Pantyhose designed for men

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Sep 27, 1998, 3:00:00 AM9/27/98
There is a company in Ohio that is planning on introducing a line of pantyhose
for men. Read on:

Men's Pantyhose Survey

From: GLS Hosiery, Ohio, USA

From browsing the Web, we have determined that there is a significant
population of men who like to wear (or would someday like to wear) sheer
nylon pantyhose, opaque tights, and knee-highs, but would like to see these
items designed for men and marketed to men.

In other words, they want wearing these garments by men to become a unisex
fashion trend that is accepted by the public, like earrings, bracelets, and
necklaces, for example, which are no longer exclusively feminine. Although at
least two companies have recently announced a line of cotton pantyhose for
men, we believe there is a major market segment of men who prefer the fit and
feel of fine nylon or nylon with spandex.

We intend to fill this market need! Our company, in the hosiery business
since 1920 as a wholesale supplier, is intent on providing these types of
legwear not currently available to men, in styles, sizes, colors, and fabrics
that would appeal to male customers. Our promotional efforts--website,
catalog, and packaging--must also appeal to males.

We have created this survey to learn more about the prospective market, so
that our firm can design products that will be right for men. Please take a
few minutes to answer the following questions and add any comments that you
would like. Your input will be very helpful.

Your response will also insure that you will be kept on our mailing list, so
that when we are
ready to do business, you will be notified and can check out our company's web
which is currently under construction. Your response will be kept strictly
confidential and
will be used only for the purpose of this market study.

Feel free to distribute this survey to others you know who would be
interested. If you are female, please show this survey to your spouse or male
friend(s), or fill it out as well as you can.

Copy the survey questions into your e-mail response (i.e., include the text of
the message in
your reply), place an “x” in each appropriate space, and answer the open-ended
Then e-mail the survey back to

If you would prefer to return it by mail rather than e-mail, please send a
printout of this form,
filled out, to: GLS Survey, Box 193, Granville, Ohio 43023 USA.

Thank you.

Steve Katz GLS Hosiery _________________________________________________ Survey

What country do you live in? __________________

If you prefer we use a different e-mail address, please give it.


What is your sex? ___Male ___Female

Are you interested in wearing pantyhose or tights which are designed for men
and marketed to men?

__Yes __No

Are you interested in wearing light weight knee-highs which are designed for
men and marketed to men?

__Yes __No

In our marketing of these hosiery products to a male audience, we are
concerned about using certain words because of their strictly feminine usage.

How do you feel about these words?

Pantyhose __ok __no, use __________________ instead

Tights __ok __no, use __________________ instead

Knee-highs __ok __no, use __________________ instead

How often do you currently wear pantyhose (check one)?




__All the time

If you wear pantyhose, what style, brand, size, and colors do you prefer?

If you wear pantyhose, what are your major complaints about the available
products or how
you obtain them?

The following questions pertain to our proposed line of PANTYHOSE FOR MEN.

Check all responses that apply unless indicated otherwise.

Which fabric types would be of interest to you?


__Nylon with some spandex (light support hose)

__Nylon with much spandex (heavy support hose)

__Other ________________

Which fabric weights would be of interest to you?

__Sheer (10-20 denier)

__Light opaque (30-40 denier)

__Heavy opaque (70 denier)

Rank the following colors in order of interest to you

(1 most interest).

__Nude (sheer)






__Other ___________________

What textures would be of interest to you?


__Patterned (ribbed, cabled, diamonds, stripes, etc.)

__Other ____________________

Which would be of interest?

__Control top

__No control top

__Don’t know

Would you wear these hose with shorts? __Yes __No

If yes, how/where?

__Only in private, alone

__Around the house

__To work

__In sparsely populated public places

__In highly populated public places



Would you wear these hose with trousers?

__Yes __No

If yes, how/where?

__Only in private, alone

__Around the house

__To work

__In sparsely populated public places

__In highly populated public places



What other garments might you wear these hose with?

__Exercise or fitness clothes












__No outer garments

__Other ______________________

In what seasons would you wear these hose?

__Winter __Spring __Summer __Fall

At what times of day would you wear them?

__Before work

__To work

__After work

__I'm retired and don't work

__To bed



What would be your reasons for wearing them?

__Fashion and appearance

__Feel and sensuality



__Fetish and sexual arousal


What level of dressiness would you expect to wear with these hose?

__Work clothes (state what kind of work and what kind of clothes)




__Business casual

__Business formal

__Dress Formal

__Other _________________

What is your height?_______

What is your weight?__________

Would you prefer a fly opening in front?

__Yes __No __Don't care

What is your skin color/complexion?

__Pale __Dark __Very dark

How hairy are your legs compared to other men?

__Very hairy


__Very hairless (skip next two questions)

If you legs grow hair, do you shave them?

__Always __Frequently __Seldom __Never

If never, and you have hairy legs, would you consider shaving your legs in the
future, to
make hose stay up better, because the hose would feel better, or to make sheer
hose look

__Yes __No __Don't know

How would you wear pantyhose for men?

__With underpants (what kind?_______________)

__Without underpants

__Either way

__Don't know

These last questions are about other marketing concerns:

What other kinds of nylon hosiery and undergarments for men would you like to
see us

__Knee high (over the calf)

__Ankle high

__Thigh high

__Foot covers


__Nylon briefs

__Other _______________

How would you prefer to purchase our hosiery?

__By the Internet

__By phone

__By fax

__By mail

__In stores


Besides our future web page, how important to you is a printed catalog?



__Don't care

__Please, not another catalog

For a good fitting, high quality pair of full length hose, what price would
you expect to pay

(in U.S. dollars)? __________

Assuming our hosiery fits well, you like them, and you find them affordable,
approximately how many pair would you expect to purchase per year? (The
average person in the U.S.

buys 18.5 pairs of hose per year.)_________

What percentage of men in your country do you think currently wears nylon
pantyhose, at
least once in a while?________

What percentage of men in your country do you think currently wears women's
knee-highs, at least once in a while?_____

Other comments:

[END. Thank you for your time.]

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