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Thad Boyd

Dec 31, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/31/96

A few rather childish individuals who shall remain nameless -- YOU KNOW
WHO YOU ARE -- have recently been sending me flames through E-Mail
without provocation. I've been accused of bragging and flaming, and
that is something I WILL NOT tolerate.

First off, I am NOT in the habit of bragging. To simply mention one's
accomplishments is NOT bragging; they must be continually restated and
used in a condescending manner. The accusation that I was bragging
about getting printed in issue #40 was RIDICULOUS. I was merely stating
that this was the issue's only redeeming quality. I would've said the
same thing if, say, Dan Drazen had been printed instead of me.

As for flaming? HARDLY. I have disagreed with some people, and I
suppose I HAVE been a tad rude and ruffled a few feathers, but I have
NOT gone out of my way to insult anybody. I am merely sick and tired of
the entire discussion of late on Sally's death.

Finally, people have been so anal retentive as to INSULT MY HOMEPAGE.
PLEASE, guys. Try to keep it MATURE. If you MUST insult me, keep it to
the notes you've found offensive. Bringing in something that has
NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with this is hitting below the belt.
Thad "X" Boyd

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