindus' must fail."
Jay Stevens Maharaj, 11/14/2011, revealing his strategy of sullying
the image of Hindus

"Spit on Christianity so that it may be purified."
Jay Stevens Maharaj, 6/30/2006

"Let [Christians and Muslims] go after each other so that both
destructive philosophies and ways of life are
themselves destroyed."
Jay Stevens Maharaj, 10/09/2006

Arindam Banerjee

Dec 10, 2011, 2:44:36 AM12/10/11
On Dec 10, 4:31 pm, "P. Rajah" <> wrote:
> India’s billionaires talk of getting out

Very good news.
Let them all get out, asap.
They were never needed, those bloodsuckers.

Indians need to have faith in themselves, unite and do away with all
quotawallahs and their quotabaazi.

Arindam (bin Einstein ban Gandhi) Banerjee, greatest genius of all
time, sole god among lotsa devils.
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