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Jun 12, 2007, 8:05:07 AM6/12/07
freedom(we're so jealous of her)

dammit paris


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 20:48:35]
George Michael
'Freedom '90'

she wasnt in any fuckin fit state

to know whether she ahd a licence or not

get fuckin real


have u ever had th cameras follow u ?


i'm only a street entertainer but

even i saw a
coupel thpousand last saturday night

shoved in my face

just clickin


it's her money that shits us


i'm feelin it bad
i apologise

i get away with so much
i'm licensed to kill fr fucks; sake

and when i get caught drunk driving

nuthing happens

it;s in this diary


she got th whoel world

condemming her


and i did
slip her cousin

out of a party
where his friend

had just been doen

for drink driving




th injustice


wot i get away with and

she cant


i kill ppl i dont like

th cops even wear those kills

no investigation


last time i got caught
so drunk

they forgot i was there
ha da nice excuse then

no kits left

all left th scene

here's yr license back

u can go


three hundred dead tinnies

empty bourbon cans

in frnt of th bakc seat of th car and

i go fuckin scot free


i'm sorry paris




i live in ned kelly country

[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 20:54:11]
Machine Gun Fellatio

and literally get away with murder


six yrs now

who am i kidding

they never touched me

when i worked fr th gypsie carnival either


if those
alligator shoes

hadnt graced my limo

leavin th groom's house

after th reception

i'd leave it alone


he was a wedding guest


makes him well


he been to our family do




drunk as

as th diary goes


but fr all that

he was juniors wedding guest


i pulled into juniors drive

two saturday nights ago


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 20:57:26]
Kylie Minogue

ever light in th house was on


goin singin

no i'll
go bottom end of

the valey of guts

witchcotro shit

u married a halfcaste girl


i played minder
out th frnt pf th pub
most of th reception

along with my gay lady friend bouncer




he picked a fight at th pub
i;m not comin to his bbq

and it wasnt wi one of us

alright kuta lady


th whingin in th ether


mostly frm barbie girl


alright already

she never did liek nickie


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:00:46]
Living Colour
'Love rears its ugly head'

ya think i

yr jokin arent ya


catwoman is bad enough

we walked in

to th last


frm th last comedian fr th night

an entrance


i had to watch five outfits

along with th other chicks

we all went dancin afterwards

care factor


my diary about to clock

six yrs

i droppin back six



i was dating catwoman

wot i call her

page three model


but i luv her

when i started htis thing and

slept at her place
last saturday night


she nearly recovered enough

to consider a dance floor


cant say th c word




i just


we danced a little again

whielwatchinth msucle cars [paraded by

of course weparked across

frm th lvi eband

john butler trio

good man


th perks


where was i ?

barbie girl is cut


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:05:08]
Bob Marley And The Wailers

J:\june\T-3431820-Bob Marley - Misty morning.mp3


means she's upset




i do get away with overmuch


sixty thousand kills a yr



she walk out her door
not to mention th

fifteen thousand scurryin things
in her path


can i get to th fuckin car

without havin to heelstrike one


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:08:01]
'Voodoo Lady'

th only advantage of th papparazi is
oen of em

liable to cop th bullet intended fr me

so fuckin jealous

u smile but
are u friendly ?

i smile and

pocket th fee


when i can retreat

to my office


th hotel office?

sorry deare




tryin to help


there some injustice

th oz aboriginal justice system



pls forgive me


female half of th voodoo man

not happy with th verdict in yr case

money biass we think

appealing to public sentiment


fair trial questions


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:11:51]
Pink Floyd

if the echoes
bug ya just

yell at me a coupel of times


or bite at me in public

never happened


my needle probes can bring on
headaches soemtimes

my apologies


my exwife suffered

i was learning


which hotel ?


iknow th feling
of sitting

at th big desk

of th hotel


got caught sittin there often enough



made me eat my dinner

on th managers desk

i was sixteen


i'm th trainee manager on duty


he;s just watchin wot i do

get fucked


its only ten stories but


th chicks on th frnt counter

are comin back to ask me questions

i got another promotion

i'm too young


th bastard has goen to bed

it;s my hotel fr th night

i;m sixteen man

i got int rouble

ths morning

for taking th old lady;s car to work

thought i was doin th nigth shift

finishing at eleven

another asisstant manager burned out

get fucked

he was poached


i'm doin th graveyard shift


feet up
on th managers desk

havin dinner at oen am


i'm doin th job
i get th perks

u are mad


i gto in troubel at th nxt house maids party
ya cant kee pverybody happy

they keep ya running

and everybody is askin ya questions


where's th money leaking

out of this hotel


ah fuck
d i get diplomatic or

use wot iknow or
bothmy uncles gave me

hotel runnin instructions

stall fr time


kuta lady;s old man

has bought a pub

shutup barbie girl


i walked out
over a girlfriend

i am seeing my girlfriend

i was pullin twelve hr shifts and

too young


still sixteen


i liked havin dinner in th restaurant

and listening

after th customers had adjourned to th

cocktail bar


i'm safe frm em there


underage and

i can always hide out

in th penthouse

i got a key


it aint finishe dbut

we have th odd party in there


i had a honeymoon

in that hotel


with lizard breath


breakfast upstairs and

cause i worked there

bloody good service


dusk was good


overlookin kuta mountain


smokin a durrie with one of th housemaids

in th forbidden penthouse


i met th
worlds biggest twins

could only go up in lift
wi one of em

at a time


they couldnt walk far

carried stools

well their flunkies did


alf garnet hey


nxt time he stays here

u go up wi him

nah just his ego


used to not bein there

soem of th things y hear

and see


givin th workin girls

five rooms on th bottom floor


she sloped off fr a leak

ten minutes ago and
i'm it


dont put th noisy ones in


th assistant manager
asleep in th room above

stop laughin




th shifts he;s ben pulling

it be liek waking th dead

think shes gone to make sure he;s alive


dont know
dont wanna know

knwo too much


u have a good night too


i gto sick of
runninf or th bus

down th hill
started catchin cabs

near midnight

runin fr th bus inth city

i met too many weirdos


had enough of em
frnt th counter

i dont think so


are we jealosu as fuck of er

course we are

is there a person onth planet who could

pu their own
moeny jealosu y aside

she can buy

pretty much anythin she wants

but happiness


and if she did buy that

u'd disect it

and probly kill it


like dianna

th psychic jury

still out on that one


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:35:01]
Will Smith
'Girls Aint Nothing But Trouble'


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:39:53]
Groove Armada
'My Friend'

now mellow out barbie girl

but yeah

it is unfair


pirate jenny
'the land surfer"

[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 21:40:53]
I Want My 80's Box
'Oh Yeah - Yello'

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