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Re: Obama Daughters' School Features Japanese-Inspired Lunch Menu on Pearl Harbor Day

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P. Rajah

Dec 7, 2011, 2:22:06 PM12/7/11
On 12/7/2011 1:21 PM, Jay Stevens Maharaj aka the jumpin' jackass
jyotishithead aka the abominable ass-troll-oger wrote:

> About the Goon Squad:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> A goon is a bully or thug who terrorizes or tries to do away with
> opposition.

A description that fits you in spades, Jay! Here are some example of
what you do:

Someone named Ed Pinheiro posted this to

> Here's a story that happened to me last night. I need a title for
> this story. Believe me, it's a true story. Can anyone come up
> with a creative title?

In response(and we don't really want to know why you prowl,
you(Jay Stevens Maharaj, the mahabully) wrote:

> Eduardo, why are using the Rutgers University computer system
> to post this? Does Professor Ricardo Bianchini know about it?
> Or, how about your dad, proctologist Dr. Rogério Pinheiro?

In response to your harassment of one Albert "Panther" Vanderburg,
including claiming that he was a homosexual and a drug dealer, another
poster responded to you:

> Would you like me to track YOU down "Dr." Maharaj? Would you like
> me to post your personal information right down to the size and
> type of undergarment you wear? i have the capability,'s
> nothing i haven't done before. Unless you are willing to accept
> the same thrashing you hand out *and in SPADES*...i would suggest
> you back off this sort of tactic. There's always *someone* out
> there meaner and nastier than you...never forget that.

Another poster named Sid Harth wrote this of your tactics:

> Dr. Jai Maharaj and
> bunch of other riff raff have attacked me with a vengeance. Reported me
> to my ISPs. Reported me to my free e-mail service providers. Spread
> manure about me.
> The actions that ... Dr. Jai maharaj took to
> banish me by providing personal information on me endangering my person
> and my unsullied reputation as well as my family's well being by
> capricious methods as a commentator, are of the same heinous nature.

When a poster named Dena Jo Kanner was engaged in a thread about cryptic
crosswords, you(Jay Stevens Maharaj, the mahabully 420 scumbag) wrote to

> This is not for you; get back to selling real estate.
> Here's more help:
> Dena Jo Kanner
> ERA National Realty of Arizona
> xxx W. Xxxxx Street
> Prescott, AZ 8XXXX
> Office - (928) 778-xxxx
> Fax - (928) 778-xxxx
> Email -
> Dena Jo Kanner's picture is here:

Another poster named Prem Thomas responded to your slander and libel:

> As for libel, you have frequently referred to me as a
> "criminal", with absolutely no corroborating material, and published
> personal information as if you were the freaking local newspaper.

> Is that why you resort to such cowardly methods as posting ISP server
> addresses, phone numbers and so on? I had much earlier invited you to take
> legal action if you felt I had threatened your life, rather than indulge in
> the cowardly and sophomoric tactics you employ in seeking to silence your
> opponents. I had also asked that you meet with me to sort out our
> differences, if you were willing. Further evidence of your tactics presented
> themselves yesterday, [a reference to an apparent confrontation with your goons]
> as you probably know by now, if indeed you hadn't devised it yourself.

And now you have the nerve to accuse others of bullying? Jay, you are
one of the founding members of the Cyberbullies Society! You d**khead!

Astrology: Fraud or Superstition?

Ass-troll-ogers/jyotishitheads are the bane of humanity, and must be
cleansed or otherwise purified for the benefit of society.

"I agree with you that the plans of Hindus' must fail."
Jay Stevens Maharaj, 11/14/2011, revealing his strategy of sullying
the image of Hindus

"Spit on Christianity so that it may be purified."
Jay Stevens Maharaj, 6/30/2006

"Let [Christians and Muslims] go after each other so that both
destructive philosophies and ways of life are
themselves destroyed."
Jay Stevens Maharaj, 10/09/2006

P. Rajah

Dec 7, 2011, 4:10:07 PM12/7/11
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