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Jim Fisher

Sep 21, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/21/99
Wedge Antilles FAQ 3.0

The Wedge Antilles FAQ Version 3.0 The FAQ all about Wedge Antilles, unsung
hero of the Rebellion. It isn't a FAQ in the truest sense...its not in
question/answer format, but it still gives the answers to Freqently Asked
Questions. If you have any additions, suggestions, or flames mail the
current editor, Jim Fisher (

Table of Contents:

[A "+" by the entry means its been modified since the last version]
[A "*" by the entry means its been added since the last version]

+ Part 1 - FAQ History and Acknowledgments

Part 2 - Wedge Sightings: His appearances in the films and the books
i) Star Wars: ANH
ii) SW: TESB
iii) SW: ROTJ
iv) Differences between Movies & Novels
v) Wedge in future movies

i) Galaxy of Fear: Planet Plague
ii) The Truce at Bakura
iii) Rogue Squadron (Comic)
+ iv) X-Wing Series
v) The Zahn Trilogy
vi) Dark Empire (1-6)
vii) Dark Empire II (1-6)
viii) Crimson Empire
ix) The Jedi Academy Trilogy
x) I, Jedi
xi) The New Rebellion
xii) Assault at Selonia
xiii) Specter of the Past
xiv) Vision of the Future







Part 3 - Controversy

Part 4 - Denis Lawson: The Man, The Myth, The Legend
i) Mike Weintraub
ii) GM

+ Part 5 - The Briefing Room Wedge

+ Part 6 - The Wedge Timeline

Part 7 - Wedge Literature


Part 1 - FAQ History and Acknowledgments

This is version 2.4 of the FAQ, maintained by Jim Fisher
( This version includes many updates and changes to
version 1.33 by Matt Hilliard. Much of the wording and format of this FAQ is
a result of Matt's work -- he is as largely responsible for it (or perhaps
more so) than the current editors. The history of the FAQ is as follows:

[0.0] Dec 93 (?) The start of it all. Shortly after the newsgroup was
created, a list of potential FAQs was posted to the group, with a request
for answers to them. From the follow-up posts and email replies came...

[0.3] Jan 94 First real version of the FAQ. Very sketchy, but nevertheless a
semi-formal FAQ, in question-answer format. A flood of new follow-ups and
emails were the result of this. The version number has no particular
significance other than being a number less than 1.0.

[0.7] around Feb-Apr 94 Mostly vaporware. Never completed, as the
self-appointed editor [Keith Lim] found himself overwhelmed with the volume
of contributions at the same time that all kinds of other things in his life
popped up and demanded his attention. Exists only as a slightly-improved
0.3, with all the unsorted and unedited contributions tacked on at the end.
Posted once to the group on an as-is basis.

[0.9] Apr 94 The uncompleted 0.7, plus everything else that trickled in
after the first flood, edited, sorted, summarized. Completely new table of
contents and indexing system. History of FAQ added. Because of much
duplicate information received, contributors acknowledged only once at the
beginning, and not for every piece of info in the FAQ (with some
exceptions). Questions replaced by keywords/general topic descriptions.
Still not very complete.

[1.0] May 94 FAQ taken over by Kenneth Soper. More complete information on
Wedge's lines added. More information on Wedge's role in the various post
ANH-ROTJ Star Wars novels added. Other general reorganizations, mostly of
existing information.

[1.1] June 94 FAQ passed on to Mark Veaudry. Minor changes made to the TOC,
Wedge "character" stuff consolidated in part 2, Lawson "actor" stuff in part
4. Wedge's lines from the movies were inserted in place of previous FAQ's
lines from the novels. Some novel lines moved to part 2: sec. A: item iv.

[1.2] May 95 FAQ moves again, this time to Matt Hilliard. Many things
changed to account for the one year in which the FAQ has not been updated.
Parts 5 and 6 are added. Part 2 sec A and B overhauled.

[1.22] August 95 The FAQ is given another much needed update. Comics,
Fanfic, and Timeline Sections added to.

[1.3] June 96 FAQ finally gets an update. Stackpole and Rogue Squadron FAQ
information added. Web page and fanfic information expanded.

[1.33] July 96 Jack Klaff information added, as well as Denis Lawson's IMDB
filmography. This was basically an emergency version to explain the details
of Jack Klaff and make a few additions and correction.

[2.0] May 97 Due to the long lapse without a FAQ update, and an inability to
contact Matt Hilliard, Mike Schorsch and Jim Fisher updated the FAQ. Tun Kai
Poh's Rogue Squadron FAQ was merged with the Wedge FAQ, and pretty much
everything that needed updated was updated. 2.0 was chosen as the version
number due to the long lapse in updates, as well as to reflect the new

[2.1] August 97 A very minor update. Added some WWW information. Jim Fisher
becomes sole editor of FAQ list.

[2.2] November 97 A minor update. Added information on new novels and
comics, and fixed a few minor errors.

[2.3] March 98 A medium sized update. Basically had to bring everything up
to date in regards to the new novels, comics, etc...

[2.4] July 98 A maintenance update.

[2.5] October 98 A maintenance update. Added information regarding Jack
Klaff and Behind the Magic to part 5. Recalculated dates in Wedge timeline
to mesh with him being 28 years old in Iron Fist and 16 when his parents
were killed.

[2.51] October 98 Small update -- fixed two URL's that I forgot to change
the other night.

[2.52] October 98 Small update -- added information on X-Wing Book 9.

[3.0] September 99 Split Rogue Squadron specific information into a separate
FAQ. Updated "Briefing Room Wedge" area to reflect new information provided
by Jack Klaff. Updated, book, comic, fan fiction, and web information.

Jack Klaff (email address private at his request)
Carolyn Brady
Richard Kooyer
Mike Schorsch
Mike Denlinger
Matt Hilliard
Cynthia Becht [forwarded; no email address given]
Jeremy T. Coffey
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Kenneth Soper [currently no email address]
C.Mark Veaudry
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Doktor Mojo

If I missed anybody, please tell me! You'll be in the next release.



{There is controversy surrounding some of The Great One's lines in ANH and
ESB. Therefore, any line which might be The Great One's, but might not be,
is included in [brackets.] References to the novels are taken from the new
Del Ray reissue of the trilogy. The dialogue from the movies are taken from
the special collector's widescreen edition boxed set.} In the movies, Wedge
is portrayed by Denis Lawson. More on him later.

Item i - Star Wars: A New Hope

Luke: Oh c'mon! I used to bullseye Womp Rats in my T-16 back home. They're
not much bigger than two meters.
Wedge: That's impossible, even for a computer.

In the novel, this character is identified as none other than The Great One.
The actor who played "Briefing Room Wedge" is as of now, unknown. Jack
Klaff, who was once believed to have portrayed Wedge in this scene, has
stated that it is not he in this scene.

Later, while cruising towards the Death Star...

Red Leader: All wings report in. {assorted reporting in
Wedge: Red two, standing by.

and then..

Wedge: Look at the SIZE of that thing!
Red Leader: Cut the chatter, Red Two!

And, in the dogfight which follows...

Biggs: Pull in, Luke. Pull in.
Wedge: Watch your back, Luke. Watch your back!
Biggs: Fighter above you. Coming in.
Luke: I can't shake him!
Wedge: I'm on him Luke, hold on.
Luke: Blast it, Biggs! Where are you?
{Front view of X-Wing firing. Tie fighter blows up}
Luke: WHEW! Thanks Wedge!

The novel's dialogue is quite different from the movie's. See item iv,

Other lines from the dogfight and trench run.

Red Leader: Red boys, this is Red Leader. Rendezvous at mark six point one.
Wedge: This is red two, flying point.
Biggs: This is red three, standing by.
Luke: Biggs, Wedge, let's close it up. We're going in full throttle, that
should keep the fighters off our back.
Wedge: Right with you, boss.
Biggs: Luke, at that speed are we going to be able to pull out in time?
Luke: It'll be just like Beggars Canyon back home.
Biggs: We'll stay back far enough to cover you.
Wedge: My scope shows the tower, but can't see the exhaust port. Are you
sure the computer can hit it?
Luke: Watch yourselves. Increase speed full throttle.
Wedge: What about that tower?
Luke: You worry about those fighters. I'll worry about that Tower!


Wedge: Fighters coming in, point three.

and finally...

Wedge: I'm hit! I can't stay with you.
Luke: Get clear Wedge, you can't do any more good back there.
Wedge: Sorry.


Wedge appears in one scene, the Hoth Speeder Battle. It has been mentioned
that there are people who think the Speeder pilot who found Han and Luke
after their night on Hoth's surface was Wedge. In fact it was Rogue 2, a
pilot named Zev. Wedge's true dialogue is as follows:

Luke: Rogue Three?
Wedge: Copy, Rogue Leader.
Luke: Wedge, I've lost my gunner. You're going to have to take the shot.
I'll cover for you. Set your harpoon, follow me on the next pass.
Wedge: Coming around, Rogue Leader.
Wedge: Activate harpoon! {thunk}
Wedge: Good shot, Janson!
{circling around legs}
Wedge: One more pass...
Janson: Cable out!
Wedge: Detach cable!
{crash. Wedge circles and hits the exposed neck joint. Boom.}
Wedge: Whoa! That got him!

And finally, when the battle is over and the Speeder pilots are changing to
their X-wings...

Wedge: Good luck, Luke! See you at the rendezvous. This is confirmed to be
Wedge by the novel. You can also clearly see that the helmet design is that
of Wedge when viewing the film in a theatre.


Our first view of Wedge is during the Mission briefing. He doesn't have any

Approaching the Second Death Star...

Admiral Ackbar: All wings report in.
Wedge: Red leader standing by.
{other random reportings in}
Wedge: Lock S-Foils in attack positions.
Lando: Break off the attack! The shield is still up!
Wedge: I get no reading, are you sure?
Lando: Pull up! All craft pull up!
Lando: Accellerate to attack speed. Draw their fire away from the cruisers.
Wedge: Copy, gold leader.
Lando: Watch yourself,
Wedge. Three from above.
Wedge: Red three, red two, pull in.
Red 2 or 3: Got it. Three of them coming in from 20 degrees!
Wedge: Cut to the left, I'll take the leader.
{space battle footage}
Wedge: They're heading for the medical frigate.
{more space battle footage}

Much later on...

Wedge: Good shot, Red Two!

And then, after the shield goes down...

Wedge: I'm going in.
{Wedge is the first one in. Exterior shot of X-wings and the Falcon in the
Death Star}
Wedge: Form up and stay alert. We could run out of space real fast.

Upon finding the central reactor...

Wedge: There it is.
Lando: Alright, Wedge, go for the Power Regulator on the North Tower.
Wedge: Copy, Gold Leader, I'm already on my way out.

We then see Wedge clear the Death Star. Our final look is when he shows up
at the Ewok celebration.

In the Return of the Jedi: Special Edition there are a few more seconds of
Wedge at the celebration.


In the novel version of Star Wars (A New Hope), Red Squadron is Blue
Squadron, and Gold Squadron is Red Squadron. Therefore, Wedge is Blue Two
instead of Red Two. Wedge as a character is not developed much more than in
the movies. He is identified as a Corellian (same as Han Solo). In general,
he does have a few more lines when he appears, but he doesn't appear any
more often. There are, however, some major differences between the dialogue
in the novels, and the dialogue in the movies. Here, below, is the novel's
version of the space battle in ANH. (for comparison to the movie's version,
check item i, above.)

Biggs: Watch your back, Luke.
Luke: I can't see him! Where is he?
Wedge: I'm on him Luke. hold on.
Luke: Dammit, Biggs! Where are you?
{Front view of X-Wing firing. TIE fighter go boom}
Luke: WHEW! Thanks Wedge!

In the above example, Biggs has lost both his lines from the movie, but
takes one of Wedge's, and two out of three of the weenie's lines are
different than the dialogue from the movie. This is just a small example,
but it is a good indication of the amount of difference that exists between
the print and film media versions.


Based on current information, it seems that Wedge (the character) is not
very likely to appear in future movies in the Star Wars universe (though
there may be roles that the actor Denis Lawson might be suitable for.)
Lucasfilm has stated that the prequel trilogy will span from about 32 years
to about 20 years prior to the Star Wars: A New Hope. Wedge is most likely
not to appear in any of these films.


For more detailed information about Wedge's exploits, see Parts 6 and 8.

Item i - Galaxy of Fear: Planet Plague (John Whitman)

This is the third in a series of "Goosebumpsesque" Star Wars children's
books. Wedge appears in this novel as a supporting character.

Item ii - Truce at Bakura (Kathy Tyers)

Time: It begins a day after Return of the Jedi Wedge is in his usual
supporting role. At the beginning of the book he heroically risks his life
to keep information valuable to the Alliance intact by placing his right
hand into an Imperial Message drone that is about to explode.
Unfortunately, he needs rescuing by the Farm Boy, so he only owes Wedge his
life about 36 times over now.

During the rest of the novel, Wedge commands all of the Rebel Fighters in
their forays against both the Ssi-ruuk and the Empire

Item iii - Rogue Squadron (Plot: Mike Stackpole, Script: Various,) (Art:
Various )

Wedge is the main character in this ongoing comic series from Dark Horse,
continuing his role as Rogue Squadron's Wing Commander. It would be
impossible to detail his actions as it would give away the plot and not be
up to date since a new issue comes out every month. The series is slated to
end with issue #35. Story Arcs: Issues 1 - 4: The Rebel Opposition Issues
5 - 8: The Phantom Affair Issues 9 - 12: Battleground: Tatooine Issues 13 -
16: The Warrior Princess Issues 17 - 20: Requiem for a Rogue Issues 21 - 24:
In the Empire's Service Issue 25: The Making of Baron Fel Issue 26 - 27:
Family Ties Issues 28 - 31: Masquerade Issues 32 - 35: Mandatory

Item iv - X-wing Series (Mike Stackpole & Aaron Allston)

Time: Various

Book 1: X-Wing: Rogue Squadron (Stackpole)
Book 2: X-Wing: Wedge's Gamble (Stackpole)
Book 3: X-Wing: The Krytos Trap (Stackpole)
Book 4: X-Wing: The Bacta War (Stackpole)
Book 5: X-Wing: Wraith Squadron (Allston)
Book 6: X-Wing: Iron Fist (Allston)
Book 7: X-Wing: Solo Command (Allston)
Book 8: X-Wing: Isard's Revenge (Stackpole)
Book 9: X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar (Allston)

Wedge plays one of the lead roles as the Wing Commander of Rogue Squadron.
It would be impossible to detail his actions without spoiling the plot, so
they have been left out of the timeline and from here. The first book begins
with the reformation of Rogue Squadron and it goes from there. Wraith
Squadron starts out with a new author, and a new squadron. This time, Wedge
puts together a combination commando/fighter unit and the novel goes from
there. Books 8 & 9 take place later in the timeline. Book 8 takes place
between The Last Command & Jedi Search (about 6 years after the Battle of
Endor), while book 9 takes place about 9 years after the Battle of Endor.

Item v - The Zahn Trilogy (Timothy Zahn)

Time: Five years after Return of the Jedi

Book 1: Heir to the Empire
Book 2: Dark Force Rising
Book 3: The Last Command

Wedge plays a large role during the three books. He commands Rogue Squadron.
Wedge and his fellow pilots in Rogue Squadron are almost the only reason for
the New Republic victory at the shipyards at Bilbringi. Wedge has too many
lines for them to be quoted here.

Item vi - Dark Empire, Issues 1-6 (Tom Veitch)

Time: Six years after Return of the Jedi Wedge assists Lando in commanding
the Star Destroyer Emancipator. He has accepted the promotion to General and
doesn't fly starfighters anymore.

Griggs: General Calrissian, we've intercepted a new hyperspace
communications channel...beamed between Calamari's orbit and the Galactic
Core. They're transmitting images of the destruction on Calamari...
Wedge: Look at the size of those war machines, Lando!
Lando: They're doing us a real favor by beaming those images,
Wedge...Griggs! Recalculate our exit from hyperspace at two degrees
from their point of transmission.
Wedge: Are you crazy? If we leave hyperspace at those coordinates we'll
smash into whatever's sending this signal!
Lando: That's the idea, Wedge!

{some battle scenes go by; Lando lines}

Griggs: Imperial Devastator on ascent trajectory, sir.
Lando: I've got a bad feeling about this...
Wedge: Me too, boss. Gunners--target all weapon systems on approaching
devastator--fire all forward torpedoes!
Unnamed Rebel: I'm trying, sir! Our forward firing systems won't respond!
Wedge: It's no use, Lando--the Emancipator is going to be nothing but scrap!
Lando: That's two Star Destroyers we've lost! Man the escape pods! Things
haven't been this bad since Vader was alive!
{some more stuff cut; Lando and Wedge are brought about the Frigate Antares
Wedge: This is excellent! Those new E-wings have found the Devastators'
weak spot!
Lando: Not the way I saw it, Wedge...that Devastator self- destructed!
Whoever's in charge of those monsters is an idiot! You'd almost think he
wants to lose!

Item vii - Dark Empire II, Issues 1-6 (Tom Veitch)

Time: Six years after Return of the Jedi

Wedge wants to intercept a shipment of X-1 Viper Automadons headed for Byss,
put troops in them, then sneak into Byss. Luke is against the idea, but
everyone else likes it. The plan fails, but the troops get out okay.

Item viii - Crimson Empire (Mike Richardson)

Time: Six years after Return of the Jedi

Wedge shows up in this series commanding a Super Star Destroyer. Rogue
Squadron is with him -- flying B-wings and E-wings.

Item ix - The Jedi Academy Trilogy (Kevin Anderson)

Time: Seven years after Return of the Jedi

A lot of Wedge. Most interesting is that he isn't force sensitive, and that
he now has a love interest in the form of the alien scientist, Qwi Xux.

Item x - I, Jedi (Mike Stackpole)

Time: Seven years after Return of the Jedi

Wedge shows up in a supporting rule, taking advice from Corran Horn regards
his body guarding assignment.

Item xi - The New Rebellion (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Time: Thirteen years after Return of the Jedi

Wedge plays a medium sized role as the Commander of a Mon Calamari star
cruiser in this Star Wars novel. Unfortunately, he doesn't show up until
towards the end of the novel.

Item xii - Assault at Selonia (Roger MacBride Allen)

Time: Fourteen years after Return of the Jedi

Wedge is flying an Enhanced X-wing and runabouts (Allen's word, not mine) in
the evacuation of Thanta Zilbra.

Item xiii - Specter of the Past (Timothy Zahn)

Time: Fifteen years after Return of the Jedi

Wedge plays a supporting role as he leads Rogue Squadron. His role and
importance is comparable to that in Heir to the Empire. Timothy Zahn once
again shows us that he can write Wedge completely in character.

Item xiv - Vision of the Future (Timothy Zahn)

Time: Fifteen years after Return of the Jedi

Wedge plays a fairly major supporting role in this one. He and Corran spend
much of the book on Bothawui gathering intelligence for Garm Bel Ibis. Zahn
once again delivers a dead-on use of Wedge.


On MuchMusic, Canada's answer to MTV, there is a video show entitled
"Wedge." There is no connection between the show's title and Wedge, the
greatest fighter pilot in the alliance. Apparently the title refers to the
fact that the show is a "less popular show wedged in between the 2 most
popular shows."


Wedge was portrayed on the NPR radio dramas by Mesach Taylor (Designing
Women). The late Brian Daley wrote the dramas. In the ANH drama, nothing
new. The most notable occurrence is that Wedge was beginning to lose control
in the trench, justifying him leaving. In the ESB drama, Wedge has a much
bigger part. He is used to narrate Luke's crash and following since it was
radio. Wedge tells the control center about Luke destroying the AT-AT with a
bomb (a trick taught to him, no doubt, by Wedge) and other adventures. Then
he and Wedge escort the last transport in their X-wings. Wedge disables a
Star Destroyer on the way out, with no help from Luke (further illustrating
Wedge's piloting skill). Basically, Luke told Wedge that they should damage
the Destroyer to keep it from getting the transport (Wedge probably wanted
to pass over it in search of larger game), and then sat there while Wedge
did all the work. Wedge is played by Don Scardino in the ESB drama. In the
Jedi radio drama, Wedge only appears in the last episode. His lines are
fairly similar to those in the film -- he has no lines during the briefing
scene nor during the celebration scene. Wedge is played by Jon Matthews in
the ROTJ drama.


In X-wing, a game available for both IBM's (and compatibles) and Macs, Wedge
makes an appearance, sort of. The game is divided into "missions'. In A-wing
mission 5, the goal is to destroy an Imperial base being used as the testing
ground for the Empire's new/upgraded TIE fighters. During the briefing
session, it is revealed that the location of the base was discovered by none
other than Wedge.

Richard Kooyer writes:

"Wedge has a semi-impressive role in the Rebellion computer game. Not only
are his combat and diplomacy numbers alright but he also has the ability to
help design and build starships. Without him in the beginning the Rebellion
is limited in it's capabilities to get some of the larger hitting capital
ships it needs in order to go up against Star Destroyers and SSD's."
Rebellion is titled "Supremacy" in the United Kingdom.


Wedge does appear as a player character in Star Wars: The Role Playing Game.
As preposterous as it sounds, Luke and Han are given higher skills in
piloting and gunnery than Wedge is. Wedge's stats are included in numerous
sourcebooks including, but not limited to: The Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook
(which includes an illustration of Wedge by Alan Nunis), Galaxy Guide 1: A
New Hope, Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back, Galaxy Guide 5: Return of
the Jedi, The Movie Trilogy Sourcebook, The Movie Trilogy Sourcebook:
Special Edition, Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook, Truce at Bakura
Sourcebook, Heir to the Empire sourcebook, Dark Force Rising Sourcebook
(which includes an illustration of Wedge and Mara Jade by Mike Vilardi).


Photos of Lawson as Wedge are in the Starlog issue where he was interviewed.
(Starlog #93, April 1985, see "Lawson Interview" (part 4:sec. E) below.)

Wedge does have his own ROTJ trading card, #127 of the O-pee-chee set
(Canadian release.) The card is called "Congratulating Wedge", and has a
picture of the Great One shaking Han Solo's hand at the victory party on the
forest moon, after the defeat of the Empire. The back of the card reads:
"HAN SOLO takes time to congratulate WEDGE, a courageous REBEL pilot, during
the victory celebration on the Moon of ENDOR. This is truly a glorious day
for the forces of freedom."

Wedge's card in Decipher's Customizable Card Game has a picture of an
unknown actor (aka "Briefing Room Wedge") (see part 5) and the following
text under their "lore" section: "Highly decorated Corellian. Piloted Red 2
in the Battle of Yavin. A wealthy orphan, he bought a freighter with his
inheritance. First joined the Alliance as a smuggler."

There is a Commander Wedge Antilles Card in the Star Wars: First Anthology
set from Decipher. It is a photo of Wedge in his T-47 on Hoth. The set
retails for about $30.

Wedge had a trading card in the Topps' Finest all-chromium series.

There was a card featuring artwork of Wedge in the Star Wars Galaxy Series
3. The art is identical to the cover of the first X-Wing: Rogue Squadron
comic by Dave Dorman, and is located on a card back.

Kenner has released a Wedge action figure. It was included in their
Millennium Falcon carrying case, and first became available in Fall of 1997.
Originally, an error caused the case to ship with a mispainted Wedge figure
(wrong helmet design), but this has been corrected.

Kenner has released a 12" Wedge figure exclusively through FAO Schwartz toy
stores. It is part of a two-pack with a Biggs Darklighter figure. You can
order it from for $70.

Kenner has also released a 3.25" Wedge figure with removable helmet in their
"Rebel Pilots Three Pack." Ten Numb and Arvel Crynyd are also present in
the three pack.

Applause has released a Wedge vinyl figure. It is similar to their other
Star Wars figures, i.e. about 10" tall and nicely detailed. Applause also
released a 3" Wedge figure.


The following web pages are excellent sources for information regarding
Wedge: -
The Homepage -
Mike Stackpole's Home Page
Aaron Allston's Home Page
Denis Lawson Information Bureau


Oddly enough, several controversies have developed involving Wedge.


In A New Hope, C-3PO mentions being in the ownership of Captain Antilles.
The radio series clearly identifies the captain of the ship Leia was on (at
the beginning of ANH) as being Captain Antilles. This would very likely make
him the owner of the droids, tying in with C-3PO's comment. (The character
has a larger role in the radio series than in the movie.) However, it is
never made clear, at any time, what exactly is the relationship, if any,
between Captain Antilles and Wedge. The corvette (Captain Antilles's ship)
Leia was on is identified in the novel as being of Corellian origin, as is
Wedge. The similarity of both last name and origin suggest some
relationship, but this is never clearly established. Of course, it was
supposed to be a counselor ship of an Alderaanian (Leia). The question
remains open.

Opinions differ. One common opinion is that Captain Antilles is Wedge's
father; another possibility is that Captain Antilles was an older brother or
cousin of Wedge. On the other hand, "Antilles" could be a very common name
in the Corellian system, and two people having the same name could be a
coincidence of no great significance. Another idea is that the best way for
Wedge to enter the Rebellion would be if his father went with him. Since it
is fairly certain that Captain Antilles is a Rebel, this is plausible.

Another way to look at is that the Star Wars galaxy is big. I mean really
really big. Two people having the same last name is a coincidence -- just
look in a phone book and see all the last names that are the same. They
might be related distantly, or not at all. It's more likely than not that
they *aren't* related -- especially when looking upon the issue from a
galactic scale. In any case, until more information is released, any
explanation would be just speculation, and non-canon.

Note: "A Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Second Edition" has, in its entry
for Captain Antilles, a comment that this character was "Captain Colton" in
the novelization.

According to the Rogue Squadron novels Wedge is not related in any way,
shape, or form to Captain Antilles.


For years the rumor that the actor playing Wedge changed in between ESB and
ROTJ. The reason is that Lawson's name appeared in the credits as both Denis
Lawson (in ROTJ) and Dennis Lawson (in ANH and ESB). According to the myth,
this was due to a change in casting. Supposedly, the original actor wasn't
available for the third movie, so another, similar-looking actor was used
instead. Interviews, however, with Denis Lawson have proved this untrue.
Denis Lawson played Wedge throughout the movies (excepting the briefing room
scene -- see part 5) and his name was misspelled in the ANH and ESB credits.
One of the primary reasons this myth has continued to survive is that Lawson
uses an American accent in ANH and ROTJ, but reverts to his natural English
accent during ESB. This appears to be a mistake by Lawson and the director
(who should have noticed the inconsistency) in ESB.


In the movie, Return of the Jedi, Wedge takes part in the final assault on
the second Death Star. Here is the chain of events in the movie: They enter
the reactor core room. Wedge fires his torpedoes at the power regulator on
the North Tower. Blue energy begins to appear around the reactor. The Falcon
fires concussion missiles at the reactor itself. The reactor explodes. This,
when viewed, makes it look like Lando Calrissian and Nein Nunb are the ones
which destroyed the second Death Star. For years, Wedge fans have argued the
point. Now, the West End Games role playing game and the Rogue Squadron
comic, published by Dark Horse Comics, point to Wedge.

The following is from Rogue Squadron "The Rebel Opposition" #1...

Elscol Loro: So who laid the golden egg?
Wedge: General Calrissian usually gets the credit, but I dropped a photon
(sic) torpedo on the coaxial when I split and I think that was the straw
that broke the Death Star's back.

And then from the role playing game's Galaxy Guide 5...

"Wedge Antilles personally dealt the final, crucial blow that destroyed the
massive station, and ushered in a new era for the galaxy."


The latest controversy to pop up on is whether Wedge is
right-handed or left handed. Some toys show Wedge to be right-handed,
others show him to be left-handed. The Applause Wedge figures (12" and 3")
are right handed

The SW Finest Wedge card shows him to be right handed.

Comic art in the Heir to the Empire adaptation shows Wedge using both right
and left hands Wedge instinctively used his right hand to block the crystals
of the self-destruct mechanism in Truce at Bakura. The Wedge Kenner figure
is left handed. Uses right hand to shake Solo's hand in Return of the Jedi.
Frame from Kit Curran show -- Lawson is pointing with his right hand. From
Mr. Cinders -- Lawson is getting butter with knife in right hand. From Pal
Joey -- Lawson is pointing with his right hand.

I'm sure there are other references, but judging from the Lawson photos I
would say that he is right handed.

PART 4 - Denis Lawson: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Wedge is played by the Scottish actor Denis (not Dennis) Lawson. Most of the
info. in this section is from Heather Henderson.


Lawson's filmography can be found at the Internet Movie Database.,+Denis


Mosca in "Volpone" at the Almeida Theatre--This is a production from a
couple years ago. He played Mosca, the slimy, parasite who is the
servant/assistant to Volpone, a rich man who pretends to be dying so his
friends, enemies and family will kiss up to him. Volpone was played by Ian
McDiarmid, who played the Emperor in Jedi. (The "Almeida" is a fringe
theatre in London owned and run by McDiarmid.)

John in "Oleanna" - A 1994 production directed by Harold Pinter. Mamet's
play about a professor who is charged with sexual harassment by a female

Lenny Bruce (bit parts)

Pal Joey in "Pal Joey" - The classic American musical. Joey is a nightclub
singer who woos a rich woman in the hopes of opening his own nightclub. He
won a Drama Award for "Most Promising Actor." The cast album is available on
CD, but it's expensive as an import. I've heard that a CD of highlights is
available (it was spotted in New York) for $8.00 or something.

Jim Lancaster in "Mr. Cinders" - A veddy British musical. It's a male
Cinderella story about a humble young man who mingles with sophisticates in
1920s England. This cast album is also available in England on CD. It
co-starred Steven Pacey, who was Tarrant in Blake's Seven. Lawson won an
Olivier Award for this one. This is the equivalent of a Tony.

Max in "Lend Me a Tenor" - A rousing comedy farce often performed in
regional theatre. He originated the role of Max (it premiered in London
before Broadway), a gofer at a Cleveland opera company in the 1920s who runs
into trouble trying to keep a visiting Italian star tenor from drinking,
wenching and dying before the gala premiere.

The Lucky Chance (???)

Horner in "Lust" - 1993, London; 1995 Philadelphia and New York City


Lawson narrated the audio version of "Heir to the Empire", one of Zahn's
novels. Anthony Daniels (C3PO) narrated the other two.


Starlog #93 (April 1985) Lawson talks about his experiences filming the Star
Wars movies. Photos accompanying the article include: Lawson as Wedge Head
shot with helmet on Lawson shaking hands with Harrison Ford (Han Solo) This
interview is available to read on [See part 2H]


Item i - Mike Weintraub

Mike Weintraub ( posted the following in

"My ex-roommate from last year is currently in London for the semester. And,
somewhere on his search for the internship he's supposed to get in London,
he met Mr. Denis "Wedge" Lawson. He hasn't told me all the details yet, but
he said that Mr. Lawson did not quite enjoy making the Greatest Movies of
All Time, and that he did it only for the money."

Item ii - G.M.

GM ( mailed the following to the editor: "...when I met
Lawson in NYC last month he mentioned this question [did he play Wedge in
all three movies]. We were discussing the fact that someone had declared him
dead on the Internet. He replied something to the effect that someone who
used the Internet had written to him asking if he was the same person in all
three films because of the differences in spelling of "Denis." He'd written
back that surely the writer could find more productive things to do with the
technology of the Internet than this. Lawson's conclusion went something
like: "I think it might have made him angry. Perhaps he was the one who put
out the rumor that I had died."


The Starlog article (Starlog #93, April 1985, see "Lawson Interview" above)
reported that Lawson got a lot of mail and tried to reply personally to
every person. No address for contacting Lawson was given.


From "The Daily Record"

Thursday August 26, 11:57 PM

Star War Against Fishermen's Cars

STAR WARS actor Denis Lawson has joined another rebel alliance - to keep
cars off an ancient path near his home town.
Denis, who played a space fighter pilot in the original Star Wars trilogy,
condemned council plans to upgrade Lady Mary's Walk to the River Earn at
Crieff, Perthshire, to help anglers drive along it.

He said: "I do not want to see Lady Mary's Walk turned into Lady Mary's
Drive. Crieff means a lot to me - I love the countryside."

Denis is the uncle of Phantom Menace star Ewan MacGregor, who also hails
from Crieff. But he now lives in London and local anglers claim he should
stay out of the row.

One said: "It's out of order for him to preach to us when he lives 500 miles

Councillors approved the scheme last week despite local objections.

PART 5 - The Briefing Room Wedge

In 1996 Decipher, the makers of the Star Wars Collectible Card Game,
released their "Wedge Antilles" card in the A New Hope expansion set. The
photo on the card was clearly not Denis Lawson -- rather, it was the actor
who delievers the line "That's impossible, even for a computer." in the
briefing room. Jason Winter, then Decipher's online representative, posted
the following to

"In Star Wars [A New Hope], Lucas originally got the actor Jack Klaff to
play Wedge. He did so in the briefing room scene, where he said "That's
impossible, even for a targeting computer." We have confirmed with Lucasfilm
that indeed, this is Wedge Antilles. Later, Jack "became unavailable". Denis
Lawson was the actor who played Wedge in the Death Star attack scenes, as
well as later in ESB and RotJ."

Sandy Wible, another Decipher rep, commented "Well, I'm not sure that he
[Klaff] actually appeared in the Death Star scenes, or whether that was just
an error in the credits. The credits are flat wrong in at least two other
places, so it's not unbelievable."

However, it turns out that Decipher is flat wrong on this issue. Jack Klaff
writes: "I can tell you that I most certainly WAS in Star Wars, but that I
most certainly was not in the briefing scene." Klaff also identifies
himself in the film as a pilot seen during the trench run. Decipher
identifies Klaff's photo as "Lt. Naytaan, Red 9." An image of Klaff can be
seen in the John 'D' biography page at

So, this leaves the question as to whom plays the "Briefing Room Wedge"

Carolyn Brady ( has done some research into the
"alternate Wedge" and has theorized the actor is not Jack Klaff, but is in
fact the British actor Colin Higgins.

Brady writes:

After scrutiny of videos (Jack Klaff in "For Your Eyes Only" ; Colin Higgins
in "Brideshead Revisited"), I was going to concede that Not-Wedge could
conceivably be Jack Klaff if he had bulked up into someone handsomer between
the making of SW and Eyes, but I still wasn't sure so I recently showed the
segments to 3 friends and they all said that Not-Wedge was definitely not
Jack Klaff because his nose and cheekbones were all wrong. Two thought he
was more likely to be Colin Higgins though they weren't sure, and one friend
(who like me loves SW and all those Brit Lit tv series) said she had always
thought it was Colin Higgins too (though she didn't know his name, she
mentioned three other shows he had been in and when I showed her the
Brideshead clip she said, "That's him!"). However, when I flashed the game
card around on the movie discussion board at a Jane Austen site (where
they're all obsessive about Brit actors like I am), a woman who had seen
Jack Klaff in Ivanhoe on A&E went back to her video to look and said she
thought it could be him (although his character in Ivanhoe had a beard and
he's twenty years older now). I'm almost sure that Jack Klaff IS the X-wing
pilot who says "I'm hit!" and gets blown up (I had to freeze the frame to
see his face which is partially obscured by his helmet but he has a very
distinctive nose). Anyway, look at JK in For Your Eyes Only. He plays one
of the villain's (Julian Glover, AKA General Veers) henchmen (dark hair,
looks Greek, wears jeans and tight t-shirt). And if you can find a copy of
Brideshead Revisited at the library, I can tell you which episode/scene
Colin Higgins shows up best in so you don't have to watch all 11 hours.

More from Carolyn Brady ( on Higgins:

As I mentioned I still think he [Klaff] actually does appear briefly in the
final battle as the X-wing pilot who shouts "I'm hit!" before exploding.
Compare facial structure there (all you see is his mouth, chin, nose) with
Jack Klaff in "For Your Eyes Only" [Ed. Note: Klaff has confirmed that the
aforementioned pilot is indeed him, see above] His publicity info at the
Southern Shakespeare Festival also stated that he was in Star Wars (and
somehow I don't think he'd be broadcasting that fact in that venue if he had
ended up entirely on the cutting room floor but who knows!) I have not come
across any pictures on the 'net yet (not even at the British Actors web
ring). They are both obscure enough to have not one webpage devoted to
them! (oh well, some day, when I get my British Rep page built perhaps I
can remedy that....) Best comparative screen capture for Colin Higgins would
probably be found in Brideshead Revisited, Epis. 4 "Sebastian Against the
World" towards the end of the episode where his character Partridge has a
conversation with Charles Ryder (Jeremy Irons) while sitting on a bench in a
quadrangle at Oxford. He's in good profile and looks particularly non-Wedgie
: P If you go to the closing credits and watch in reverse it's the first
scene outdoors wedged (no pun intended) between a scene with Jeremy Irons
and Simon Jones (aka Arthur Dent from HitchHikersGuide to the Galaxy)
packing things {SJ asks: "Do you think Sebastian will need this elephant's
foot again?"} and a scene with Irons and Sir John Gielgud eating before
Irons goes off to art school in Paris and they roll the closing credits.
Higgins also appears briefly in the first episode as one of the scholarly
group Jeremy Irons hangs out with. Especially look for the scene where they
are discussing academics in a dorm room when Anthony Andrews sticks his head
in an open window and throws up on the seat. If you can't find Brideshead
at your local video rental you should be able to borrow it through a good
university library or large public library system since it's Great
Literature. (Unfortunately I don't have video capture technology and my
illicit copy of Brideshead is about 10 years old)

PART 6 - The Wedge Timeline

Before Rebellion....
[Adolescent] - Lived with parents on their fueling station in the Gus Treta
region of the Corellian sector. During the Rebellion.... [Age: 16] - Wedge's
parents were killed. Wedge begins smuggling weapons for the Alliance.
[Age: 20] - Fought in the Battle of Yavin; callsign: Red 2
[Age: 23] - Fought in the Battle of Hoth; callsign: Rogue 3 - Accepted
promotion to Wing Commander
[Age: 24] - Fought in the Battle of Endor; commanded Red Wing - Was
responsible for capturing an Imperial Probe Droid - Fought in the Ssi-ruuk
campaign near Bakura; commanded by Luke Skywalker
[Age: 25] - Events from Rogue Squadron comics occur


During service in the New Republic...
[Age: 26] - Commanded the newly reformed Rogue Squadron, events from X-Wing:
Rogue Squadron and Wedge's Gamble occur here
[Age: 27] - Events from The Krytos Trap and The Bacta War occur here
[Age: 28] - Events from Wraith Squadron and Iron Fist occur here - Formed
Wraith Squadron - Declined promotion to General
[Age: 29] - Declined promotion to General
[Age: 30] - Aided resigned Han Solo on a contact mission - Escorted Han Solo
and Princess Leia; commanded Rogue Squadron - Escorted the Escort Frigate
Larkess to Sluis Van; commanded Rogue Squadron - Fought in the Battle of
Sluis Van; commanded Rogue Squadron - Assisted Luke Skywalker at the Sluis
Van shipyards - Assisted Han Solo on Abregado-rae Spaceport - Escorted a
scouting mission led by Han Solo and Luke Skywalker - Fought in the Katana
Fleet Battle; commanded Rouge Squadron, commanded by Bel Iblis - Fought in a
battle with Imperial forces near Qat Chrystac; commanded Rogue Squadron,
commanded by Bel Iblis - Planted information to Imperial spies on Mumbri
Storve - Fought in the Battle of Bilbringi; commanded Rogue Squadron,
commanded by Admiral Ackbar
[Age: 31] - Accepted promotion to General - Commanded the Star Destroyer
Emancipator with Lando Calrissian. - Led with Lando Calrissian a failed
attack on Byss in X-1 Viper Automadons
[Age: 32] - Coordinated one of several groups repairing damage in and around
Coruscant - Coordinated the relocation of the Noghri - Coordinated a
resupply mission to Yavin 4 - Escorted Qwi Xux to Ithor - Commanded the Maw
Installation strike force
[Age: 33] - Led New Republic diplomatic mission to the planet Adumar.
[Age: 38] - Commanded New Republic Mon Calamari fleet in battle.
[Age: 39] - Commanded Rogue Squadron and assisted with the evacuation of
Thanta Zilbra
[Age: 40] - Commanded Rogue Squadron during crisis in Sif'kric system. -
Events of Specter of the Past and Vision of the Future

Part 7 - Wedge Literature


Dark Horse Comics publishes STAR WARS: Rogue Squadron. These are not about
Wedge exclusively, although he figures prominently in them.


Mike Stackpole has written four books in his series about Rogue Squadron.
Wedge figures prominently, of course, as the Wing Commander of Rogue
Squadron, although they aren't completely about him. X-wing Rogue Squadron,
Wedge's Gamble, The Krytos Trap, and The Bacta War, published by Bantam.
They are about the events surrounding the reformation of Rogue Squadron.

Aaron Allston will be writing X-Wing books 5 - 7, as well as book 9. Book
five is entitled Wraith Squadron, book six is entitled Iron Fist. Book
seven is titled Solo Command. Mike Stackpole will be returning to write
book eight, which is titled Isard's Revenge. Allston returns for book 9,
entitled "Starfighters of Adumar" Books five through 7 are set right after
the first four X-Wing novels. The plot involves Wedge creating a new
squadron named Wraith Squadron. Book 8, Isard's Revenge, takes place between
The Last Command and Jedi Search (about 6 years after Endor). Book 9,
Starfighters of Adumar, takes place a few years after books 5 - 7. Books 1
through 6 of series are currently available.


Wedge related fan fiction is available at's fan
fiction section.

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