Sandra Annette Bullock and Donaldli Mark Ingalls are married.

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Donaldli Mark Ingalls April 22 1969

Jan 29, 2020, 7:36:45 AM1/29/20
Sandra Bullock and Donaldli Ingalls are Married

I, Donaldli Mark Ingalls, am legally and 100% married
to Sandra Annette Bullock.

And to anyone that does not believe I, Donaldli Mark
Ingalls, wasn't married, and not married today, and in
the future, I am married completely to Sandra Annette

I cannot help it that Sandra acts and behaves the way
she does for entertainment whether it be through the
entertainment industry or in public anywhere on this

That is just something Sandra decided to do many
many years ago. But we are completely married and that
is a fact.

-Donaldli Mark Ingalls

Donaldli M Ingalls
Sandra Bullock via @YouTube
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